Shanghai former Chairman Mao is kicking off the monkey Guanshengyuan Weng stoning

4 the evening of Sept. 21, learned from informed sources, Shanghai Guanshengyuan (Group) Co. Ltd., the former chairman and general manager of Weng Mao a scenic area in Henan a fatal accident.

network transmission of a Shanghai tourists were kicking off the stone monkey died in


network transmission Yuntai Mountain Scenic Area Management Bureau "on Weng Mao stone hit the visitors to the death report" said in the area:

"9:25 on April 19th Xu, Xiao Zhai Gou scenic security officer received a notice: a tourist (Weng Mao) on the steps at the pavilion down loop smallzhai Gou, a monkey kicking off the stone hit the brain. Area call 120 immediately, by the scenic staff after a simple dressing, smallzhai Gou management director Xue Jie et al to assist emergency personnel, visitors will be sent to the Xiuwu County People’s Hospital, died after treatment. The tour guide has informed his family. Next, the scenic area will be related to the aftermath of consultation with the families.

at the same time, the first time to clean up the scene scene, closed roads, tissue engineering team for investigation."

the basic information of the report shows that the name: Weng, male, 67 years old, Shanghai. Tour: Shanghai Wild International Travel Agency, travel agency: Henan Yue Thai International Travel agency.

4 on the evening of 21 August, surging news temporarily failed to contact the Yuntai Mountain scenic area confirmed the above announcement, the reporter called Shanghai Kiang international travel agency, the relevant personnel said refused to be interviewed.

According to the national enterprise credit information publicity system

, Shanghai Kiang International Travel Service Co., Ltd. was founded in July 29, 2015, the registered capital of 2 million yuan.

killed human rabbits "alone", after the retirement of Hale love photography

4 on the evening of 21 August, surging news from Shanghai Guanshengyuan (Group) Limited was informed insiders, Weng namely the big white rabbit toffee Guanshengyuan (Group) as the original, the former chairman and general manager of limited company.

according to the Shanghai Guanshengyuan (Group) Co., Ltd. is the official website of the information, Shanghai well-known enterprises, brands include white toffee and Hua Tuo Shiquan wine, bergamot brand condiments etc.. Among them, the big white rabbit toffee is known to every family of several generations, the common memories of the.

for the experience of Mr. Weng, informed sources said that these two days, the company is known, and have expressed surprise and regret. Allegedly, after retirement, Mr. hale and Weng Mao, love photography, photography often participate in class activities. However, the victims, I do not know whether to go with photography enthusiasts. At present, the family known this news.


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