HR: Does business hours mean all hours?

first_img Comments are closed. Related posts:No related photos. HR: Does business hours mean all hours?Shared from missc on 9 Dec 2014 in Personnel Today Has “normal business hours” become a thing of the past? These days, I rarely meet anyone who almost immediately following waking up in the morning, wont grab their phone from the bedside to check their email, or who considers their nights to be personal or family time, which not so long ago seemed the norm. What is it about modern day issues and work problems that are more important than those that we were facing years ago that can’t wait until the next day? Or is it a simple case that our ability to prioritize is being depleted due to such ease of systems access which allows many organisations’ staff to turn any computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device into a make-shift work station?I’m as guilty as the next person of the late night emails and struggling to switch off but I’m one of the lucky ones who enjoys what I do enough that it doesn’t feel like a chore. What about those who aren’t as lucky and feel like they don’t have the pressure release of being able to go home and un-wind?Human nature dictates that if we get too used to something, it becomes habitual and we begin to expect it. This being the case, if this isn’t carefully managed, how long will it be before being “switched on” at all times is an expected part of a job as opposed to it being a sign of an engaged and happy employee who will strive to go above and beyond any contractual obligations? Don’t get me wrong, the huge emphasis which these days is placed on interoperability and mobility of internal systems of course is a great thing and phenomenal feat in technology advancement but with it comes the potential for more risk, more pressure and more un-happy staff if it is not managed well.center_img Previous Article Next Article Read full article last_img read more

"HR: Does business hours mean all hours?"

SDX Energy completes flow rate test at Sobhi discovery well in Egypt

first_imgThe Sobhi discovery well is expected to produce at an optimum stabilised rate of 10-12mln cubic feet per day Flow rate test completed at Sobhi discovery well in Egypt. (Credit: Pixabay) UK-based exploration and production company SDX Energy has completed flow rate testing at the 100% owned- SD-12X (Sobhi) discovery well in the South Disouq Exploration Permit onshore Nile Delta, Egypt.During the initial drill stem test (DST), the Sobhi well flowed at a maximum rate of 25 mmscf/d on a 54/64″ choke.The well flowed at a stable rate of 15 million standard cubic feet per day (mmscf/d) over three hours on a 28/64″ choke and 10 mmscf/d over four hours on a 16/64″ choke.Based on the initial review of the well-test data, the firm expects the well to produce at an optimum stabilised rate of 10-12mln cubic feet per day, complying with the nearby Ibn Yunus-1X producing well.SDX Energy expects the Sobhi well to produce mostly dry gas as opposed to gas and condensate.SDX CEO Mark Reid said: “We are pleased with these initial well test results which confirms that we have a commercial discovery at the Sobhi well.“This discovery increases our South Disouq 2P reserves by approximately 50% given that we sole risked the well. Furthermore, Sobhi has the potential to extend the current South Disouq plateau production of 50 mmscfe/d through to 2023/24 with a low-cost tie in to our existing gas processing plant.“To have a commercial gas discovery of this scale at South Disouq is especially pleasing in the current environment as our low cost, fixed price gas development will continue to be highly cash generative for longer.”Longer rig-less test planned on Sobhi discovery wellThe company is planning to conduct a longer rig-less test on the Sobhi well in the coming weeks to assess the recoverable volume in the discovery, which is currently estimated at 24 billion cubic feet (bcf) of recoverable resource.To enable production during 2021, the Sobhi well is planned to be tied-in via a 5.8km connection to the Ibn Yunus-1X location, where infrastructure connects to the South Disouq central processing facility.In a press statement, SDX said: “The discovery will potentially only require one further development well to be drilled, which will not be necessary for another two to three years.”The latest flow rate test follows the recent discovery of gas at SD-12X well, which encountered 108ft of net high-quality gas-bearing sands.last_img read more

"SDX Energy completes flow rate test at Sobhi discovery well in Egypt"

Geriatric Psychiatry Faculty Opportunity

first_imgThe University of Maryland School of Medicine, Department ofPsychiatry, is seeking a part-time or full-time facultypsychiatrist for its Geriatric Division. The positioncarries a faculty appointment at the University of Maryland Schoolof Medicine and offers exciting opportunities for clinical care,mentorship, teaching, and research. Candidates must be ABPNcertified or eligible with training or clinical experience witholder adults. Academic rank and salary are commensurate withexperience. Expected rank is Assistant Professor or higher,however, rank and tenure status is dependent on candidate’squalifications. Please send a letter of introduction and CV to:Jill A. RachBeisel, M.D., Chief of Clinical Services, Psychiatry,University of Maryland, Baltimore, 110 S. Paca Street, Baltimore,Maryland 21201 or email to: [email protected] is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. Allqualified applicants will receive consideration for employmentwithout regard to sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, race,color, religion, national origin, disability, protected Veteranstatus, age, or any other characteristic protected by law orpolicy.Qualifications :Candidates must be ABPN certified or eligible with training orclinical experience in Geriatric Psychiatry. Academic rank andsalary are commensurate with experience. Expected rank is AssistantProfessor or higher, however, rank and tenure status is dependenton candidate’s qualifications. Faculty OpportunityDEPARTMENT OF PSYCHIATRY, UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND SCHOOL OFMEDICINE, BALTIMORElast_img read more

"Geriatric Psychiatry Faculty Opportunity"

Fuck the word police

first_imgBy Daisy Johnson The word ‘fuck’ retains its official status as one of the foremost ‘taboo words’ in the English language, ranking third after those real stinkers that you aren’t allowed to have in print. However, since making its debut on BBC television in 1965 the word ‘fuck’ has become so popular that you wouldn’t bat an eyelid at its use. Having said that, I did recently hear a girl say to her friend in a scandalised whisper, “You can’t say ‘fuck’ in the British Museum!”, but really, even recourse to it in a tutorial would not cause much of a stir. What explanation can be given for ‘fuck’s’ paradoxical position between profanity and popularity?In terms of profanity, ‘fuck’ is one of the oldest words, maintaining the vulgar meaning of its earliest usage. The OED holds that its roots are Anglo-Saxon, though its first identified written use in English was by the Scottish poet William Dunbar. In his delightful poem, “In Secreit Place”, a real love story about a liaison between a kitchen maid and a smooth-talking city boy. In the line “Yit be his feiris he wald haif fukkit”, ‘fuck’ is used in an almost identical context to its primary meaning today. Not to spell it out too explicitly, the kitchen maid has thus far withheld her favours from the city boy, and he’s getting a bit impatient, because “by his fire, he’d like to…” etc. Earlier even than this, the bastardised Latin ‘fuccant’ appears in a coded poem written in Latin and English some time before 1500. Attempts to translate the code have yielded “non sunt in coeli, quia fuccant wivys of heli”, which is “[the monks] are not in heaven, because they fuck the wives of Ely”. Notably, even in these very early uses of the word, ‘fuck’ is associated with severe impiety and bawdy behaviour, and was regarded even then as a taboo word.So what typically constitutes taboo words? And why does ‘fuck’ remain one of them? Swear words, which exist in almost all languages and cultures, are certain words considered to be vulgar, usually because of their association with a corresponding social taboo. In English, swear words are largely related either to blasphemy, and particularly the defaming of Christianity, or, as in the case of ‘fuck’, related to obscenity. Quite logically, the more improper the action associated with a swear word, the greater the impropriety of uttering it. Lesser taboo actions, such as burping and swearing which, whilst considered generally impolite behaviour in public, and thus linguistically unsophisticated rude, are not actively offensive, and so do not rank as ‘swear words’. One might imagine the consequences, however, of performing ‘fuck’s’ associated action in public. This comparison is sufficient to explain ‘fuck’s’ classification as a swear word. ‘Fuck’, and particularly ‘fucking’, has considerable power as descriptive speech. ‘Fucking’ with its freedom to be classified as an adjective or adverb depending on context, can be used as an intensifier with a greater force than a simple ‘very’ or ‘really’. Consider the difference between saying “not fucking likely” and “not very likely”. The two are going to get very different reactions, and certainly have different meanings. The former is much more forcerful and negative, thanks to the power and shock-factor still associated with ‘fuck’ Also, as an interjection, ‘fuck’ is a surprisingly meaty and satisfying utterance. It opens with a fricative consonant, ‘f’, which is formed by forcing air through the channel made when the lower lip and the upper teeth come together, and closes with an aggressive ‘ck’, formed by stopping airflow in the vocal tract. This combination works to create a very definite and harsh sound, which can alter in tone to deliver a strong impression of a particular emotion. For example, the typical loud use of ‘fuck’ to express anger or frustration comes out like a verbal punch; it is a cathartic utterance which embodies and goes some way to exorcising the anger of the speaker. Alternatively, a ‘fu-uck!’ which goes down at the end and has a drawn out vowel is a verbal image of surprise or disbelief. ‘Fuck’ with a smile is a kind of happy, feelgood expression. A recent survey by a professor of management at the University of East Anglia has found that swearing in the workplace as a means of diffusing tension and high emotion in fact boosts team spirit and morale, so long as it remains in the form of interjection and not personal insult, because it can foster solidarity amongst employees and encourage them to share their feelings. The professor, Yehuda Baruch, hopes the survey will encourage people to re-evaluate the role swearing can play in our lives. In an attempt to do that, then, it should be acknowledged that ‘fuck’ may have lost some of the taboo present in its literal use as it has become more prominently employed as a simple space-filling interjection or useful intensifier. The danger now, perhaps, is that linguistically it will move the other way, and become a clichéd form of speech, requiring us to formulate new taboos for our own time. Since I am rather fond of it in speech, I would counsel avoidance of excessive over-use of the F-word, for fear it will diminish even further in impact. For tips and tricks in this matter, perhaps consult the wiki – ‘How to stop swearing’, which demands that you punish yourself for excessive swearing, and reward yourself each time you manage to substitute ‘flip’ for ‘fuck’. “Don’t think you’re not cool when you don’t swear! You’re cooler!” On second thoughts though – fuck it. Of course, references to the naughty and socially inappropriate things we do are frequent and sometimes unavoidable, but a separate language exists for describing sex (‘sex’ itself being an example). Words such as this are hardly considered swear words. It must be concluded then that ‘fuck’ is so offensive not because of the physical action it describes, but because of the intent with which it is spoken. It is certainly the case that the word is rarely said without an indication of contempt and crudity. In fact, there is almost an element of self-aggrandisement about the use of ‘fuck’ – swearing, after all, is cool. There’s no denying it. Using ‘fuck’ suggests promotion of free speech and sexual liberation, which places you in the camp of ‘fuck’ pioneers like D.H. Lawrence, whose battle in Lady Chatterley’s Lover to use ‘fuck’ and ‘cunt’ as parts of every day speech was finally won when the novel was published in 1960, three decades after its completion. In fact, the sixties saw the real beginnings of the widespread use of ‘fuck’ in the public and media spheres. It is certainly appropriate that the first man to say it on television, the critic Kenneth Tynan, became a pornographer in the ‘70s. The use of ‘fuck’ finds you upholding trendy sixties principles of freedom and radical thought. Super cool, right?Right. Except it would be foolish to suggest, in 2007, that every person who utters ‘fuck’ as the Tesco carrier bag on their handlebars swings dangerously close to the spokes of their bike wheel is demonstrating their support for the free love movement. Realistically the reason that ‘fuck’ is becoming more common has little to do with its role as a symbol of anti-establishment subversiveness. In fact, it is mainly because ‘fuck’ is being progressively dissociated from its literal meaning and finding a place as a mere linguistic expletive. ‘Fuck’ and its associated parts of speech are rarely now used to really swear. Instead it is most commonly either a descriptive word, or an interjection of anger, surprise or even delight.last_img read more

"Fuck the word police"

St. Mary’s Hospital for Women & Children Birth Records

first_imgSierra Stewart and Jermaine Johnson, Evansville, son, Kingston Andre’ Lawrence, May 29Shawntaya Foster and Raeqwon Brockers, Evansville, son, Kaiden Malik, May 30Tessa Ladd and Brandon Pepper, Mount Carmel, Ill., son, Cobain Thomas, May 31Kaleigh Singer and Wesley Robinson, Mount Carmel, Ill., daughter, Carly Elise, May 31Sara and Brett Bueltel, Evansville, daughter, Lucy Marie, May 31Elyse and Justin Harper, Evansville, daughter, Brooklyn Rose, Jun. 1Amanda Hartwell, Boonville, Ind., son, Issac Allen, Jun. 2Lindsey and Ronald Shelton, Evansville, son, Jacob Howell, Jun. 2Jennifer and Samuel Sparacino, Owensville, Ind., daughter, Zaria Mae, Jun. 2Amy and Keenan Miner, Albion, Ill., daughter, Destiny Jane, Jun. 2Shadava and Nathan Reavis, Princeton, Ind., daughter, Aria Lynn, Jun. 2Taylor Wolf and David Archer, Evansville, son, Sylus David, Jun. 3Sabrina and Steven Gibbs, Oakland City, Ind., daughter, Harlie Jean, Jun. 3Quene and Michael Johnston, Evansville, son, Parker Kal-El, Jun. 3Tara Gomez and Brady Doubiago, Evansville, son, Sylas Xavier, Jun. 4Ashley and Neal Gwaltney, Evansville, daughter, Lola Elizabeth, Jun. 4Rachael and Jesse Adams, Newburgh, Ind., son, Hayden Lee, Jun. 4Tesia Crumbaugh and Ron Lampton, Princeton, Ind., son, Benjamyn Kemper Elliott, Jun. 4Kayla Hudson and Kenneth Madison, Chandler, Ind., daughter, Serenity Rose, Jun. 5FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more

"St. Mary’s Hospital for Women & Children Birth Records"

Healthier peanuts

first_imgBy Sharon OmahenUniversity of GeorgiaUniversity of Georgia food scientists have found a way toincrease a key cancer and heart disease preventative in peanutsto levels far higher than those in red wine.Experts often tout the benefits of red wine as a source ofresveratrol, an antioxidant proven to protect against cancer andcardiovascular disease.”American diets are high-fat, and the incidence of heart diseaseis high in this country,” said Anna Resurreccion, the UGA foodscientist who led the project at the Food Innovation andCommercialization Center in Griffin, Ga. The French Paradox”The French eat high-fat diets, too, yet heart disease levels arelow there,” she said. “This is what’s referred to as the FrenchParadox. They attribute their health to the red wine they drink.”The peanuts Resurreccion modifies in her lab have up to 12.3times more resveratrol than red wine. “A study of 29 differentwines showed an average of .6 micrograms per gram and, inexceptional cases, 5 micrograms per gram,” she said. “Ourresveratrol-enhanced peanuts have almost 8 micrograms per gram.”Having increased levels of resveratrol available in peanuts, shesaid, opens up avenues to many new products that can carry its”cancer chemopreventive and anticardiovascular-disease compounds”in meals and snacks. Perfect for peanut lovers”Young children can’t very well drink wine,” she said. “But mostof them love peanut butter and peanut snack foods.”Peanuts with increased resveratrol will help Georgia peanutfarmers and food manufacturers, too.”This technology will help increase the number of product linesmade using resveratrol-enhanced peanuts and will give themanufacturers a competitive advantage,” Resurreccion said. “Weused a runner variety of peanuts, so Georgia farmers will benefitas well.”Resurreccion is now partnering with Belle Plantations, Inc., ofGeorgia to use resveratrol-enhanced peanuts to commerciallymanufacture peanut flour.Both the enhanced peanuts and their flour by-product will be usedto make products like pasta, candy bars, snacks, cakes, breads,power shakes and other health drinks, she said. Peanut butterwith increased resveratrol is another possible product.Resurreccion and her UGA colleagues first thought of increasingpeanut resveratrol levels after reading reports that boiledpeanuts contained higher levels of the compound.So how do they do it?center_img Stress is the key to the process”The method involves slicing the peanut kernels into tinypieces,” Resurreccion said. “This causes the first stress. Thenwe apply an additional stress through ultrasound technology.”Because the nuts have to be sliced, the scientists haven’t beenable to increase the resveratrol levels in whole nuts.So far, the only drawback to the project is a slight off-flavordetected in a peanut butter prototype by a consumer panel andverified by the university’s trained taste panel.”Overall, the consumer panel was receptive to the peanut butterproduct, but they did detect a slight difference in flavor,”Resurreccion said. “Our UGA trained panel noted that it was notas roasted-peanutty tasting.”UGA has applied for a patent for the new process. Food scientiststhere are ready to fine-tune the process to get the highestresveratrol levels and best flavor possible.For the past four years, Resurreccion and graduate student,Jamie Rudolf, have been developing the technology as part of amultiyear, $1 million U.S. PeanutCollaborative Research Support Program grant. The grant alsoresulted in the development of a chocolate peanut spread and areduced-calorie, cracker-coated, peanut snack.The project also led to Resurreccion’s Vitamin-A fortified peanutbutter, which is being commercially produced in the Philippinesto alleviate deficiency symptoms, including blindness, in 35percent of the children there.last_img read more

"Healthier peanuts"

Statement by legislative leaders regarding the governor’s intention to veto same-sex marriage bill

first_imgToday, Governor Douglas announced his intention to veto S115, which has not completed the legislative process. The governor s announcement today undermines the legislative process is disrespectful to Vermonters who come to the people s house to weigh in on the important matters of our time, said Speaker Shap Smith.  History will judge Jim Douglas on the wrong side of this issue. Today is a sad day for Vermont, said Senate President Pro Tem Peter Shumlin.  The governor may choose to veto a bill, but he cannot veto love and commitment.last_img read more

"Statement by legislative leaders regarding the governor’s intention to veto same-sex marriage bill"

Trail Mix – Heron

first_imgWhile listening to the band’s 2017 record, You Are Here Now, along with an advance of Sun Release, the band’s new release set to drop in July, I found myself forgetting about where I was, transported from the four walls around me to wide open spaces, forested trails, or high mountain tops. The instrumental nature of the Heron’s music offers a nearly transcendent experience. Not encumbered by lyrics, I got lost, nearly hypnotized, but the music. BRO – Something you always have in your fridge? BRO – If money was no object, what instrument would you buy? BL – This would be an even toss up between Sound City and The Wrecking Crew. Both are phenomenal documentaries. Highly recommended if you haven’t seen them. BL – The OA. Season two came out of nowhere! I’ll be sure to not throw out any spoilers for those that have not indulged. My wife, Kristin, and I got about halfway through the first episode of season two and gave each othter the “I dunno . . . should we???” look. Happy to say that we persevered! BRO – Last TV show you binged? BL – Between the four of us and our families, we’re all over in this place. I’d dare say we are collectively in the woods more often than almost any other band. Not always as a band, but every now and then for sure. It’s a challenging place in terms of being an instrumental/post-rock group in a rural region, but it is a massive inspiration for what it is that we do at the same time. One of my overall favorite places to go is the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon, which is located in Leonard Harrison State Park. Day to day, though? I am on my cyclocross bike whenever I possibly can be. Roads? Trails? Yes, please. Heron’s touring schedule is relatively quiet right now. Until they hit the road again, and until you can grab Sun Release this summer, I highly suggest giving You Are Here Now a spin, tossing it on repeat, and letting it become the soundtrack for your day. It was intoxicating. BL – Straub beer. They have all the flavors, of course, but my favorite is the lager pounders in the returnable bottles. It’s the kind of beer you’d drink while you power wash your siding or stock the fridge with for a few days-long session at the Goo Goo Doll’s recording studio, GCR Audio, in Buffalo. I have done both of those things and it’s delightful. Straub is one of America’s oldest family owned breweries, and we are very spoiled to have them less than an hour away in St. Mary’s, Pennsylvania. Also, salsa and Red Hot. Unrelated to the beer, but always in there. Heron proudly calls itself a band from the Pennsylvania wilds. It’s an apt description, as – sonically speaking – their music is akin to a solo sojourn, deep into the woods. BL – I went there on instruments already. Spent a long time on the decision and grabbed a Fano JM6 Alt de Facto guitar a couple years ago. Haven’t even looked at guitars since. But I would dive so much farther into all of the effects pedals if money was not an object. No big surprises here. Strymon. Meris. Chase Bliss Audio. There are a lot out there in the world that I don’t already have, existing in their compact foot-switchable forms, and I want them all. The top two on my list of must-haves at the moment are the Volante by Strymon and the Enzo by Meris. Look those up if you get the chance. They’re incredible. BRO – Favorite place to disappear in the Pennsylvania wilds? To grab that copy, or to stay tuned for Heron’s touring schedule, be sure to get over to their website. BRO – Favorite movie about music? Heron is a band that just recently crossed my radar, so I reached out to learn a little more about this Pennsylvania quartet. Guitarist Boyd Lewis was kind enough to get random with me and share some insights on both himself and his band mates. And be sure to check out “Splashdown,” along with tunes from Adam Carroll, Jimbo Mathus, Will Kimbrough, and Head For The Hills on this month’s Trail Mix.last_img read more

"Trail Mix – Heron"

How much downtime can your credit union tolerate?

first_img 6SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr Downtime comes in all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s from a catastrophic storm or fire, a data center outage, malware or even a careless mistake. No one is totally safe, and it isn’t a question of if, but instead when it will strike.With that being said, how much downtime can your credit union tolerate?Datto, our partner in Disaster Recovery, recently compiled an article regarding downtime, and sited a survey of 391 IT professionals regarding their data protection technology. The companies surveyed included mid-market organizations (100 to 999 employees) and enterprise organizations (1,000 employees or more) in North America. Not credit unions directly, but the information from the survey can most definitely be applied to multiple organizations, including the financial sector.According to their research, the amount of tolerable downtime slightly varies but has a similar trend. A combined 65 percent of survey responses indicated they can tolerate less than one hour of downtime. When broken down to specific responses, 22 percent could tolerate less than 15 minutes, another 22 percent said 15 minutes to one hour, and 21 percent said one hour to less than two hours. While there is some variation, everyone agrees that the less downtime the better. While downtime may affect different sizes and companies in various ways, it’s always negative. And no doubt, when it comes to credit unions and regulated industries, the amount of downtime tolerated must be as little as possible. continue reading »last_img read more

"How much downtime can your credit union tolerate?"

Town of Maine man arrested on felony weapon charge

first_imgThe sheriff’s office says the recovered weapon was a “ghost gun,” meaning it did not contain a serial number or identification markings and was made by an individual. The Broome County Sheriff’s Office says 30-year-old Kevin Benjamin was charged with criminal possession of a firearm, a class E felony. Authorities say Benjamin did not register the weapon or possess a pistol permit. Benjamin was issued an appearance ticket and directed to appear at the Town of Maine Court at a later date. The office says the arrest was made while officers were investigating an “unrelated” matter. A location of the arrest was not disclosed. (WBNG) — Authorities arrested a town of Maine man for illegal weapon possession Thursday.last_img read more

"Town of Maine man arrested on felony weapon charge"