The province’s urban and rural residents serious illness insurance work will be fully promoted

From January 1, 2013 to December 31, 2015, the Provincial Department of human resources and social security, health department and Chinese life insurance Qinghai branch of Limited by Share Ltd will cooperate for a period of 3 years in Qinghai province to expand urban and rural residents catastrophic health insurance. Marks the province’s urban and rural residents serious illness medical insurance policy aspects of the work is basically completed, has been fully transferred to the implementation phase.

urban and rural residents medical insurance for serious illness at the provincial level, the implementation of grading, effectively improve the ability to resist risks; serious illness medical insurance coverage for urban residents medical insurance, new rural cooperative medical staff.

it is understood that the Qinghai province to expand urban and rural residents catastrophic health insurance financing standard is: urban and rural residents to participate in health insurance (including urban residents and the new rural cooperative medical insurance) the insured the participation of staff, according to the standard of 50 yuan per capita urban and rural residents illness medical insurance funds. According to the actual situation, dynamic adjustment can be implemented.

Urban and rural residents insured the participation of

hospital medical expenses according to the current policy of routine reimbursement, personal burden of compliance for medical expenses over the medical insurance reimbursement Qifubiaozhun given again. But retail pharmacies and clinics (including chronic disease outpatient and outpatient specific project, etc.) shall be made by the industrial injury insurance and maternity insurance fund and third party shall bear the medical expenses, all kinds of organ or tissue transplant source and tissue source, more than the province, state (land, city) price department under the price of medical service fees a new, expensive special inspection items, non essential beauty, fitness items and non functional cosmetic, orthopedic surgery and other non disease treatment project is not included in the scope of medical insurance fund compensation.

province insured the participation of urban and rural residents reimbursement of hospitalization expenses according to the provisions of the current policy, personal ego part to pay line 5000 yuan, included in the medical insurance, reimbursement according to actual medical expenses. According to the basic catastrophic health insurance + insurance + medical aid, so that urban and rural residents actually pay the proportion of hospital costs reached 80%; the actual payment ratio reached 90% hospitalization expenses of civil relief object, honored by the civil affairs departments according to the relevant medical assistance policy. (author: Ye Wenjuan)


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