Luoyang to promote the Silk Road Economic Cooperation

in the process of economic development, it is necessary to seize every opportunity for the development of the continuous development of their own, and enhance their strength, in order to create considerable revenue! So, how to promote the Silk Road in Luoyang economic cooperation? To promote their own economic development? The following specific understanding.

Luoyang Municipal Committee, mayor Bao Changyong said in his speech, Luoyang seize the "The Belt and Road" significant opportunities, and constantly improve the pattern of all-round opening up, actively participate in the construction of Silk Road Economic Belt, strengthen exchanges and cooperation along national and inter city, and achieved positive results in the opening-up and win-win cooperation. One is the activation history two is more effective, economic and trade cooperation more closely, more in-depth cultural exchange is three.

"the Silk Road Economic Development should pay attention to all kinds of resources complementary advantages, mutual benefit and win-win." The State Council Development Research Center of Foreign Economic Research Department deputy director Luo Yuze said in his speech, the Silk Road to promote economic cooperation, should do a good job in three aspects: docking docking development planning, city docking docking between and among the media association.

Chinese Institute, a think-tank and globalization along the road of Huang Rihan said that the media tell a good story Chinese on the Silk Road Economic Cooperation, provide a good platform to speak well of this event for the media China story ".

It is reported that

, 2016 Silk Road Economic Belt development cooperation conference is one of the Xinhua News Agency "The Belt and Road" global activity consists of a series of activities, from the Xinhua news agency, Luoyang municipal government, entrepreneurs, experts and scholars and representatives of the media on behalf of about 300 people attended the forum. The organizers will also be held in 17 "The Belt and Road" global journalists start activities, "the Silk Road tourism development cooperation matchmaking" and "Silk Road cooperation and trade and investment matchmaking".

The Silk Road Economic Cooperation

the Luoyang development strategy strictly, hope to be able to effectively implement the related strategy, promote their economic development. In the future, in the face of the broad masses of the people, to show a more powerful Luoyang!

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