268 cultural industry base headquarters open

Chinese since ancient times is a country of culture, so the whole cultural undertakings in China in recent years has also been a good development, at the same time, some business opportunities hidden behind the cultural industry chain is also very worthy of attention.

9 19, focusing on the content of the cultural industry innovation of the whole industry chain platform base – the headquarters of the 268 cultural industry base in Beijing officially opened. Beijing dragon ginpao de culture development limited company chairman Li Hailong, the 268 president of Zheng Shuyang cultural industry base, settled enterprises on behalf of animal husbandry as Tiancheng founder Wan Chengtao, founder of Meng Jun, to the beginning of the infinite day wheat culture founder Li Xiang, co-founder of Yan Xiaohua, founder of the science and technology education in Han Wu Zhiyu, sing and co-founder Xu Wei, CEO Han Kun, the second shot St. Tang Xiao, a Ming new culture, Ji Jie Li Xiang, founder of Tianmai volume arts education founder Li Xia, namo band, director Stanley Kwan (Hongkong), Yip Sai Wing and many other stars to participate in the "set sail ceremony".


set six Kennedy Road   Department of eight party resources

"268" meaning, "6" "8" means that the 268 party is the cultural industry base headquarters will enlist the world talent, but also a collection of various high-quality resources, providing a full range of services for culture and entertainment entrepreneur. According to reports, the 268 cultural industry base headquarters in the venues, facilities and equipment to provide basic hardware support to carry out the creative activities for the team and individual, and can provide basic services and related ancillary services and professional services, the unique "community" innovation and entrepreneurship atmosphere, will organize various social resources for entrepreneurs individual and team "gas power". For example, Hunan TV, Zhejiang TV, Shanxi TV, video, video, Tencent, Sohu, LETV sing, second shot and mainstream media and network media have been top and 268 in-depth cooperation, the future are likely to become entrepreneurs to help.

in "hardware infrastructure", the 268 cultural industry base headquarters covers an area of more than 10 thousand square meters, has 268 stations, 33 independent office, 6 conference rooms, 7 training rooms, 3 large conference rooms and as many as 8 functional areas, 4 more rehearsal rooms, 4 studios and music 1 large studio and 2400 square meters of the studio into different areas of expertise for cultural entrepreneurs use. In addition, the base also set up European style coffee shop, rich scenery Pavilion overlooking the future…… Make it become a recommendation

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