nventory of the most profitable areas

now the whole society is a society, in such an era, a lot of young people want to make money to do things at the same time, getting rich through entrepreneurship has become a lot of people are doing, what are the more profitable industries?

1, automotive maintenance industry

2, infant supplies industry

How much

from market data analysis: China’s city of neonatal supplies family average monthly consumption of 900 yuan. Coupled with the vast number of rural areas in the city of infant consumption, China’s infant supplies market will be more than 100 billion yuan a year market size.

The starting point of

the current investment in the domestic brands of infant supplies stores have been higher, in general should be about 15-25 million. However, due to the brand management is the form of the product quality can be strictly guaranteed, and more lucrative. But entrepreneurs must pay attention to: product price high brand infant supplies store, vulnerable to regional restrictions on the level of consumption, so in the site should be especially careful, the general should in the vicinity of high-grade or mature community.

3, home improvement industry

at present, China’s residential decorative decoration industry has become an important pillar industry in national economy, every family decoration decoration supplies consumption and consumption are very large recommended

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