Highly educated young people to apply for small business loans increased

is now a lot of young people are not satisfied with the job, many people choose to employment, but because of their own economic conditions, many people have chosen to apply for small business loans.

for laid-off workers microfinance appeared "age of decline, in the trend of. This year, the proportion of more than and 20 year old young people applying for small loans rose from last year’s 10% to $25%.


the service start, almost all the laid-off middle-aged people to apply for. Since last year, some young people who have lost their jobs have joined the young people who have applied for this year. Older laid-off workers started the micro and small enterprises are mostly in the traditional service industry, such as catering, clothing etc.. While young entrepreneurs, most of the modern service industry and the selection of high technology industries, such as gardening, pets, graphic design, high technology, network information, etc..

boutique project recommendation: happy to adhere to the happy teaching method

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