Xining City ndustrial and commercial bureau pay close attention to sealing the lake fish breeding w

February 17th, Xining City Industrial and commercial bureau of Mojia street and received 12315 command center, mobilize personnel quickly attack, illegal behavior in the vicinity of Hualian Supermarket seized banned together in public sale called Huang fish, caught a fish monger, collection of Huang fish 30, industrial and commercial cadres will be carried out and back to the fishmonger. The questionnaire survey, and has carried on the education of laws and regulations, at the same time, and the increase of the area of the inspection frequency, prevent the area become a fishmonger’s selling and safe haven.

for a long time, Mo Street business will be sealed sterile lake fish work as the focus of the work of market supervision, in accordance with the branch arrangements and the "2009 letter lake fish breeding objective responsibility" requirements, organize the establishment of institutions, timely arrangements, strengthen inspections in fishery management to strengthen publicity and education in the family, signed "the protection of Huang fish responsibility", and telephone in the area of the major shopping malls, supermarkets publicity, often carry out special inspection, and resolutely crack down on sales of Huang fish behavior, so that the sealed sterile lake fish work and achieved results.


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