A proactive stance will give HR impact in 2003

first_imgCan you make the next 12 months really count as an HR leader not a follower?New Year resolutions always get broken, but one pledge the profession shouldmake – and keep – is to hold back less and be more assertive in driving forwardchange. This year promises to be just as testing as 2002 with continuing uncertaintyover Iraq, turmoil in some markets and business generally having to do morewith less. In this climate, HR has a crucial role to play in improving peoplecapabilities, strengthening the predictability of the business and raisingstandards of operational effectiveness. The future is about creatingorganisations where the people strategies are progressive and unique, where theperformance of the workforce is the differentiator with competitors. If you’re going to make this happen, you can’t afford to sit on thesidelines. HR has to be seen as a utility player, able to lead and inspire allparts of business with flair and versatility. A bolder approach requires trust,understanding and broad business acumen that go beyond core HR skills. Immerse yourself in other parts of the organisation and learn to be moreproficient in all aspects from sales and finance to production and marketing.The board focus is important, but the big decisions are made long before theyreach the CEO and board of directors. Get to know the senior managementstakeholders within the different functions. Listen to their challenges, andrespond with practical, relevant initiatives. Be in the thick of the key debatesand use your expertise to be proactive. Take responsibility, intervene, guideand influence fellow directors. Geoff Armstrong, director general of the CIPD, writing on this page,believes the profession is ready and capable of making a deeper impact. Yethe’s understandably frustrated that so many organisations still fail to developprogressive people management and behave ‘like rabbits frozen in the headlightsof an oncoming car’. Going that extra mile, being more persuasive and refusing to be sidetrackedby doubters will not be easy. But it’s a strident, optimistic HR professionthat is embarking on 2003 and, together with the CIPD, we have every reason tobe positive. By Jane King Comments are closed. Related posts:No related photos. Previous Article Next Article A proactive stance will give HR impact in 2003On 7 Jan 2003 in Personnel Todaylast_img read more

"A proactive stance will give HR impact in 2003"

New College moves to protect its name

first_imgOxford’s New College is applying for trademark status, ahead of the New College of the Humanities’ own bid to brand itself.632 years since it was established, New College has moved to protect its name after the emergence of the first British private university, The New College of the Humanities (NCH), which was developed by philosopher and supernumerary fellow at St. Anne’s, A.C Grayling.It was initially claimed that New College’s bid for trademark status was merely precautionary, as the college exists as a separate legal entity to Oxford University, which is already comprehensively trademarked. New College’s name is not unique to Oxbridge, as there are well-known New Colleges in Durham, Swindon and Nottingham.However, with a decision upon New College Oxford’s trademark status “imminent,” it is also suspected that New College intends to contest the New College of the Humanities’ application for trademark status, when it comes to public consultation.When asked if this was the case, a spokesperson for New College acknowledged that they would “keep a close eye on the New College of the Humanities application,” admitting that New College, Oxford “don’t want people thinking we’ve opened a London branch.”The New College of the Humanities told Cherwell, regarding the Oxford college, that the team there “do not believe that there could be any confusion between the institutions,” as NCH is a “paid model,” and a “brand new concept in university level education offering courses in the Humanities.”When asked if NCH could become a serious rival for Oxbridge and Russell Group Universities, Cherwell was told by the private university that, “The New College of the Humanities will at maturity have just over 1,000 students. If you compare this to the number of students and places available at the twenty Russell Group universities the size of NCH will be very different.”A spokesperson at NCH said that the Diploma they awarded, which is an extra component in addition to the standard degree and is designed to increase the employability of its graduates, “sets students apart from other graduates and marks the greater richness of their education at the College.”New College offered a different opinion on the matter, however, telling Cherwell that the addition of this Diploma did “not at all” pose a threat to an education at Oxford. “You can achieve the exactly the same thing from the hundreds of societies offered here at Oxford,” Cherwell was told.New College students seem largely in favour of the college’s move to protect its name. JCR President Oscar Lee stated, “I personally feel that if seeking trademark status is the right thing to do in order to protect New College’s name, then I support the move.”First year student Kieran Calvert commented, “Perhaps the college is worried that the New College of the Humanities may ride off their success, by subtly implying they are linked. But the main question is, will the New College tracksuits get pricier?’Oxford students can rest assured that the university as a whole has already trademarked itself, covering products as important as charm bracelets, underwear, fat removing agents, hair lotions, coasters, pill boxes and even Christmas trees.Xin Fan at St. Anne’s expressed the view that, “Branding is overrated. My Oxford University umbrella leaks so much that it goes all over my Oxford University cuff-links and I have to collect everything in my Oxford University tankard. In the end, I have to put it all in my Oxford University waste bin. I think I may as well stick to John Lewis.”last_img read more

"New College moves to protect its name"

Nancy Hughes Honored for Devotion to Ocean City

first_imgFormer Congressman and Ambassador Bill Hughes, standing in center, is joined by his family and members of City Council during a 2018 ceremony honoring his late wife, Nancy. By Donald WittkowskiThroughout his long and distinguished career in politics and public service, there was one constant in the life of former Congressman and Ambassador Bill Hughes – Nancy, his wife of 61 years, was always there by his side, Hughes recalled.Nancy Hughes, who died in January at 82 years old, was fondly remembered Thursday night for her devotion to her husband, her children and her grandchildren and her dedication to her beloved Ocean City, her home for more than 55 years.“Nancy loved Ocean City. I don’t have to tell you that,” Bill Hughes said during a ceremony in her memory at Thursday’s City Council meeting.Councilman Keith Hartzell, who read from a resolution honoring Nancy Hughes, told Hughes that he believed his “greatest accomplishment” was his marriage to such a remarkable woman.“Thank you for the wonderful gift of your wife,” Hartzell said.Bill Hughes, 85, was surrounded by members of his family, including his son, Bill Jr., and daughters Lynne Hughes, Barbara Hughes Sullivan and Tama Hughes, in the Council Chambers at City Hall. The Council members joined the family for the ceremonyThe Council resolution honored Nancy Hughes for dedicating her life “to the service of her family, friends, church, country and community.”It noted that she was the cornerstone of her husband’s political career as a South Jersey congressman from 1975 to 1995 and as ambassador to Panama from 1995 to 1998 under former President Bill Clinton. Her duties included serving as her husband’s political confidant and running his campaign offices.“She was at my side the entire time we were together,” Hughes said.From left, Bill Hughes sits in the Council Chambers with his daughters Barbara Hughes Sullivan and Lynne Hughes and son-in-law Doug Walker.Hughes described stressful days in Washington, D.C., politics that Nancy would help him overcome. He said both of them found comfort in returning home to Ocean City.“That kept us going, knowing we would just be back in Ocean City,” he said.“It’s a great town,” Hughes added. “This city has been special to us.”They are honored together by having their names on the Bill and Nancy Hughes Performing Arts Center at Ocean City High School. The resolution said Nancy Hughes was dedicated to the school district and its students, including her involvement in the campaign to build a new high school.Mayor Jay Gillian is quoted in the resolution as saying that he considers Bill and Nancy Hughes as among the greatest influences in his campaign for “Unity in the Community.”“That’s not only how he governed as a former congressman, but how they both lived their lives,” Gillian said. “They taught me that I could be the best mayor by working with everybody.”Surrounded by her family, Nancy Hughes died on Jan. 4 at home while in hospice care, after an eight-year battle with a neurological disease similar to ALS.Former Ocean City Environmental Commission member Donna Moore urges Council to stop the use of what she says is a cancer-causing weed killer on public grounds.In other business Thursday, Council heard warnings from a former member of the Ocean City Environmental Commission about the potential health risks of a weed-killing chemical used by one of the city’s landscaping contractors for public grounds.Donna Moore told Council that the chemical dithiopyr, which is commercially used to control crabgrass, acts both as a pesticide and herbicide. She said it is a known cancer-causing agent and potential groundwater contaminant. She also explained that it is toxic to fish, mollusks and plankton as well as insects such as honey bees.Moore urged Council to have the city’s contractors begin using a more environmentally friendly chemical to control weeds on public grounds. Council told her that the city plans to study other possible chemicals as an alternative to dithiopyr, but no decisions have been made.“Your dedication to your cause is certainly to be commended,” Councilman Bob Barr said to Moore.Councilman Michael DeVlieger said he supports the idea of using an eco-friendly alternative, but added that it must have a proven track record and cost about the same as dithiopyr.“I thank you for your efforts. You’re on a virtuous mission,” DeVlieger told Moore.In response, Moore thanked the Council members for their “receptive ear.”“I’m speaking for a voiceless entity, which is the environment where we live,” she said.Former Councilman John Flood, a candidate in the May 8 mayoral election, questions the city’s spending on entertainers for the Night In Venice summer weekend celebration.Also Thursday, John Flood, a former councilman who is challenging Gillian in the city’s May 8 mayoral election, questioned why the city is spending a total of $116,000 to hire four entertainers during the annual Night In Venice boat parade weekend over the summer.In response, the Council members explained that the entertainers are part of efforts to draw more visitors to town, boost business for local merchants and capitalize on the publicity that bigger-name performers will generate for the city through social media.“It’s money well spent. It’s well thought out,” Hartzell said.Hartzell and other Council members also pointed out that the city spends only a tiny amount for tourism-related entertainment compared to the multimillion-dollar tourism budgets of other seashore towns that compete with Ocean City.last_img read more

"Nancy Hughes Honored for Devotion to Ocean City"

Ocean City Fishing Club to Host Youth Surf Fishing Tournament Aug. 11

first_imgChildren can demonstrate their skills with rod and reel for prizes in the Ocean City Fishing Club’s 43rd annual Boys’ and Girls’ Surf Fishing Tournament on August 11. Registration for the free event will begin at 9 a.m. at the north end beach near the Ocean CityLongport bridge. Parents or guardians will be asked to sign a waiver for insurance purposes before their children can participate. Each child must bring his or her own fishing gear and bait.Fishing starts at 10 a.m and ends at noon followed by an awards presentation. “It’s a lot of fun for the kids,” said Ed Hoban, an OCFC member and tournament chairman. “There will be prizes for biggest fish in each age group, and every child gets something to take home. Last year we had about 75 boys and girls enter. Hopefully, we’ll get a hundred this year.” The tournament has three age categories: 8-10, 11-12, and 13-16 years old, with a boys’ and girls’ division in each grouping. Parents can help those 8-10 years old cast, but those youngsters have to do their own fishing after that. Three anglers who catch the most fish in each age category will win a rod and reel. The boy and girl who land the biggest fish overall will receive bicycles and trophies.“Each year the Miller family donates the bikes in memory of Ralph Miller, who was chairman ofthe tournament, and his wife, Marion,” Hoban explained. “And we get a lot of prizes donated bymany local businesses. We have backpacks, coolers, pizza certificates—all the things kidslike.”OCFC members will be on hand to measure fish caught to determine winners, as well as giveexpert advice. In case of rain, the tournament will be held at the same times August 18. “With all the rain we’ve had recently,” Hoban said, “we’re looking to have a beautiful day for our tournament this year. Hopefully, the fish will cooperate, too!”Founded in 1913, OCFC is the oldest, continuously operated fishing club in the nation.last_img read more

"Ocean City Fishing Club to Host Youth Surf Fishing Tournament Aug. 11"

Press release: UK and Poland to step up defence and security co-operation in cross-government talks

first_imgPrime Minister Theresa May and senior Cabinet colleagues will meet their Polish counterparts in London today (20 December 2018) to discuss defence, security and prosperity post-Brexit.The PM will welcome Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki on his first visit to Downing Street for bilateral talks. The two leaders will then join their senior ministerial colleagues at Lancaster House for the third annual UK-Poland Inter-Governmental Consultations.The visit comes ahead of next year’s landmark Centenary, marking 100 years since both countries re-established diplomatic relations since Poland regained independence.Ahead of the visit, Prime Minister Theresa May said: Almost one million Poles make their lives in Britain – the largest diaspora in the UK. I value the contribution the Polish community makes to our economy and our society, and am committed to ensuring the UK remains a welcoming place for Poles to live, work and study. Today is an opportunity to repeat my message to Polish people – you can stay, and we want you to stay. Poland is one of our closest friends and allies. This partnership works for both our nations, making us safer, more prosperous and more secure. Throughout history, UK and Poland have stood side by side. We share an unwavering commitment to supporting a stable and peaceful Europe, but are also clear-eyed in recognising the threats we face and the required response. Today’s talks will agree ambitious steps that build on the landmark joint Defence and Security treaty we signed in Warsaw last year, and set a course for further collaboration in the years ahead.center_img Attending the Consultations for bilateral talks with their Polish counterparts are the Chancellor, Foreign Secretary, Defence Secretary, Home Secretary and Business Secretary. They will also attend a working lunch chaired by Prime Minister Theresa May.Upon arrival at Lancaster House, the two leaders will be greeted by schoolchildren singing English and Polish Christmas carols. They will also attend a Polish diaspora reception where they will meet and talk to people with Polish heritage living in the UK.Prime Minister Theresa May said:last_img read more

"Press release: UK and Poland to step up defence and security co-operation in cross-government talks"

PHOTOS: Railroad Earth And Jeff Austin Band Pull Into Boston’s House Of Blues

first_imgOn Friday evening, February 16th, Americana-jam outfit Railroad Earth continued their extensive winter 2018 tour with a performance at the House of Blues in Boston, Massachusetts. Jeff Austin Band served as the opener for the evening’s festivities, as he did the previous evening in Portland, Maine.You can check out the performance’s setlist below:SETLIST: Railroad Earth | House Of Blues | Boston, MA | 2/16/18Support: Jeff Austin BandSet 1: Head, Happy Song, Seven Story Mountain, All Alone, Any Road, The Jupiter and the 119 –> 12 WolvesSet 2: Black Elk Speaks –> Monkey, Just So You Know, Hangtown Ball, The Berkeley Flash, Walk Beside Me, Lovin’ You, Where Songs Begin –> Fisherman’s Blues, Warhead Boogie -> ‘Neath the StarsEncore: Cold WaterRailroad Earth’s winter 2018 tour continues with a performance this evening, Saturday, February 17th, at the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, NY, which will be webcast free of charge via Relix and Nugs.tv. This show also marks the last in their run with Jeff Austin Band.For a full list of Railroad Earth’s upcoming tour dates, you can head on over to the band’s website.Below, you can enjoy a complete gallery of photos from Railroad Earth and Jeff Austin Band’s performances at the House of Blues courtesy of photographer Kevin Cole of Old King Cole Photography. Load remaining images Photo: Kevin Colecenter_img Railroad Earth w/ Jeff Austin | House of Blues | Boston, MA | 2/16/18 | Photos: Kevin Colelast_img read more

"PHOTOS: Railroad Earth And Jeff Austin Band Pull Into Boston’s House Of Blues"

Officials Cancel 2020 Pride Parade

first_imgPhoto: PixabayJAMESTOWN – The Mental Health Association in Chautauqua County and the Jamestown Pride Steering Committee announced Wednesday that Jamestown Pride, scheduled for June 13, has been canceled. An event for June 2021 will continue to be planned.Pride Steering Committee Member and MHA Certified Peer Specialist Sheridan Smith said, “While we have been working passionately on planning Jamestown’s first large-scale Pride community event, we also are cognizant of how the current COVID-19 pandemic is affecting communities. With the uncertainties of when areas will be able to re-open, much less allow large groups to congregate, and with public health always being the number one priority, we made the decision to cancel this year’s event.”Smith said the planning group will use the opportunity of a longer planning period to work on a Pride event for June 2021 while also working on other community building activities for the LGBTQIA+ community to take place this year. “I want to recognize our sponsors, including Presenting Sponsor Evergreen Health, Chautauqua Center, Chautauqua Institution, Jamestown Up Close, Media One Group, and Silvertree Seniors of Jamestown for committing to staying on board for the 2021 event. Their continued support even when during these uncertain financial times for non-profits is amazing and we extend our gratitude to them,” Smith added.The Jamestown Pride Planning group will continue to hold planning meetings. Officials say anyone interested in being part of the group may email [email protected] to be placed on the email communications list, or contact Sheridan Smith at [email protected] or (716) 490-4438.Share:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)last_img read more

"Officials Cancel 2020 Pride Parade"

Gentleman’s Guide Wins Big at 2014 Drama Desk Awards

first_img Outstanding Costume Design William Ivey Long, Bullets Over Broadway Outstanding Play Robert Schenkkan, All the Way Outstanding Actress in a Play Audra McDonald, Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar & Grill Outstanding Orchestrations Jason Robert Brown, The Bridges of Madison County Outstanding Featured Actress in a Musical (tie) Anika Larsen, Beautiful: The Carole King Musical Lauren Worsham, A Gentleman’s Guide to Love & Murder The Drama Desk is an organization of New York City-based critics and theater journalists supporting the development of New York theater. The Drama Desk Awards were first presented in 1955 and consider Broadway, off-Broadway and off-off-Broadway productions in the same categories. Outstanding Revival of a Play Twelfth Night Outstanding Choreography Warren Carlyle, After Midnight Outstanding Set Design Christopher Barreca, Rocky Outstanding Featured Actress in a Play Celia Keenan-Bolger, The Glass Menagerie  Outstanding Actor in a Musical (tie) Neil Patrick Harris, Hedwig and the Angry Inch Jefferson Mays, A Gentleman’s Guide to Love & Murder Outstanding Actress in a Musical Jessie Mueller, Beautiful: The Carole King Musical Outstanding Featured Actor in a Play Reed Birney, Casa Valentina As previously reported, the ensembles of Will Eno’s The Realistic Joneses and The Open House received special awards, as did SoHo Rep and actress Veanne Cox. Ed Sylvanus Iskandar was presented with the Sam Norkin Off-Broadway Award for his work as a director. View Comments Outstanding Director of a Musical Darko Tresnjak, A Gentleman’s Guide to Love & Murder Outstanding Musical A Gentleman’s Guide to Love & Murder A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder was the big winner at the 2014 Drama Desk Awards, which were presented on June 1 at a ceremony hosted by Laura Benanti at Town Hall. The acclaimed musical comedy won seven awards including Outstanding Musical, while All the Way took home two awards, for Outstanding Play and Outstanding Leading Actor in a Play for Bryan Cranston. Hedwig and the Angry Inch and Twelfth Night were awarded Outstanding Revival of a Musical and Outstanding Revival of a Play, respectively. A complete list of winners follows: Outstanding Music Jason Robert Brown, The Bridges of Madison County Outstanding Actor in a Play Bryan Cranston, All the Way Outstanding Book of a Musical Robert L. Freedman, A Gentleman’s Guide to Love & Murder Unique Theatrical Experience Cirkopolis Productions with Multiple Wins A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder – 7 Beautiful: The Carole King Musical – 3 Twelfth Night – 2 After Midnight – 2 All the Way – 2 The Bridges of Madison County – 2 The Glass Menagerie – 2 Hedwig and the Angry Inch – 2 Rocky – 2 Outstanding Featured Actor in a Musical James Monroe Iglehart, Aladdin Outstanding Revival of a Musical or Revue Hedwig and the Angry Inch Outstanding Lyrics Robert L. Freedman and Steven Lutvak, A Gentleman’s Guide to Love & Murder  Outstanding Projection Design Aaron Rhyne, A Gentleman’s Guide to Love & Murder  Outstanding Music in a Play Nico Muhly, The Glass Menagerie Outstanding Revue After Midnight  Outstanding Sound Design in a Musical Brian Ronan, Beautiful: The Carole King Musical Outstanding Lighting Design Christopher Akerlind, Rocky Outstanding Sound Design in a Play Matt Tierney, Machinal Outstanding Solo Performance John Douglas Thompson, Satchmo at the Waldorf Outstanding Director of a Play Tim Carroll, Twelfth Nightlast_img read more

"Gentleman’s Guide Wins Big at 2014 Drama Desk Awards"

She Loves Me’s Zachary Levi Doesn’t Believe in Napping on Two-Show Days

first_img She Loves Me Related Shows View Comments Show Closed This production ended its run on July 10, 2016 Zachary Levicenter_img Zachary Levi is back on Broadway in She Loves Me, and he’s living proof that musical theater is more energizing than caffeine. (That’s just science!) The stage and screen favorite stopped by Late Night to chat with Seth Meyers between his Wednesday matinee and evening performances—a time many performances might reserve for a nap or Schmackary’s break. But not Levi. “I get to the end of the show,” he explains, “and I’m so jazzed.” You can now catch the ever-so energetic Levi as Georg Nowack, opposite Laura Benanti, Jane Krakowski and Gavin Creel, in She Loves Me at Studio 54, where the revival opens officially on March 17. Star Files Zachary Levilast_img read more

"She Loves Me’s Zachary Levi Doesn’t Believe in Napping on Two-Show Days"

Dover Saddlery picks Kilawatt Technologies to help cut Energy and Lower GHG

first_imgShelburne, VT-August 7, 2008- Kilawatt Technologies is pleased to announce that the information software company has signed an agreement with Dover Saddlery, Inc. to reduce energy and lower greenhouse gases in the company’s Littleton, Massachusetts facility. Over the coming months, Kilawatt Technologies will work with Dover Saddlery to recognize opportunities to cut energy consumption and demand, lower energy costs and reduce greenhouse gases in the company’s 100,000 square foot warehouse facility.One area Kilawatt Technologies will focus on is enhancing the energy efficiency of the company’s lighting system. Dover Saddlery will also be utilizing Kilawatt Technologies eEnergyAssess product that establishes valuable baselines and tracks monthly energy use, cost savings and greenhouse gases reductions. Developing these energy and environmental baselines and then measuring monthly results is an important first step for an organization interested in effectively managing energy consumption, as well as, documenting greenhouse gas savings, lowering your carbon footprint, or applying for LEED certification of an existing building.Dover Saddlery, Inc. is the leading multichannel retailer of equestrian products in the United States. Founded in 1975 in Wellesley, Massachusetts, by United States Equestrian team members, Dover offers a broad and distinctive selection of competitively priced, brand-name products for horse and rider through catalogs, the Internet and company-owned retail stores.Founded in 2000, Kilawatt Technologies is a leading information software company helping organizations conserve energy, lower costs and reduce greenhouse gases in large commercial buildings with little or no capital investment. For more information, please visit www.kilawatt.com(link is external) or call 802.985.2285.Endlast_img read more

"Dover Saddlery picks Kilawatt Technologies to help cut Energy and Lower GHG"