A review of 2015 years of achievement management beliefs and achievements of the future

the development of China’s innovation force has passed the embryonic stage, is moving into long-term progress. In 2015, we witnessed a profound change in the cause of China’s entrepreneurship, the birth of more than ten thousand companies a day, accelerating the rise of modern economy.

2015, public business   the rise of the tide, surge high and sweep forward innovation ".

the dream into reality, maybe just a moment, but the comprehensive effect of the reform is concentrated.

"double" to stimulate vitality, first in a "". The government and the market is full of enthusiasm, heavy policy has been released, innovation is frequently cited force. Last year, the State Council promulgated the "double" major policy to encourage the local government introduced more than 2000 related policies, to encourage students to entrepreneurship, the State Council issued on deepening the innovation of colleges and universities, the implementation of flexible educational system, allowed to retain the school school of innovation and entrepreneurship; to encourage the return of migrant workers migrant workers to support the introduction of national innovation. Other personnel home business advice, help the vast township businesses thrive; to give entrepreneurs more financial support, the State Council decided to establish the National SME development fund 60 billion yuan, the government and the market to stimulate new power……

by government power subtraction in exchange for innovation and entrepreneurship "multiplication". From the government itself, the allocation of resources to the market decision. Since 2013, the State Department canceled and decentralization 537 administrative approval, completed two years ahead of the government’s commitment to reduce the 1/3 target, the central level to reduce the investment approval matters 80%, foreign investment projects approved by almost all cancelled.

associated with the "double", the new release of the new engine power — the first three quarters of this year, the number of new market players reached 10 million 655 thousand, new market players registered capital of more than 20 trillion yuan, the national invention patent application 709 thousand to 583 thousand from the same period last year, applications for trademark registration to 2 million 115 thousand year over year 1 million 548 thousand the. This is an important indicator of China’s economic structural transformation, more condensed into the core competitiveness of China’s economy.

at the core of "people", promote social fair