2016 city of Ji’nan the top ten cities

the number of cars on the market more and more, but the transportation infrastructure we have just passable, everywhere is the traffic jam phenomenon also It is quite common for us! In January 10th, High German map jointly issued a number of authorities in the "2016 China’s major urban traffic analysis report". The report shows that Ji’nan, Harbin, Beijing ranked three in the country before blocking the city, Nanjing ranked the country’s twenty-seventh. In 2016, the city of, the top of the list, Ji’nan, the city where you are on the list of traffic jams?

The release of the

data also showed that Nanjing workers living villas ranked ninth in the country, that is to say Nanjing commuters also hide a lot of "Nouveau riche". The Jiangsu driver annual civilized driving behavior ranking fifth in the country. In addition, the High German from a number of travel destination, vehicle, driving behavior, to riders "portrait".

national 1/3 morning and evening peak congestion

according to the High German map big data show that the ten major cities are: Ji’nan, Harbin, Beijing, Chongqing, Guiyang, Shenzhen, Kunming, Hangzhou, Dalian and.

reporter found that first tier cities in Shanghai slipped TOP10, ranked eleventh, Nanjing ranked in the top twenty-seventh.

big data analysis shows that there is a threat to the city’s 1/3 peak commuter congestion, including 32 cities peak congestion delay index of more than 1.8. That is to say, 30 minutes of normal commuting in these cities will increase by up to 24 minutes, up to 54 minutes. Among them, more than 4 cities peak congestion delay index of more than 2. Nanjing delay index was 1.771, morning and evening peak congestion situation is not optimistic.

Nanjing villa office workers nationwide ranked ninth

compared to 2015, High German map big data show that in 2016 the most ruthless technology companies. Overtime in the company, HUAWEI average commuting time.

in 2016 from the company to the villa area of navigation distribution, Beijing office workers live in the villa, ranked second in Shanghai, the city is far ahead of other cities in the two. Yangtze River Delta region into the city of TOP10 as well as Suzhou, Hangzhou, Nanjing. Among them, Nanjing ranked ninth in the country. That is to say, in Nanjing to work in the family, but also hide a lot of "Nouveau riche".

domestic economic owners of the most civilized

different regions of the country driving score was significantly different. From the provinces and cities, Beijing driving the most civilized, Tibet driving the most barbaric". In the annual driving civilization score, Jiangsu ranked No. recommended

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