What are the main operating rules of the store

now people often go out, also let the development of many related industries more rapidly, so is the luggage industry, bags and clothing, is indispensable in people’s lives, the industry broad prospects for development, open the luggage store is definitely a good choice to get rich. However, many investors do not know how to operate the luggage store, in order to make the store business unpopular? Today, Xiaobian for everyone to bring the bag shop four operating rules, I hope to help you.

a, the election of the brand

choose a brand like a wife, directly determines whether your family is happy and harmonious, your wife must at least have a common interest with you, you must have a common language. Because you are an agent of your products is your source of income, which is the basis of your career, so you must be cautious to choose the brand.

choose the brand first to recognize their own strength, the possibility of operating brand of course benefit is relatively large, the risk is relatively small; but the brand business threshold is relatively high, delivery discount is relatively high, the return policy is often more demanding, you need to have strong financial strength. If your own strength is not enough, you can not get the right to equal dialogue with the big brands, may be at a disadvantage in the negotiations.

choose the brand not only depends on the strength of the brand, but also must be aware of the potential of the brand. You must understand the brand boss’s business ideas, the determination of its brand, the company has a professional marketing team, etc.. Some companies do not think it is a good brand to make money, try to hold the psychological operation of the brand, and there is no long-term goal.


industry has produced such a joke: a Guangdong brand in some magazine ads for several months to put up a pageantry of a brand, a few months later found no benefit back into the wholesale state to a group of agents, bitter.

also, you should pay attention to the brand’s product characteristics, whether it is in line with the physical characteristics and preferences of your regional consumers. Many brands of products sold in the south, in the north market will not necessarily have an advantage, the north and south of China female body size is very different.

a Shaanxi agent within a year for three brands, the first brand for the product style is not suitable, Europeanization, changed in three months; second brand for about half a year, the price is too high, always open much of the market, had to give up.

third brands have just done less than three months, the manufacturers of the brand on the outside to do a single processing, announced no longer do domestic products, the agent had no choice but to quit. A year later, a warehouse full of three brands of products, funds invested a lot of energy, but no profit, you said that this agent tired? < recommended

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