Online business success to pay attention to a few details

online shopping is very convenient, also let a lot of people in the business when considering the industry, online shopping has changed people’s life style, the rise of online shopping is an inevitable trend, but the sale of communication is more difficult, some communication skills I have to open the shop since the total node:

online business success to pay attention to a few

, picture:

It is very difficult to

and the guests on the commercial communication problems, I personally think that if the commodity specifications, performance, weight, components, parts and materials, a list of details when posting pictures of goods, best for each part matching pictures better, let buyers see at a glance, and in 1, the 2 part lists each classification, 3, 4, do you let the guests more recognition of everything in good order and well arranged, the goods.

, price:

because the online and offline business is different, the online business buyers: as long as the light that you can jump out of the same commodity prices appear many sellers, there is a sharp contrast, if the price is too high, buyers will not small, this is It’s only human., who want to save money, of course, the price is too low, you might no money. Therefore, you might as well spend more time in the pat home page to enter your name, look at the price of your peers.

, language problems:

some sellers for the buyer’s reply is not timely, not enthusiastic, and sometimes even very impatient. Whether online or in the field of marketing, objects are people on the Internet, let the customer feel the service attitude, which shows you the professional operators. Let the other person feel your sincerity and reality, to know, everyone is willing to make friends with the sincere person, my clients and I are good friends.


, when necessary to use voice communication:

the last point is also very important, I hope you can be patient to read all the articles, the voice communication is timely and accurate transmission of information and language emotion, sometimes, I and the guest in online communication is more difficult, must give the customer telephone communication, my smile, my voice magnetic sound, my voice is sincere, my attitude, my spirit always stimulated my clients, ha ha, want to buy or buy! The above is my personal view, there are many shortcomings please point out.

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