Sen. Braun: Police reform should have already happened

first_img Twitter (Photo supplied/Indiana Senate Republcians) WASHINGTON, D.C.–Police reform should have already happened, says Sen. Mike Braun. He says lawmakers, particularly Republicans, are woefully behind on the matter. Braun is supporting a bill in the Senate that would likely eliminate choke holds, reforming qualified immunity for police officers and eliminating no-knock warrants.Those three issues are some of the commonalities with the Democrat-supported House version of police reform, which Braun said he did not believe would pass.“All of this to me is common sense for those of us that believe deeply in the Constitution, which means that in anything there should be transparency, accountability,” said Braun in a Wednesday morning conference call with reporters.”Braun said he believes Democrats are going to far in demanding an end to qualified immunity, which protects police officers from consequences under the law, unless they’ve been grossly incompetent or clearly violated someone’s rights. Braun believes that doctrine should be reformed, not eliminated.“I am gonna introduce a bill after the Republican package gets introduced, that is about reforming qualified immunity,” he said. “This is a bill that does not eliminate qualified immunity because that has no chance of getting any support among Republicans.”He said the modified version would still protect cops from frivolous lawsuits.While the Republican “Justice Act”, would address some points already addressed in Pres. Trump’s executive order, it would also make money available for body cams and create a commission ton study conditions faced by black men and boys in America. The bill has been put together in part, by Sen. Tim Scott (S.C.), the only black Republican senator.“Here police reform goes deep into how unions have been involved at protecting bad actors, and you don’t unravel that quickly,” said Braun.The bill is being criticized as not hard enough, with some of the provisions stopping short of being mandates.Braun said he hopes Republicans will work to get it through the Senate by the July recess. He said he believes it has the best chance of any legislation, and that it is regrettable it took the deaths of George Floyd and Rashard Brooks to serve as a catalyst to bring enough attention to the matter.“This is fairly simple. When a Civil Right is violated, that is ensconced in our Bill of Rights and throughout the Constitution. This is to say that can’t happen.” For Braun, that makes it a federal matter, though he believes in small government.“I view this a little differently in that it gets to the basic foundation of our Constitutional rights,” he said.He criticized Republicans in Congress for not being out front on issues like health care, the environment and police reform, which he said may come from an instinct for less governmental involvement on such matters.“When it comes to concies, clear things that make sense to most people, we should be out front, not coming from behind.” Twitter Facebook Google+ Facebook By Network Indiana – June 17, 2020 2 283 WhatsApp Sen. Braun: Police reform should have already happened Pinterest Google+ Previous articleMichigan City man, 90, arrested for suspected child molestationNext articleIndiana announces better access to funds, grants for small businesses Network Indiana WhatsApp Pinterest IndianaLocalNewslast_img read more

"Sen. Braun: Police reform should have already happened"

Avoid Hitchhiking Aphids

first_imgYou don’t want aphids on your backyard guest list. “They have mouthparts like little sodastraws, which they use to suck juices from plant cells,” she said. The feeding weakensplants and causes wilting, but that’s only part of the problem. One way to keep aphid populations down in your yard, she said, is to avoid buying themon new landscape plants. If you find the little hitchhikers, look for other plants, Sparks said. You have enoughproblems at home without buying more of them. The tiny gluttons suck up more plant juices than they can digest. The part the aphids’bodies can’t use passes through them as a high-sugar excretion. You can also spray plants with an insecticide labeled for aphids or use an insecticidal soap.Whatever you use, though, be sure you spray the right places. Looking at their rear ends through a hand lens, she said, you can see what looks like twotiny tailpipes. Aphids are the only insects with these dual-exhaust cornicles. Those landscape plants may be just what you wanted, but before you take them home,check them closely anyway. You may find some unwanted hitchhikers. “Check closely for signs of wilting, curling of new growth and sticky upper surfaces onlower leaves,” Sparks said. “Look for the aphids themselves on the stems and underside ofleaves on the newest foliage.” The pests will be concentrated on the newest leaves and stems. So carefully prune off theheavily infested foliage. Put the pruned parts into a plastic bag and get rid of them. “As the weather warms,” Sparks said, “we’ll see more problems with crape myrtle aphids.”center_img Aphids infest almost any annual or perennial plant and many of the more common woodylandscape shrubs. Two species causing problems in late April were green peach aphids andmelon aphids. To see the aphids, she said, use a hand magnifying lens. Or shake the foliage over a pieceof white paper. The soft-bodied insects are the size of a pencil point. This sticky “honeydew” drops onto leaves or anything else beneath them. And to add thefinal insult, various fungi feed on the honeydew and create a black coating, called sootymold. It’s not a pretty picture. If you already have aphids on plants in your landscape, check closely to see if you alsohave beneficial insects. “Lady beetles can clean up an aphid population,” she said. “Don’ttreat for aphids if you have good populations of lady beetles or lacewings.” If you don’t have enough good bugs, you’ll have to get rid of the aphids yourself. “Aphids are hard to control in a greenhouse or nursery environment,” said Beverly Sparks,an entomologist with the University of Georgia Extension Service. “By the time they getto the garden centers, many plants can have small aphid populations.” The worrisome pests are so small you can hardly see them. “The problem,” Sparks said,”is that populations can build to such large numbers that they cause serious injury toplants.” “To control aphids,” Sparks said, “you have to get thorough coverage on the underside ofthe leaves.”last_img read more

"Avoid Hitchhiking Aphids"

Central Vermont Public Service declares dividend

first_imgOn January 9, 2012 the Central Vermont Public Service Corporation (NYSE: CV) Board of Directors approved a quarterly dividend at the rate of twenty-three cents ($.23) per share on the issued and outstanding shares of Common Stock, $6 Par Value, payable February 15, 2012, to stockholders of record at the close of business February 3, 2012. As part of the agreement between potential buyer Gaz Metro of Montreal and CVPS, dividends would be paid up to the time the sale of CVPS to Gaz Metro expires. That deal is expected to close by the middle of 2012. Gaz Metro currently owns Vermont Gas and Green Mountain Power. CVPS and GMP will merge under the new ownership and the new entity will be called Green Mountain Power.RUTLAND, VT–(Marketwire – January 09, 2012)RELATED: CVPS to merge with GMP | Vermont Business Magazine Jul 12, 2011 … The leaders of Central Vermont Public Service Corporation (NYSE: CV) (CVPS) and Gaz Métro Limited Partnership (Gaz Métro) today …last_img read more

"Central Vermont Public Service declares dividend"

U.S. Trade Panel Recommends Up to 35% Tariff on Imported Solar Panels

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Wall Street Journal:Federal trade officials are recommending that the Trump administration impose an import tariff of up to 35% on solar panels to protect U.S. solar manufacturers from low-price imports that have undercut the companies’ ability to compete.Members of the U.S. International Trade Commission outlined their various recommendations Tuesday, which also included import quotas and a licensing fee. They must now send them to the White House, which has until January to decide what, if any, actions to take.The recommendations come several months after two embattled solar-panel makers, Suniva Inc. and SolarWorld Americas Inc., petitioned the ITC for a tariff on imported solar cells, the component of a solar panel that converts sunlight to electricity and which both companies make. Suniva and SolarWorld had also sought either a floor price on solar modules or a quota on imported cells and modules in order to help domestic manufacturers compete against the imports, mostly coming from Asia.On Tuesday, a majority of trade commissioners recommended the president implement tariffs on imported solar panels and cells. But the size of the tariffs varied, and fell short of both the 25 cents a watt tariff that Suniva and SolarWorld had requested on cells and the 32 cents requested for panels. Panel installers and others in the solar industry counter that a tariff would raise prices for consumers and hurt demand for solar arrays that were made more affordable by cheap imports. Both sides have claimed thousands of American jobs are on the line.Abigail Ross Hopper, chief executive of the Solar Energy Industries Association, a trade group that has opposed the petition, said she was heartened that the ITC recommendations fell short of what the companies had requested, but still sees them as being “intensely harmful” to the broader U.S. solar industry.More ($): U.S. Trade Panel Backs Solar Tariffs U.S. Trade Panel Recommends Up to 35% Tariff on Imported Solar Panelslast_img read more

"U.S. Trade Panel Recommends Up to 35% Tariff on Imported Solar Panels"

Chinese Censorship Is A Global Problem

first_imgBy ShareAmerica December 18, 2019 The Chinese government continues to be the worst abuser of internet freedom, according to the 2019 Freedom on the Net report, released in November. Its oppressive censorship is increasingly affecting people outside of China.For the fourth year in a row, Freedom House, an independent watchdog organization dedicated to the expansion of freedom and democracy around the world, named Beijing as having the most controlled, most oppressive, and least free internet in the world.“The level of internet freedom in China also reached its lowest point since the inception of the Freedom on the Net report,” the report stated. “Censorship and surveillance were pushed to unprecedented extremes as the government enhanced its information controls.”The Chinese government censors the internet to block dissent and to maintain its control over its population. The U.S. State Department estimated in a 2018 report that Beijing directly employs tens of thousands of people to monitor electronic communications and online content. Private internet companies, acting on the government’s orders, employ thousands more to police users.“The Chinese Communist Party’s [CCP] violations of internet freedom are clear evidence that CCP officials care more about maintaining their grip on power than they do about the well-being of their own citizens,” said Annie Boyajian, director of advocacy at Freedom House, in an interview.The United States is in fifth place out of the 65 countries surveyed in the report, tied with the United Kingdom and Australia. China is in last place at 65th.Censorship abroadBeijing’s censorship is increasingly affecting people outside of China because of the CCP’s influence over Chinese technology companies that have developed apps used worldwide.“Not only does the Chinese government restrict internet access, surveil internet users and spread propaganda within China’s own borders, it is also stepping up efforts to expand this digital authoritarianism beyond China as well,” Boyajian said.WeChat is the most popular social network app in China, and Chinese diaspora communities around the globe use it. Many who live outside of China are shocked that the Chinese government apparently monitors and censors what they can and cannot say. For example:–An American in Texas had his account shut down for discussing the recent election in Hong Kong, where most pro-Beijing candidates lost.–A Canadian member of parliament had a message to her Canadian constituents deleted by Chinese censors in 2017 for discussing democracy protests.–A doctor in America had his ability to post articles to chat groups suspended for posting too many political articles. When he returned to posting articles about music, his permission returned.If a user outside of China is “communicating with somebody else who’s outside of China who has WeChat, [then] they’re still for the most part often operating under the rules that are inside China,” Sarah Cook, a researcher for Freedom House, told National Public Radio.Another popular Chinese app is TikTok. A teen in New Jersey recently had her account suspended after uploading a video to TikTok about the Chinese government’s persecution of the Uighurs.TikTok denied that the suspension was related to the video. However, documents revealed by The Guardian show that TikTok has a history of censoring topics that the Chinese government objects to.The issue of internet censorship and online repression is especially relevant at a time when China is trying to sell the future of mobile internet to the world through 5G networks. “The Chinese Communist Party can force any 5G supplier headquartered in China to turn over data and take other actions in secret,” U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said December 2.last_img read more

"Chinese Censorship Is A Global Problem"

Lindenhurst Man Killed in Car Crash

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York A 47-year-old Lindenhurst man was killed when he crashed his car in North Babylon on Christmas Eve.Suffolk County police said Wojciech Kozlowski was driving a Mazda CX-7 eastbound on the Sunrise Highway Service Road when his vehicle struck a guardrail and then a pole at 7:50 p.m. Tuesday.Kozlowski was pronounced dead at the scene. There were apparently no other vehicles or persons involved, police said.First Squad detectives impounded the vehicle, are continuing the investigation and ask anyone who witnessed the crash to contact them at 631-854-8152.last_img read more

"Lindenhurst Man Killed in Car Crash"

Report: Hempstead Failed to Properly Enroll, Place Immigrant Students

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York The Hempstead Union Free School District, amid an influx of undocumented minors arriving from Mexico and Central America, failed to properly enroll immigrant students and place them at the beginning of the school year, according to a report released Wednesday.The report, based on two visits to the district by the New York State Education Department’s Office of Bilingual Education and Foreign Language Studies, found that enrollment staff was not properly trained to review foreign transcripts and provide credits to new students from other countries, and discovered that the “vast majority” of new Hempstead High School students were placed in the 9th Grade regardless of the content on their transcript and how many years of schooling they previously completed.The review also revealed that at least 17 new students were enrolled in the high school at the beginning of the school year but were not given schedules until a so-called “transition school,” or “Annex” opened Oct. 22. The school district has until Dec. 3 to address the state’s findings.Along with the state’s report, Nassau BOCES, at the request of State Education Department Commissioner John King Jr., released its own review, detailing how five of eight students received continuous education in their home country but were still classified as “Students with Interrupted Formal Education” (SIFE). Also, six of eight students interviewed said they did not receive bilingual evaluations “within the regulatory time period.”King directed Nassau BOCES to conduct an investigation after it was reported that at least 34 immigrant youths weren’t provided an education due to what the district said was overcrowded classrooms. In late October, the DOE, New York State Attorney General’s office and Board of Regents announced a joint review of school districts’ enrollment policies regarding undocumented students and unaccompanied minors.The district told Nassau BOCES investigators that since June 30, enrollment increased by approximately 1,100; more than 330 students were considered unaccompanied minors.Additionally, the state’s review reported contradictory statements from high school staffers. According to the report, some staff members said that after the high school reached capacity one or two weeks after the school year began, new students were not allowed to enroll due to “public health and overcrowding concerns.” Other staffers told investigators that students not identified as SIFE were indeed enrolled.The opening of the transition school also added to the confusion, according to the state’s report, which found a “lack of communication” between high school and the newly opened transition school’s staff.“The High School was not notified when students were pulled out and placed in the Annex, and High School students themselves did not get prior notice before being removed from classes and placed in the Annex,” the report states. “Some of these students were sent back to the High School later in the day due to programming error.”It continues: “Annex staff apparently did not know which students to expect and were overwhelmed with the volume of new students.”At least 17 students enrolled in the high school at the beginning of the school year weren’t provided with class schedules until the transition school opened, according to the report.“Many of these students reported to school daily during the seven weeks that they were enrolled but didn’t have access to instruction, and were told to go home,” the report states.Enrollment at the Annex was not the only issue.The report says that classroom lessons weren’t tailored to students’ English proficiency and grade level.In one instance, state investigators observed a 9th grade ESL class “where students were reviewing the alphabet by cutting out letters.” The report goes on to note that “students appeared insulted at the level of instruction material.”Jason Starr, Director of the New York City Civil Liberties Union’s Nassau County chapter, acknowledged that school officials are faced with an influx of minors, but that still isn’t an excuse to “erect barriers” to education.“You want to make sure you have students who have the ability to do grade-level rich content in all of the subject areas,” Starr said. “You want them to be placed properly so they don’t miss out on that content just because they might have limited English proficiency.”“These are practices that are prescribed by state law,” he added, “and its absolutely essential that this happens for all students, but particularly students who might have immigrated from a different country.”Among the state report’s other findings:English Language Learner (ELL) students did not have equal access to extracurricular activities and sports;the district required students to produce an original birth certificate for registration;the district failed to provide “adequate information” to ELL students and their parents about educational rights and programming.To manage the influx of students, the district told Nassau BOCES it hired additional teaching staff and a bilingual coordinator. Additional staff cost the district $2 million. The spending was not previously budgeted for the 2014-15 school year.The district’s publicist did not return a call for comment.Hempstead Monitoring ReportNassau BOCES Hempstead Letter by LongIslandPresslast_img read more

"Report: Hempstead Failed to Properly Enroll, Place Immigrant Students"

Huntington Man Dies After Crashing Into House

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York A 76-year-old Huntington man who died this weekend after driving his truck into a house is believed to have suffered a medical emergency before the crash occurred, Suffolk County police said.James A. Burke was driving a Ford Ranger pickup truck eastbound on East 3rd Street in Huntington Station when his vehicle veered off the road, went through a fence and struck a house at 11:50 a.m. on  Saturday, police said.The victim was taken to Huntington Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.Second Squad detectives impounded the vehicle, are continuing the investigation, and ask anyone with information on the crash to call them at 631-854-8252.last_img read more

"Huntington Man Dies After Crashing Into House"

UNWTO: International tourist arrivals rose 6% in the first six months

first_imgAccording to the latest World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) barometer, international tourism arrivals rose 6% in the first six months of 2018 after a record year of growth in 2017 when 7% growth was achieved.All world regions achieved strong growth in tourist arrivals in the period from January to June 2018. The increase was driven by strong demand in major markets, supported by an increase in the global economy.By region, Europe and Asia and the Pacific led growth of 7%, while Southern Mediterranean Europe and Southeast Asia had the strongest results in these regions with 9% more international tourists. The Middle East and Africa recorded excellent results with an increase of 5 % and 4%, while U.S. countries recorded 3% growth over the six-month period, driven by South America (+ 7%) and North America (+ 5%). The United States has continued to have a lot of fuel in the region and beyond.”Today’s indicators of international tourism data for the first half of 2018 serve as further evidence of the sector’s resilience and relentless growth trajectory. We continue to work with our many partners to transform this growth into better jobs, more benefits for societies and more opportunities for sustainable living and destinations Said UNWTO Secretary-General Zurab Pololikashvili.On the demand side, France, the United Kingdom and the Russian Federation recorded double-digit increases in consumption in Europe. India and the Republic of Korea drove growth in Asia and the Pacific, while the world’s highest market source China recorded similar consumption as in the same period last year.Growth prospects for the rest of 2018 remain positive, albeit at a slower pace, according to the latest UNWTO confidence index survey. The value of the index for May-August and expectations for September-December are slightly lower than the value indices for January-April.Side dish: World Toursim Barometer UNWTOlast_img read more

"UNWTO: International tourist arrivals rose 6% in the first six months"

CNN crew covering racial unrest arrested in Minneapolis

first_imgCNN said a producer and a camera operator working with Jimenez were also arrested.Earlier, as Minnesota state police surrounded Jimenez while he reported, the correspondent spoke to the officers and said he wanted to cooperate. “Do you mind telling me why I am under arrest, sir,” Jimenez is heard saying. “Why am I under arrest, sir?” No answer was audible. Police arrested a CNN crew broadcasting live from the US city of Minneapolis early on Friday while covering unrest sparked by the death of a black man at the hands of law enforcement.The crew was later released.The network posted footage of correspondent Omar Jimenez speaking calmly to police with batons and riot helmets, then being handcuffed and taken away.center_img “Wherever you want us, we would go,” said Jimenez, who is black. CNN said in a tweet that a white reporter who was also on the ground covering the unrest was not arrested.Jimenez was back on the air later Friday after police released him. CNN said Minnesota Governor Tim Walz apologized to the network.Earlier, CNN put out a statement condemning the police behavior.”A CNN reporter & his production team were arrested this morning in Minneapolis for doing their jobs, despite identifying themselves – a clear violation of their First Amendment rights,” the network said.Jimenez was in the city covering the third straight night of unrest triggered by the death of George Floyd after he was arrested on suspicion of using a counterfeit banknote. A video taken by a bystander shows an officer kneeling on his neck as he is pinned to the ground. At one point Floyd is heard saying he cannot breathe, and eventually his body goes limp. Topics :last_img read more

"CNN crew covering racial unrest arrested in Minneapolis"