Xining Railway Communication Center conscientiously implement the spirit of the 17th National Congre

theory with practice grasp three aspects of key work

Xining Railway Communication Center conscientiously implement the spirit of the 17th National Congress of the CPC Central Committee

Qinghai news network Qinghai Tietong Xining Railway Communication Center to conscientiously implement the spirit of the October 29th China Tietong Qinghai branch to study and implement the party’s "17" television and telephone conference, issued "on the study and implement the Party Congress Spirit notice", notice requirements of each branch, workshop and team comprehensively and carefully the deployment of publicizing the spirit of the 17th CPC, put ideas into the spirit of the 17th Party Congress. And in the spirit of the 17th CPC as a guide, combined with the status of branch company and Xining Railway Communication Center, for the education of the situation, a comprehensive understanding of the situation and tasks and difficulties of CTT Qinghai branch is facing, conscientiously do a good job of finishing work in 2007, ramped up to a good start in 2008. Requirements theory with practice, do the three key tasks:

1, do a good job of channel protection. Second, the second project of Golmud railway, Golmud Lhasa railway greening project, are a serious threat to the safety communication channel. to resolutely correct those who do not know the correct understanding of emergency protection, firmly establish the Qinghai Tibet line is no trivial thought. In particular, it is necessary to learn the lessons of the 10.17 accident, draw inferences, take the initiative to strengthen contact with the construction team to ensure that where there is construction, where we have". We want to use the spirit of the 17th National Congress of the armed forces to guide the practice, to promote the protection of work, in order to achieve the "safe production hundred days" and strive to 2, to consolidate the results of the regulation of the radio tune. early communication center invested a lot of manpower and energy to carry out the radio regulation, and achieved initial results. How to consolidate the effectiveness of remediation, and further improve the quality of maintenance, is the focus of the current work. Continue to strengthen the locomotive multiply, with the spirit of the "17" as the driving force, with a high degree of serious and responsible attitude, timely detection of problems, and timely feedback to the ground group, with the fastest speed to solve the problem. At the same time, we must pay attention to the statistical analysis of data, according to the results of the analysis in a timely manner to take measures to be itemized remediation; 3, to carry out a good party members vanguard volunteer activities. center will continue to focus on this activity, must resolutely clenched his teeth, not slack, to learn from the good experiences and practices, combined with their actual, from ourselves, from now on, prioritize activities, grasp the key link, formed its own characteristics, in the vanguard and exemplary role of Party members of the safety production really two months of play after that. In carrying out activities, is a pioneer of voluntary service activities and normal production and business activities to distinguish strictly, not to carry out voluntary service activities and other aspects of the work. two is use spare time to devote. Pioneer volunteer service activities;

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