E-learning for the Global 500

first_imgRelated posts:No related photos. Previous Article Next Article The top 500 companies in the world, referred to as the Global 500, will betargeted for e-learning as a result of a strategic relationship between leadingHR outsourcing company Exult and the world’s biggest e-learning company,SmartForce. The six-year deal is predicted to be worth between $17m and $28m. The agreement means that SmartForce’s e-learning solution will beincorporated into Exult’s e-HR service, which is designed to manage the entirehuman resource function. Exult struck a landmark outsourcing deal with BP in1999 worth £375m and its aim is to deliver outsourced e-HR to all the Global500. “The Exult model continues to gain attention in the marketplace andthis relationship marries the strengths of two market leaders while givingSmartForce a powerful new channel into a critical segment of the enterprisemarket,” says Paul Henry, senior VP of SmartForce. The SmartForce e-learning solution contains over 11,000 hours of training,broken down into 20,000 learning objects and permits its own and third-partyand proprietary content to be integrated into customisable instructional paths.It will enable Exult clients to organise e-learning content, implement trainingassessment and certification programs and build knowledge capital. Exult also intends to offer the SmartForce solution to improve productivityof its own employees and, in conjunction with the e-learning company, will bedeveloping unique training content on HR strategy and managing human capital. www.exult.netwww.smartforce.com Comments are closed. E-learning for the Global 500On 1 Jan 2002 in Personnel Todaylast_img read more

"E-learning for the Global 500"

Capstone Turbine expands footprint in Middle East

first_img Capstone Turbine secures order from oil and gas operator in Oman. (Credit: drpepperscott230 from Pixabay) Capstone Turbine, a clean technology manufacturer of microturbine energy systems, has received an order for two microturbine skid packages from a leading oil and gas exploration and production company in the Sultanate of Oman. Pipeline Supply Company (PSC), Capstone’s exclusive distributor in Oman and Qatar (www.psc-llc.com) secured the order which is expected to be commissioned in the spring of 2021.Capstone had previously announced its intentions to expand its business into the Middle East several years ago and previously delivered successful projects in Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iraq and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Capstone expects that with recovering oil prices and the move towards reduced gas flaring, demand will continue and should provide a positive backdrop for Capstone’s low emission microturbine solutions.Each self-contained skid solution will include two C65 Capstone microturbines. The systems will run on high pressure sour gas extracted from hydrocyclone systems at oil and gas processing stations. High pressure gas from the hydrocyclones at each site will be bled down, cleaned and conditioned before being used in each microturbine system. The power generated from the microturbines will be fed back into the customer’s low voltage power grid.“Flaring sour gas is the traditional way to dispose of unwanted gas produced during oil exploration activities, but the long-standing practice creates an immense amount of carbon dioxide emissions and adds to climate change,” said Darren Jamison, President and Chief Executive Officer of Capstone. “With its increased focus Oman could become a center of excellence in the Middle East for flare abatement, supported through small, agile companies that turn out high-quality results using technologies like Capstone,” added Mr. Jamison.Capstone’s skid solution can significantly reduce construction and startup costs while increasing the reliability of power systems. The skids are fully customizable and can be easily adapted to fit a customer’s requirements and installed in as little as one day. In addition, the microturbine skid solutions feature single point electrical and fuel connections intended to further reduce installation and engineering costs.“Pipeline Supply Company is pleased to have been awarded with the contract for the new Hanya and Raba development projects from the region’s leading oil and gas production company,” said Shanly George, General Manager at PSC. “Upon successful execution of this pilot project, we look forward to replicating this microturbine solution at dozens of other processing stations across the region,” concluded Mr. George.According to the World Bank, approximately 140 billion cubic meters of natural gas is flared annually at oil production sites around the globe. Flaring waste gas contributes to climate change by releasing millions of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.Capstone microturbines are recognized in the oil and gas industry for their strong performance and reliability. Along with their rugged reputation, microturbines allow oil and gas operators to meet flare gas reduction objectives. By utilizing on-site natural gas, oil and gas producers have the potential to reduce harmful emissions and also lower their operating expenses. Source: Company Press Release Each self-contained skid solution will include two C65 Capstone microturbineslast_img read more

"Capstone Turbine expands footprint in Middle East"

Taxi surveillance proposals suspended

first_imgOxford City Council’s controversial move to install CCTV cameras in every Oxford taxi have been put on hold.The programme of installing cameras, which record both images and audio, was due to begin on April 1st, but has been paused while the Information Commissioner’s Office investigates privacy concerns.Council spokesperson Lousia Dean said, “We have had an inquiry from the Information Commissioner who wishes to better understand the scheme. We are happy to assist in those inquiries.”Taxi drivers were previously told that they needed to install the £460 devices by 2015 or face having their licenses revoked. The CCTV cameras and microphones activate once the ignition in the car is turned on, and remain recording for 30 minutes after the engine is turned off. The council says the recording equipment is necessary to protect drivers and passengers, as well as  to deal with any disputes over fares.However, there has been strong opposition to the proposal since it was announced. A protest was held on 21st March, while over 250 drivers have signed a petition against the scheme.Nick Pickles, director of the group Big Brother Watch who have led the campaign against the policy, said, ‘It is clear that recording the conversations of every taxi journey was an unacceptable intrusion into people’s privacy, so we welcome the news the council has suspended its policy. ‘However, the only acceptable outcome will be if the Council abandons the plans and we remain ready to take legal action to ensure Oxford does not become one of the most spied upon places in Europe.’He added, “This policy is not only a huge intrusion on privacy, but sends a terrible message to the wider country and indeed the world about Oxford as a city. Do the council expect senior businessmen or visiting academics, let alone tourists and local people, to put up with their conversations in taxis being recorded?” Oxford West and Abingdon MP Nicola Blackwood agreed, commenting, “It does seem the city council has crossed the line. It is an invasion of privacy and undermining of civil liberties that neither passengers nor taxi drivers themselves have welcomed.‘The ICO stated to me that recording conversations between passengers is highly intrusive and unlikely to be justified. CCTV plays an important role in combating crime but that has to be balanced with privacy concerns and used within common sense limits.”Taxi Driver Arif Khan also voiced serious concerns about the decision, telling Cherwell, “I oppose the scheme for two reasons: the first and most important being that our customers simply don’t want it. When people are traveling in a taxi they’re often talking about confidential things. Whether they’re discussing important business plans with a colleague or on the phone to their partner, a lot of the time they don’t want to be overheard.‘The truth is not a single customer of mine has said they’re happy with it. From a taxi driver’s perspective, this move could seriously affect our trade and our living, and the council is disregarding that.’Khan continued, “On a personal note, I use my car both at work and at home. I don’t want to be recorded when I’m spending my time away from work with my family; it’s a huge invasion of personal privacy and the council are really crossing a line.‘I’m not against CCTV in general, but video and audio equipment in a small vehicle is ridiculous. Oxford isn’t a big city with a staggering crime rate, and it doesn’t need this kind of invasion.”A statement from the council assured that “The risk of intrusion into private conversations has to be balanced against the interests of public safety, both of passengers and drivers. The footage won’t be routinely viewed but will be stored on the CCTV hard-drive for a period of 28 days.”It continued, “There are laws in places that require the viewing of such images to be necessary and proportionate, and therefore must relate to a specific complaint or incident. The Officers are not permitted to view any images that do not relate to the actual matter being investigated.”The council concluded by stating that the encryption of recordings, and the ability to access them solely “in the event of a police investigation or investigation into a complaint against a driver”, were “added safeguards.”Students seem largely in agreement with the suspension of the proposals, with Lincoln student Cameron Cook describing them as a “terrible idea”.He added, “I don’t want the council to see who I bring back from Wahoo on a Wednesday night.’last_img read more

"Taxi surveillance proposals suspended"

Call for AG Hill To Resign Arises Amid Harassment Investigation

first_imgThe lawmaker said an intoxicated Hill put his hands on her back, slid them down her back, put them under her clothes and grabbed her buttocks, according to the memo. She told him to “back off” and walked away, but Hill approached her again later and again reached under her clothing and grabbed her. She again told him to “back off,” according to the memo.The Associated Press does not identify alleged victims of sexual assaults unless they come forward publicly.The investigating law firm, Taft Stettinius & Hollister, was recently hit with an ethics grievance over a separate investigation into harassment allegations leveled at another powerful Republican elected official — this one in Ohio. Like the Hill investigation, Taft concluded that the conduct of the Ohio lawmaker was “inappropriate,” but not in violation of state harassment policies.The law firm investigated Ohio House Majority Leader Bill Seitz over comments he made while speaking at a retirement party on April 25. The complaint was made against Seitz after a roast in January 2018 for chief of staff Mike Dittoe. According to the report from the investigation, Seitz said he made jokes about two women representatives and about former Sen. Cliff Hite, who resigned in October 2017 and admitted to acting inappropriately toward a female state employee. Seitz told the Taft attorneys he referenced the Marvin Gaye song, “Let’s Get it On,” when speaking of Hite and described some representatives as wearing a “tin foil hat,” as an allusion to someone believing in conspiracy theories.Advocacy groups in Ohio filed a grievance against Taft after the investigation because Seitz for two reasons: The lawmaker previously had worked for Taft for more than 30 years, and Taft had made a campaign contribution to Seitz at the same time it was investigating him.A cursory Indiana Lawyer search of available online campaign contributions found Taft has made no reported donations directly to Hill through the end of 2017. A spokesperson for Taft did not immediately reply to a message seeking comment Tuesday.Hill, a former Elkhart County prosecutor, has been viewed as a rising Republican star. He was the single greatest vote-getter in Indiana history when he was elected to office in 2016.In May, he warmed up the crowd at a rally held by President Donald Trump in Hill’s native Elkhart.  He’s also visited the White House several times since Trump took office. In response to the allegations against him, Hill released this statement to media:“These allegations are deeply troubling.“Following dinner, I was invited to AJ’s lounge for the legislative end of session party.“The celebration at AJ’s was very crowded with, legislators, lobbyists, staffers, and others. The atmosphere was light and jovial, as would be expected in a bar.“I interacted with several people — talking, laughing, and telling stories. At no time was my behavior inappropriate nor did I touch anyone in an inappropriate manner.“While the celebration continued, I left with the gentleman who had invited me and went home.“I have never been contacted by an investigator. I have not been informed of who made these allegations nor have I been provided any due process with regard to these vicious allegations.“The lack of due process regarding this prejudicial investigation is concerning. I have never received a copy of this ‘confidential’ report along with the specific allegations made against me. While meeting with legislative leaders yesterday I requested a copy of this report but my request was denied despite the fact that the legislature acknowledged they had given it to the media. There is a fundamental lack of fairness to this entire process.” FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailShare IL for www.theindianalawyer.comIndiana Attorney General Curtis Hill was investigated this year after four women claimed he touched them inappropriately at a bar. Hill was investigated by the same law firm that recently drew an ethics complaint about its handling of a separate investigation that cleared a powerful Ohio lawmaker. Meanwhile, Indiana’s Democratic Party leader has called on Hill to resign.The Indianapolis Star obtained an eight-page memo written by the law firm Taft Stettinius & Hollister, which wrote the document for legislative leaders who investigated the allegations against Hill.The memo states that a lawmaker and three legislative staffers said Hill inappropriately touched them at a party in the early morning hours of March 15, shortly after Indiana’s legislative session came to a close.Hill, a Republican, denied the allegations, calling them “deeply troubling.”“At no time was my behavior inappropriate nor did I touch anyone in an inappropriate manner,” Hill said in a statement to the newspaper. He also said he was never contacted by an investigator and that he hasn’t “been informed of who made these allegations.”But legislative leaders said in a joint statement on Monday that the investigation was completed and “the matter has been addressed with the Attorney General to the satisfaction of the employees involved.”One of the accusers, who spoke to the newspaper on the condition that she not be identified, expressed anger over Hill’s denial.She said she was satisfied that the investigation was conducted and that the women involved were treated fairly, but she said she was “disappointed that nothing can be done to censure him formally.”“This was a pattern of behavior that was witnessed by many,” she told the newspaper.On Tuesday, Indiana’s Democratic Party chairman urged Hill to resign. Chairman John Zody said the allegations against Hill are “beyond troubling and wildly inappropriate.”Indiana Republican Party Chairman Kyle Hupfer said the GOP has “zero tolerance for sexual harassment,” but stopped short of calling for Hill’s resignation.Hill’s office did not respond to AP’s request for comment Tuesday morning. He previously denied the accusations.Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb issued this statement Tuesday:“I’m in a remote area of Montana with Janet celebrating our anniversary for a few days. I have limited information from media sources I’m able to access.“We took great care to update our sexual harassment policies for the executive, legislative and judicial branches in the past few months. No one should be subjected to unwanted sexual advances. I commend House and Senate leaders for their immediate and formal follow up to the allegations presented to them.“I’ll return to Indianapolis late tomorrow night. Until I’ve reviewed the facts in detail, I will have no further comment.”The document, dated June 18, states that Hill’s alleged conduct toward the legislative employees may have been “inappropriate,” but was “likely not severe or pervasive enough to result in a hostile work environment.” However, the firm found that Hill’s conduct toward the lawmaker was “likely egregious enough to meet the threshold of ‘severe.’”The memo includes details from interviews conducted with six women who attended the end-of-session party.last_img read more

"Call for AG Hill To Resign Arises Amid Harassment Investigation"

Tippecanoe woman killed in crash near Burket

first_img Facebook Twitter Tippecanoe woman killed in crash near Burket Google+ Google+ IndianaLocalNewsSouth Bend Market By Nick Deranek – March 31, 2021 0 233 WhatsApp Twitter Pinterest Pinterest Facebook (Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Department) A Tippecanoe woman was killed after her car hit a utility pole late Tuesday night.The Kosciusko County Sheriff’s office responded to the crash just before 11:00 PM along County Road 700 South, near County Road 600 West, just south of Burket. Authorities say 30-year old Amber Meyer was travelling eastbound along 700 South, when her vehicle left the roadway and struck a utility pole. Meyer was pronounced dead at the scene.Police have not released any details into why Meyer’s vehicle left the road. WhatsApp Previous articleWarsaw man wanted on warrant arrested Sunday morningNext articleGM recalling 10,000 Chevy and GMC vans due to fire risk Nick Deraneklast_img read more

"Tippecanoe woman killed in crash near Burket"

Press release: Foreign Secretary welcomes extension of Afghan government ceasefire

first_imgFurther information I welcome President Ghani’s announcement that the nationwide government ceasefire with the Taliban will be extended beyond Eid al-Fitr. This shows that the Afghan government is listening to its people, who overwhelmingly support peace. I hope that the Taliban will respect the wishes of the Afghan people and respond in kind. The UK strongly supports steps towards peace in Afghanistan, including President Ghani’s unprecedented offer of talks without preconditions in February. The Foreign Secretary lends his support to President Ghani’s announcement of an extension to the Afghan government’s ceasefire with the Taliban and calls on the Taliban to support peace.Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said: Follow the Foreign Secretary on Twitter @BorisJohnson and Facebook Follow the Foreign Office on Twitter @foreignoffice and Facebook For journalists Media enquiries Email [email protected] Follow the Foreign Office on Instagram, YouTube and LinkedInlast_img read more

"Press release: Foreign Secretary welcomes extension of Afghan government ceasefire"

Brits eating out could be under threat post-Brexit, says PAPA

first_imgBrits could find it more difficult to eat out if the government fails to find a way to fill jobs in the UK after Brexit, according to The Pizza, Pasta & Italian Food Association (PAPA).Research by PAPA has suggested that more than half the workforce currently working in restaurants and pizza delivery businesses across the UK would have to leave if there was no agreement with Europe.PAPA said that without overseas workers, the industry would struggle to provide the level of service consumers had come to expect and many might be forced to close.“The uncertainty over Brexit is already being felt,” said Jim Winship, director of PAPA. “Some workers from overseas have already started leaving because they feel insecure and this is not helped by the weak pound.He added: “Unless the government gives some real assurances soon, this could turn into a flood and many of our member businesses would struggle.“Although Theresa May has made a statement that those EU nationals resident in the UK for more than five years would be offered residency if the EU reciprocates with UK nationals, this does not entirely give confidence and does not deal with the ongoing needs of the hospitality industry.”PAPA is calling on the government to introduce a visa system that would allow unskilled or semi-skilled workers into the country for a limited period to take up vacancies that cannot otherwise be filled.Pret HR director Andrea Wareham raised concerns about retaining non-EU staff post-Brexit at an economics affairs committee in March.last_img read more

"Brits eating out could be under threat post-Brexit, says PAPA"

Punk Artist Mike Habs Discusses His Love For Phish Ahead Of New Exhibit

first_imgWebsite: www.mikehabs.comInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/habergram/ Los Angeles Pancakes & Booze Show613 Imperial StLos Angeles, CA 90021May 6th and 7th – 9PM-1AMJeff LeavellJeff Leavell is both a Vice Magazine and Frontiers Media published contributor. Inside a Hollywood apartment in Los Angeles, there are paint splatters covering the walls and floor, graffiti markers, tape, stencils and Bad Religion’s “No Control” playing at full volume. Stacked on the walls are vibrant colored canvases which, despite the surrounding chaos, show to be carefully articulated and professionally crafted.It is the home of artist Mike Habs, who is looking to bridge the gap between post-punk music and abstract art. Originally from the Southside of Chicago, Mike was excessively drawn to loud, angry punk music, and recreates the aesthetic of the experiences in his work.  Along the walls of stacked paintings there are artworks that represent songs and albums from the likes of hard hitting bands such as At the Drive In, The Used, Hot Water Music, and Alkaline Trio. Each painting is meant to be a representation of the intense emotion conveyed by these bands and how they related to Mike’s personal development.However, for a punk artist, when asked for his inspirations the response was rather …….psychedelic?“One of my main influences is without a doubt Trey Anastasio. He is a creative powerhouse, and in my opinion one of the most humble and powerful artists out there.  My work is currently paying homage to a completely different genre of post-punk music, but his enthusiasm and work ethic are what really keep me going. I’ve seen Phish about 25 times now, and don’t have plans on stopping anytime soon.  Their performances have definitely driven and bled into all of my pieces.  After that my other big inspirations are my friends Connor Grant (GOASTT) and Tiger Merritt (Morning Teleportation) who went on to play in more psychedelic type bands. They made me realize that if you work and work, you can really create something, and that’s it’s not just a fantasy or escapism.” Mike Habs will be showing some of his recent work in the upcoming Los Angeles Pancakes & Booze Show May 6th and 7th. His paintings will also be featured as the focus in an upcoming music video with the band Polarcode ft. KYLE in the next month. Watch Habs in action:last_img read more

"Punk Artist Mike Habs Discusses His Love For Phish Ahead Of New Exhibit"

Mike Gordon Brings “Trapezoidal Sunshine” To New Haven

first_imgThere is no doubt that Mike Gordon and his four confidants are feeling loose, and tour is fully on its way. The Phish bassist along with Scott Murawski (guitar), Robert Walter (keys), John Kimock (drums) and Craig Myers (percussion) brought the hump-day boogie to New Haven on Wednesday night, at College Street Music Hall.Following an opening weekend of tour, full of debuts off Gordon’s recently released album, OGOGO, and debut covers of Tame Imapala’s “Mind Mischief,” Rancid’s “Ruby Soho,” and Aerosmith’s “Sweet Emotion,” Gordon got the house bouncing from the opening jam-heavy segue of “Victim 3D,” “Victim,” and “Say Something,” that included a high-voltage, fast-paced segment that eventually landed into the Max Creek cover, “Cruel World.”“Trapezoidal Sunshine” followed, the non-album track that was recently debuted at The Georgia Theatre tour opener in Athens, GA. The fan-interactive and theatrical song features Gordon and Murawski going back and forth between stationary microphones and hand-held microphones. Ending the set in proper fashion, Mike and company dove head first into Tame Impala’s “Mind Mischief,” before ending with the bouncy OGOGO-favorite, “Steps.”Second set got off to a quick start with “Whirlwind” followed by two tour-debuts; “Yarmouth Road” and “Check Your Pepper,” the staple played ALMOST every show of Gordon’s past 2016 Fall tour. Although somewhat quirky, the tune never ceases to get the crowd moving on their feet and participating, which propelled the fiery-hot quintet into another Max Creek cover, “Jones.” The masterminds brought it all back into Rancid’s “Ruby Soho,” which has become a fan-favorite cover since it’s debut the first show of tour. Second set ended with OGOGO’s “Pendulum,” followed by a monster cover of Beck’s “Black Tambourine” in the encore slot, to bring the Wednesday night college-town party to a glorious finale.If you’re in the Northeast, make sure to catch Mike Gordon this weekend in Syracuse, Toronto, and Detroit, and you can find a full list of his remaining tour dates here!Mike Gordon | College Street Music Hall | New Haven, CT | 9/27/2017I: Victim 3D-> Victim > Say Something, Cruel World, Trapezoidal Sunshine, Mind Mischief > StepsII: Whirlwind, Check Your Pepper, Yarmouth Road, Jones > Go Away, Ruby Soho, PendulumEncore: Black Tambourine[cover photo / setlist via Scott Marks (@bizarchive)]last_img read more

"Mike Gordon Brings “Trapezoidal Sunshine” To New Haven"

Home is where one starts out

first_imgI applied to Harvard in one of those frequent bee-in-my-bonnet dreamer’s phases to which I’m prone. I took the SATs and obsessed over the application, but never really connected that process with any outcome. And then the real world asserted itself: final school exams, an Australian summer.I started college locally at the end of February. Receiving a congratulatory email from the Harvard Admissions Office on April Fools’ Day felt quite wonderful, but also rather perplexing. I had never left Australia before, I am legally blind, and, quite apart from anything else, Harvard was still more a Platonic idea than an actual institution.I grew up on the campus of the Melbourne College of Divinity, where several professors have Harvard connections and were more than forthcoming with their advice.One, concealing any sign of levity as only a scholar of the Reformation can, said, “Marina, it’s like ‘The Godfather.’ Harvard makes you an offer … you don’t refuse.” Others, as might be expected, were most concerned with my spiritual upkeep: I could attend chapel services at the Episcopal Divinity School; there was Emmanuel Church in Boston, or the Memorial Church in Harvard Yard. “You will, of course, have to join a choir,” said another professor.And while at the time I was more interested in reading the College course catalog and discovering where T.S. Eliot had lived during his freshman year, their concern was well informed, and has been invaluable. Because, when all is said and done, I am a homebody, and home has always been, even literally, in the church, and singing in a church choir.This is my fourth year as a member of the University Choir at Mem Church. I sing for the daily Morning Prayer service, as well as on Sundays. And the place, people, and music really have given me a home here, somewhere to start from.It has something to do, I think, with the convergence of the divine and the extraordinarily mundane and solid, with each providing its own necessary form of comfort. The church itself, a robust structure, “strong rock and house of defense,” sits reassuringly, certainly at the geographic center of the University. It is fixed, also, as a dependable constant, impervious to the chaos and excitement of all that surrounds it, and that can sometimes be overwhelming.Most of all, though, I love the community, and the music. I love that my day begins (it often ends, too) in song.I know the route from Lowell House to the basement entrance of the church so well that my cane is almost superfluous. (There is a cluster of missing bricks in the sidewalk along Holyoke Place, an ill-positioned signpost on the corner of Mount Auburn and Linden Streets to which I have been introduced, several times.) And the morning ritual of rehearsal and worship is, I have found, the most effective antidote to the exhaustions, anxieties, and petty melancholies that are bound to rise in all of us from time to time.Choral singing is, for me, a truly powerful faithful practice. It is communal, and for community; it has a purpose to it, and, like any worship, it requires work, drudgery, to achieve something sacred. There are some mornings I will make a mistake, or several — forget to take note of an accidental, or misread something — or when the choir troops downstairs after Prayer or Sunday service somewhat sheepish, knowing we haven’t sung as well as we ought.Many days, we will sing well. But on others, something more happens. More than a seamless performance, it is perhaps that the music approaches the numinous, or that the sacred is present in the music making. I’m not sure which it is. All I know is that these are the times I sing for, that I have always sung for. And find my place in.There is something romantic about the idea of self-reinvention, adventure, itinerancy, and these were some of the reasons I left my Australian home. I have made another at Harvard, engaging and rich in friendship. I made it almost immediately, and it bears, in some aspects, an alarming resemblance to the one I left, upholding, perhaps, the, ‘you can run, but you can’t hide’ principle.I often wonder if so much time spent in church is good for my sanity, but I am grateful for this first Harvard home, it is where I start from every day. It is a good home to start from.If you’re an undergraduate or graduate student and have an essay to share about life at Harvard, please email your ideas to Jim Concannon, the Gazette’s news editor, at [email protected]last_img read more

"Home is where one starts out"