Qinghai tourism sprint China Tourism top ten

December 3rd, from the National Tourism Bureau came the good news, Qinghai tourism from the country thousands of units in the competition "in 2015 Chinese tourism talent shows itself, broke into the billboard top thirty list a number of projects, and ten (TOP10) sprint forward.

the activities by the National Tourism Administration approved by the China Tourism Association, China tourism newspaper sponsored the 2015 China tourism billboard "a total of nine items, has now entered the stage, determine the selection of voting. Qinghai tourism this strong appearance, reflecting the great beauty of Qinghai in tourism resources, tourism can enter a strong advantage. At present, our province Qilian county and Yushu city into 2015 "beautiful China" tourism county (District) TOP10 candidate list; continuous Qilian self driving tour line and Chinese Highway 66 line travel (Hainan Ring Road) into the 2015 "beautiful China" theme tour TOP10 candidate list; Xining city into 2015 "The Belt and Road" city tourism promotion TOP10 candidate list; Qinghai Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Hainan Province Tourism Bureau to enter the 2015 China tourism toilet revolution pioneer TOP10 candidate list.

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