Bad business also needs to find a lot of reasons from their own


said that now do business will face fierce competition, business is not good to do, however, this year’s business is really difficult to do, I think every operator should have a deep understanding of this point. For this reason, it is often difficult to hear the complaints from retail customers. Small shops complain that life can not go on, the middle of the store complained that money. There are some businesses complain, now the customer more and more tricky, the bottom line without bargaining, sometimes the price is to go. Some shopkeepers complain about the impact of electricity supplier to the store too, simply can not survive. All of these complaints, it is indeed difficult to do business, business reasons.

however, in addition to these external reasons, we have to look for reasons from themselves? The bad economic environment is the fact that the entire retail industry is facing severe challenges on the line. But there is always a chance in the challenge. In the face of difficulties, we can still see many retailers have achieved gratifying results. Why other people’s shops can do very well, and your shop business is bleak? Is your store environment enough to attract customers? Can you trust the quality of your products? Will your service attitude win customers? Are you hard-working enough? All this, we need to think twice.

for a retail store, the real decision of fate, or the operator himself. If the operator can find the reasons from their own side, it may be easier to find the root cause of the problem. And then for practical problems, adjust their business mentality and ideas to reverse the business situation, it may be more effective. Through the investigation and Analysis on the part of the retail store operations, and some retailers and friends exchange forum, found that many retail stores in poor operating conditions of the reasons, in fact many operators and wrong business ideas, business ideas, business mindset, this is the reason of its existence.

world is a for profit, world Rangrang all benefits to. Every boss wants to make money to do business, to do business bigger. However, in the brutal market competition, the business is more and more difficult to do. Retail charm also lies in this, it can make the smart shine, let the poor become rich, so even if difficult to do also have many later in the race to. The world is difficult, only the heart and mind. Intentions, you will naturally be full of gratitude, patience and enthusiasm to communicate with customers.

since the choice of a way to do business like this, not to do business, and this is indeed a fact, however, if we can find their own reasons, can brain work, we must think about how to do, how to make a feature, made out of the ordinary, make fun, and make their own customers feelings. Ma Yun said: "to find a way to success, not to find excuses for failure". As long as the retail friends attentively management, learn more modern science marketing and management knowledge, can be achieved

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