Teach people write blogs earning 30 thousand

blog is a lot of users are familiar with, a lot of people love to play, tell their stories about their feelings, in addition, the blog also contains enormous business opportunities, the rich commercial value. Let’s go and see, teach people how to write a blog, a monthly income of $30 thousand!

in December, Mr. Zhou introduced the personal blog, there is no difference between his blog and other personal blog, with personal life; in 2006, he turned to the theme of the blog to teach people how to make money on the web and a big success, becoming the world’s well-known blog.


in the blog to earn high income, but he doesn’t spend a lot of time on the blog, every day only spent two hours to update every day, but he kept three to four articles updated. His secret is, every time the accumulation of some problems, and then set the blog like to set up a mail sending time as the release time, time, these articles will appear in the blog, so you can keep updated every day.

mature blog charging mode, with subscriptions, advertising, sponsorship, paid content and so on, based on these charging mode, need high traffic support, by the way, Mr. Zhou’s blog won certain popularity and high traffic, which can earn advertising fees by selling text links and charge comments etc..

In addition to the


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