The cactus grafted cactus is very considerable income

grafting is a currently very common, have been used in many plants, the cactus is also can be grafted, and the finished product is very good, everyone to buy fashion, a young man to study his grafting grafting cactus is now very good, business is also very fire.

"is my most love one of the Lunar New Year flower, very festive, but also very easy to survive." A group of flower city farmer friends told reporters, "but the real beauty is in Zygocactus cactus after grafting." Small plants during, and in the cactus after grafting can be molded into a basin of large plants, and even the formation of an umbrella, more ornamental.

1. choose green robust, no pests and diseases of Zygocactus seedlings, cut the top section of the 2-4 annual branches as scion (in plant grafting operation, used to collectively grafted scion buds on the branches, sub health organization the). Then the blade from the bottom off about 1/4, with a white xylem can be.

2. then the scion cut into wedges. Cutting, it is best to cut a knife, do not repeat cutting.
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