Join the Junsao ketchup face

noodles as one of the most traditional food and beverage items, because of the evolution of consumer demand, the form of noodles also appeared in different forms. All appear on the market the different noodles catering mainly are smooth noodle collocation various soup, which has the advantages of simple ingredients showing complex taste. Nevertheless, can be on the market mostly in soup or noodles soup meat soup, then eat it will make people feel tired. The tomato and Junsao brings new gospel for chowhound who. Junsao ketchup face to abandon the traditional soup or broth, with tomato soup and noodles, after collocation, smell is inviting, let people eat mouthful of fluid, run out of sleep so fragrant lips and teeth, have a lot of stores in the market. This project is bound to be very profitable after joining.

Junsao ketchup face to join?

Junsao ketchup face delicious cheap, after years of development, has opened several branches throughout the country, each home are overcrowded, and repeat many. An Italian side focus on innovation, every time there are new varieties, so that people will not appear taste fatigue. In addition, an ketchup face to this tongue on the extreme delicacy of promotion to more people, it is for the community to recruit franchisees, delicious taste and complete system to join, let you muffled fortune. But before joining or to find out the ketchup Junsao fees, so you know what to prepare the number of start-up capital.


ketchup face joining fee

The investment cost is not

with an immutable and frozen in your city, according to different levels, a tomato surface Junsao to spend money in the three line of the city is 214 thousand yuan, second tier city first-tier cities 336 thousand yuan, 505 thousand yuan, this flexible join mode makes people have more investment space, so that people can there are more opportunities to participate in the middle of an tomato face. Time will not wait for me., such a good project, to join in.

has launched the Italian Junsao join in the country are interested in wildly beating gongs and drums, food and beverage industry, you can not miss this opportunity, Xiao Bian here also I wish you success, linfe.

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