Xining for the construction of urban agglomeration in the eastern part of the vitality

June 10th, the city of Xining in the eastern part of the construction of key projects to promote, attracted from Hongkong, Beijing, Shanghai, Fujian, Ningxia and other places to participate in more than 130 merchants. The scene through the promotion of the Xining eastern city group construction of key projects, Xining hopes leveraging the Green Fair, "phoenix nest" to inject new vitality into the construction of the eastern city of group of the province.

Xining took the opportunity to complete the beautiful metamorphosis

eastern city construction group, is a development opportunity for Xining, how to seize the opportunity, Xining seek after the first move, in the eastern city of group of Xining metropolitan area in the strategic plan, Xining established the dominant position of industry, promote the development of service industry breakthrough, implementation strategy wheel drive, highlight the characteristics of economic development, foster industrial development highlights to promote the development of agricultural industrialization. In tourism, Xining metropolitan area will use abundant tourism resources structure of "overall development and utilization of tourism resources, the layout of double radiation Zhongxingpengyue". At the same time, as the core city of the eastern city group, Xining constructs the integrated regional transportation system, takes the Xining metropolitan area as the carrier, and displays the function of transportation hub in the western region.

information consumption will become a bright spot in the development of

with the development of the information industry, as one of the national consumer information pilot cities in Xining, its information consumption will become its development highlights. Today, the city has put forward a number of intelligent transportation, intelligent travel and other consumer demonstration projects, plans to be completed before the end of 2015. The municipal government issued the relevant implementation plan, put forward to 2015: the city’s investment in information and communications infrastructure to reach 12 billion 500 million yuan; information consumption reached 12 billion 500 million yuan, an average annual growth of more than 20%; e-commerce transactions over 25 billion yuan, online retail transactions exceeded 6 billion yuan.

project to promote rapid urban development

promotion conference, Xining City Construction & Development Co. Ltd., Xining City Huangshui Cci Capital Ltd, Datong and Huangzhong County, Huangyuan County, north of the city area is also emphatically for merchants to recommend a number of city to speed up the pace of development of the project.

– Huang waterway Viaduct Project: Huangshui waterway is Xining road network skeleton "four vertical and eleven horizontal" in a longitudinal road south of Kunlun Avenue, North Qaidam road. Huang waterway mainline and auxiliary road viaduct is divided into two parts, the main line in Kunlun Road intersection north, continuous across the 54 West Road, Haiyan Road, Huangshui River, Huangshui River Road, Qinghai Tibet railway, West Road and apricot, Qaidam road intersection.

– the Beichuan River comprehensive management project: This 9.32 square kilometers will be built into the plateau, summer garden, Watertown cultural corridor, forming service city, regional radiation features of the city waterfront recreational area, and will become the active center of North area.


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