The off season straw hat to shop more popular business

any one of the shops will almost always encounter the off-season sales, if such a time, but also can help the store’s business operations, which is a matter of concern to many shopkeepers. Summer is coming, my supermarket will occasionally have sales slump. In the face of the deserted supermarket, how can I spend this long time?

there is a mountain in the back of my house. The hills are full of trees. Look at the green leaves, I suddenly had an idea. Why don’t you use it to get rid of my supermarket? So, I asked my father to go to the mountains to pick two baskets of leaves, as I learned to weave, so I intend to use these to store time weaving straw. Leaves with straw hat really innovative, I will long end to end leaves a small hole, and then fixed, it is 35 minutes, a new leaf hat was born.

I still sleepy, but a braid hat, I had the spirit. I will hang these hats in the supermarket, suddenly became a beautiful scenery. Whenever a customer shopping, I will give them the situation. They own or wear, or to his family to wear, they wore the hat making me walk in the street, not only do the publicity for my supermarket, but also won the income for me.

this is a small hobby, as my hand, but if used properly, to store business development but can have a very big help. So, if you encounter shops operating on the off-season, if you want to run more popular, you will try this straw hat behavior?

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