Typhoon Nida will visit Fujian new round of rain will open

Fujian, as a coastal city in China, has given full play to the advantages of geographical position in the process of economic development. But there are still a lot of problems, such as coastal cities facing the typhoon problem. This is following the "NEPARTAK", "typhoon Nida" and fell in love with Fujian, a new round of rain will open.

"Nida" (strong tropical storm level) in the center of yesterday 17 offshore northern Luzon in the Philippines sea, is 18.4 degrees north latitude, longitude 121.8 degrees, near the center of the largest wind 11 (30 m / s), minimum central pressure of 98 thousand kPa, 7 wind circle radius of 150-200 km, 50 km 10 wind circle radius.

it is expected that the "Nida" center will be 20-25 kilometers per hour to the north west direction, will be launched this morning in the South China Sea and then continue to move north west, the intensity gradually increased, up to the strongest typhoon intensity level (42-48 M / s, 14-15), and will be on the 2 day in Guangdong to Shanwei Yangjiang coastal landing, landing typhoon or strong typhoon level (38-45 M / s, 13-14).

according to the forecast, "Nida" will bring rain influence to our province. The wind: 1, central and southern coastal winds of 7 to 9, the Zhangzhou coast can reach the level of 10; the Taiwan shoal, the Taiwanese fishing wind 9 ~ 12, 7 ~ 9 wind farms in fujian. 1, Zhangzhou City, Quanzhou, Putian, Fuzhou, Ningde, Longyan and the city of Pingtan in the middle to heavy rain, local heavy rain; the rest of the local heavy rain. 2, Zhangzhou, Xiamen, Quanzhou, Putian City, four have moderate to heavy rain, local heavy rain; Ningde, Fuzhou, Nanping, Longyan four city and Pingtan have moderate rain, local heavy rain; the rest of the local rain.

in the face of natural disasters, the weather forecast is very accurate today, for some heavy rain and strong wind phenomenon, we can very good prevention, in order to protect people’s lives and property safety. Typhoon Nida "will visit Fujian, a new round of rain will open, I believe in the masses of unity, under the leadership of the government, can calmly face the typhoon, preventive measures well.

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