Riding to the most beautiful lake in China Qinghai Lake

In July 7th, 2015 Qinghai Lake international road cycling race officially "the model", each racer has in the third stage, fourth stage and fifth stage today to see the most beautiful lakes in Qinghai Lake, you Chinese. High altitude, high slope, high strength, bad weather, a series of challenges to make the game full of variables, but the Qinghai Lake with its beautiful dreamy conquered the players, let them in a tight race to relieve fatigue, purification of the mind. Many players said that the tribute in the three stage is to ride the way to China the most beautiful lake – Qinghai Lake, purify your mind. Racing around the lake riding in Qinghai lake. Cui Yongtao Bao Tuoye photo of Wang Yonghai in Qinghai Lake riding one legged warriors. Cui Yongtao, Bao Tuoye, the Pilgrims and ride the lake. Cui Yongtao, Bao Tuoye, the beautiful lake of Qinghai. Cui Yongtao Bao Tuoye photo on the spectacular stage the flags. Bao Tuoye Cui Yongtao photoMore than

players, and supernumerary players. Wang Yonghai is the one legged warrior race around the lake old players, the man from Shandong officially opened this year in the number of kilometers person riding race around the lake "200 thousand +", some of the more difficult on the ramp, Wang Yonghai should pay more effort than others to move forward, more to answer the audience when he regards, just slightly nodded, still looking ahead and proudly insist on his riding, homage to Qinghai Lake.

from Jiangsu Xuzhou, Xiao Wu from Beijing Miyun Xiao Li, from Anhui Anqing Zhang, they are very lucky to run into the Lake Race stage, make the Qinghai ride a move. "Originally the cycling is youth, it seems, more significance is a tribute to Qinghai Lake, sky blue, golden rape flowers, the Tibetan people have the simplicity of exciting, Qinghai Lake is destined to make life have a good memory." Li said, then they may rest for half a day, but the ride will not stop.

from the Hainan County Republican tower industry and several relatives creeping around in the road, their sacred worship has been more than two months, and used his body to the hearts of the sacred salute, blessing family well-being, people praying, simple daily diet and seemingly repeated bow down to let him have a more thoughts on life. When the race around the lake is about to pass by, just a few people are also ready to take a break in the tower industry, to find a clean stone, eat a few slices of biscuits, see the distance of the driver in the motorcycle and car escort fierce competition. The tower industry said, these children are in different colors of holy worship.


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