Enlightenment from Shi Yuzhu’s successful entrepreneurship

life will inevitably encounter such setbacks and frustrations, but mediocrity, usually regret the fate of injustice, envy those who Everything is going smoothly. in his eyes. However, we have to understand that many of the truth in the world is often invisible to our eyes. When you are still a trifle over and a waste of time, they are very likely to have been in silence for their ideals, struggle to pay. Because many aspects cannot be seen and ignorant, only to end up feeling sad fate, cherish life, empty time.

is a man of ability, aspiring people, should be like this: when faced with failure, he can live and fearless, to appease the people around; at the same time, the people around him will be found at the moment, charm and temperament he embodied is the greatest. After the failure, he should not be discouraged, but should not be driven to distraction, puzzled, and should be actively looking for opportunities to stand up again. Especially in shopping malls, handsome man, should be clear, should have a big heart was put up, should disdain for the current failure, convinced that he can stand up.

today’s business, it means that the survival and development in the competition. Even if it fails, it’s normal. So, from another perspective, failed to defeat play, like some of the bankruptcy of state-owned enterprises, there you may laugh, and even ridicule, said this is the leaders do not understand the economic performance, and even reckon this leadership. But many times, things are not what they seem. Perhaps others bankruptcy, in order to better carry out the restructuring of state-owned assets. In other words, sometimes, despair and failure behind, perhaps the beginning of a new. To tell you the truth, Shi Yuzhu should also be grateful to the giant building, it is this Meng Meng, smashed his arrogance and arrogance, so that he returned to the horizon, the entrepreneurial firm. Judging from the current situation of Shi Yuzhu, his achievements, but also benefit from the failure of the year. Take a step as boundless as the sea and sky must have entrepreneurial, sharp eyes to look for opportunities in the most adverse circumstances.

Shi Yuzhu has a tactical and strategic accomplishment, enough so he can be in debt more than two hundred million cases, to achieve the return of the king; to pay the debt, to continue to pursue their own dreams; to catch up from behind the network game market, in China on a unique. There are so many points, it is worth our study and discussion:

1? There’s no chance of success. Shi Yuzhu was able to rely on such a melatonin market more serious homogenization of the product turn over, because of its full attention to the target consumer groups. He is in the target consumer groups to do the full market research to develop strategic surprise, also can in detail to win tactics. Consumers are forever teachers.

2? Choose your own promotion. Not every company, after the product came out, have the capital and ability to do the CCTV advertising to do. Moreover, many companies, the initial production capacity and sales capabilities, but also decided to own the national advertising effect can not provide for the following

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