Open a business card business prospects are very good

now takes place more and more the name card, countless people have begun to order their name card printing, although some places can also charge, but not professional, the production of products, not only is not new, but it is also difficult to meet the consumers, so to open a name card agency, under the current environment, is really very good.

in social interaction, he must design their own name card identity is different, because of the different name card to give the people’s social status, the gift of name card grades are not the same, so that a person must have the different grades of the name card, the market capacity as can be imagined.

the traditional black and white name card has become increasingly unsuited to the development of the times, flat color and special material and special printing gradually occupy the mainstream market, people want to sell themselves to the outside world, it must have its own name card, so a name card production center is "money" road.

Analysis of the prospects and profitability of

Early into the

The production of


EPSON printer: photo series printing precision 1440-2880bpi; external large ink cartridges, using the original ink, waterproof, and has a mature decoding program; business card dedicated A4 printing paper: using 1440-2880bp>

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