How to run a Kobe fan website

    today in QQ group: webmaster exchanges and mutual aid, listening to a website to promote the development of a good lesson, how to development and operation of a Kobe fan site, the mountain trees (281482621)

    I am a college student, I was a fan, I was watching the basketball game when I was very young. See also have more than 10 years. I love a NBA star Kobe. When the 06 years when Kobe announced the change number, I I think what to do for him.        he from No. 8 to No. 24. I was on the website at all do not know, but I decided to spend 100 yuan registered (when CN did not and two) is a number of corn. The player’s soul, so the corn I personally feel very good. Chinese translates to love Kobe. So good corn I touzhuoyue.


  my understanding of web design is a computer learned some basic HTML web design. I look at the people’s forum how so complicated. I did not know how to do. So to the library to borrow some books to read. Slowly. Suddenly I said on the altar of their listening system people a little. So I find a space taking spent 100 yuan to buy a 500M PHP space. I was still not install forum. Service providers set up for me, we finally set up the Forum


    then I will put my forum too see a little every day, learning in the PHPWIND forums. I can own style and plug-in installed. Next is the promotion. I don’t know what SEO do not know how to spread at the time. But I was a fan. So I went to Baidu. Looking for a strong ability to do the site administrator, he is my friend. He knew a lot of Baidu Kobe bar friends, then pull them all over. So we had a day forum registered 100 people.


      I see now the mainstream of the Kobe fans forum two, a set up 8 years, a set up for 2 years. I think I have what others. I am looking for someone who will send someone inside the game the game is called the hotline, hotline before and after the branch prediction we have only analyzed. This forum. Every time we are original first. Then other forums to copy us.


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