Liu Jingwen Xinjiang grapes sold to the world

2011, Vergy Dani of the Xinjiang farmers dried apricots, Chinese wolfberry, jujube and other dry cargo by the electricity supplier channel sales all over the country. Farmers can not only use Vergy Dani’s channels to sell the product, but also to enjoy the profit sharing.

"Thompson Seedless" meat Stan is planting the leadership of farmers, the three generation of his family to grow grapes so far. Prior to cooperation, the Vergy Dani team with the meat, third party experts to develop the relevant standards of grape production, and in the agreement on the details of the agreement.

detection results increase the confidence of Liu Jingwen, decided to push this bunch of grapes. Many local farmers will choose to pick grapes in six or seven when mature, it is not easy to be dropped, but the sweetness and taste will be insufficient. In order to ensure the grape sweetness, Vergy Dani decided to pick grapes in eight when mature. But eight ripe grapes are easy to fall, the demand for packaging logistics is higher.

this year grape packaging with the extruded board of Taiwan. After the test of different materials, they found that the material in the heat preservation, hardness, impact resistance are good. According to Liu Jingwen introduction, this is the first time for this material in the local fruit bag recommended

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