Wang Jianjun served as secretary of Xining municipal Party committee

The afternoon of May 14th, the Xining Municipal Committee held cadres meeting, Provincial Committee announced its decision to the principal leaders of Xining municipal office. Provincial Party Secretary Wang Jianjun, provincial Party committee, organization department minister Wang Lingjun attended the meeting. Municipal Committee, mayor Wang Yubo presided over the meeting.

once the face to work together for over five years with the collective, deputy secretary of provincial Party committee, party secretary Wang Jianjun solemnly made a position with a brief three words: "obey the provincial Party committee’s decision, and we work very hard to arrange things in order of priority." Wang Jianjun said with emotion: "in 2011 of December 6th, I left Xining, has 29 months and 08 days. Seven years ago to work in Xining, the organization decided to leave Xining in the next five years, but also the organization decided to return to work in Xining after seven years, or the organization decided. This should be a sentence, ‘the party’s cadres is a brick, Southeast of any party to move’, is the fate let me return to the familiar collective."

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