Shanghai intends to set up a service center section thousands of sea turtle hit off

now, China’s entrepreneurial environment for returnees entrepreneurs increasingly attractive, every year many foreign students and returnees entrepreneurs to return home. Local governments are also actively creating a superior entrepreneurial environment to attract more talent settled settled.

to encourage more returnees in Shanghai deployed, in yesterday’s business conference, thousands of returnees in Shanghai science and technology innovation center signing up. It is reported that the center will become returnees entrepreneurs, investors convergence center, providing a platform for the development of high-level personnel. In the future, the center will undertake the transfer of government functions, equipped with the development of science and technology, capital and project docking, project evaluation, demonstration and other comprehensive one-stop service.

the frontier city of Shanghai as the first tier innovation project in our country, with the market depth and the development potential of incomparable, returnees will be the new development opportunity, to enjoy the most convenient business services, achieve again development.

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