Fishery and Oceanographic Research Vessel Joins Chilean Navy

first_imgBack to overview,Home naval-today Fishery and Oceanographic Research Vessel Joins Chilean Navy View post tag: Navy View post tag: research April 11, 2013 View post tag: Chilean View post tag: Oceanographic Industry news View post tag: joins View post tag: vessel Fishery and Oceanographic Research Vessel Joins Chilean Navy Share this article View post tag: News by topic View post tag: Fishery View post tag: Naval ST-367 ‘Cabo de Horno’ was recently delivered from Asmar Shipbuilding in Talcahuano, Chile to the Chilean Navy.The vessel is a 74 m long Fishery and Oceanographic Research vessel, built and outfitted for fishery and oceanographic research operation in the Chilean waters. The vessel is built to the ICES 209 noise standard, which implies very low underwater noise-radiation.The ST-367 design is developed on the basis of the company’s long and wide experience in design of multifunctional, noise-reduced research vessels, and represents the very latest features and technology available for this type of vessel.[mappress]Naval Today Staff, April 11, 2013; Image: Skipsteknisklast_img read more

"Fishery and Oceanographic Research Vessel Joins Chilean Navy"

NSWC PCD Aviation SAR Team Saves Distressed Kayaker

first_img View post tag: aviation Back to overview,Home naval-today NSWC PCD Aviation SAR Team Saves Distressed Kayaker View post tag: Distressed View post tag: team View post tag: NSWC Training & Education NSWC PCD Aviation SAR Team Saves Distressed Kayaker View post tag: PCDcenter_img Naval Surface Warfare Center Panama City Division’s (NSWC PCD) Search and Rescue (SAR) crew responded to an urgent marine alert Oct. 23, from Coast Guard Sector Mobile concerning a kayaker who became adrift in rough seas about four miles offshore from Phillips Inlet in Panama City Beach, Fla.According to NSWC PCD Executive Officer Cmdr. Greg Brotherton, NSWC PCD’s Aviation SAR crew’s performance was first rate.“This is the first rescue NSWC PCD’s SAR crew performed since initially earning their SAR certification in 2011,” said Brotherton. “The U.S. Coast Guard Sector Mobile Command Center Watchstanders in Mobile, Ala., received the distress call and relayed the request for assistance to NSWC PCD’s SAR unit, who then flew an MH-60S helicopter to the scene and rescued the kayaker.”Aviation Warfare Systems Operator 1st Class Nathan Gardner, a SAR swimmer, said the kayaker had been troll fishing when he hooked a large fish that pulled him farther out to sea and actually ended up capsizing the kayak.“The kayaker reported the sea state became pretty rough with high swells and when strong winds from the north picked up, combined with the fish dragging the vessel, the kayak literally capsized,” Gardner said. “I believe this is when the kayaker reported he then lost his paddle and it took him a while to get his kayak right side up again.”Chief Aviation Warfare Systems Operator Daniel Brantley said when he spotted the kayaker, he was lying face down on his kayak.“He didn’t move much, only to raise his head to let us know he saw us,” said Brantley. “His lack of movement was probably due to him trying to keep his kayak from capsizing again due to the sea swells.”The NSWC PCD SAR team consisted of Lt. Blaine Cardinale of Clearwater, Fla.; Lt. Evan Knock of Orlando, Fla.; Chief Aviation Warfare Systems Operator (AW) Daniel Brantley of Waurika, Okla.; and Aviation Warfare Systems Operator 1st Class (AW) Nathan Gardner of Hesperia, Calif.Gardner said the swells were actually high enough to make keeping the kayaker in sight a challenge.“The sea state was pretty rough. I had to wait for the swells to go back down to keep him in sight while I was swimming toward him,” Gardner said, adding it was at that point the kayaker told Gardner he was tired and needed help getting back to shore and home again.“I asked him if he was injured,” Gardner said. “He told me he wasn’t injured, just really tired and that he thought he might have been stranded for about an hour and a half at that point. I could tell he seemed physically all right, uninjured and just frightened. It was at this point Chief Brantley lowered the safety strop, I secured the survivor to my gear, briefed him how we would be pulled up into the helicopter. We then finished executing the rescue and flew the survivor back to the flight deck at NSWC PCD.”Gardner said the survivor was safely secured inside the aircraft by 12:15 p.m. and it was just a few minutes later when they landed and the medical responders were able to pronounce the man safe, uninjured and able to be released to go home.“We were landing back on the tarmac at 12:25 where the medical EMTs were already on site waiting to evaluate and treat the survivor,” Gardner said. “He was happy to be pronounced safe and healthy and our local Fish and Wildlife Officer was able to give him a ride home. I remember this man telling me how there had been other boaters who had literally passed him by without seeing or hearing him.”Gardner said the rough sea state, strong winds, noise from the other boats’ engines probably added to the kayaker’s predicament of not being easily detected.“He couldn’t be seen due to how high the sea swells were. I believe he also had to stay in a prone position to keep his kayak from capsizing again,” Gardner said. “He was essentially keeping a low profile so he simply wasn’t visible to other people passing by; again, probably due to the rough sea state.”Gardner said he was just happy this rescue went so well and credited his whole crew with being exceptionally trained professionals as the reason the mission was a success.“It was really relieving to be able to see someone taken out of a bad situation that could have gotten a lot worse. I have to say, this was a successful rescue because of our whole Aviation Unit’s professionalism. I mean everyone from the people back at our Maintenance Safety Office keeping in contact with us, giving us our heading and coordinates to our pilots. Really, everyone responded as a whole, a very efficient team of professionals to serve with,” Gardner said.“Due to the fact that the kayaker had a form of communications, the U.S. Coast Guard was able to assist the kayaker,” said Petty Officer Third Class Jonathan Lally, External Affairs Office, U.S. Coast Guard District 8, New Orleans. “The Coast Guard encourages mariners to have a form of communication, wear a life jacket, and prepare and share a float plan before they go on the water.”[mappress]Press Release, October 25, 2013; Image: Navy October 25, 2013 View post tag: SAR View post tag: Saves View post tag: Kayaker Share this articlelast_img read more

"NSWC PCD Aviation SAR Team Saves Distressed Kayaker"


first_imgGAVEL GAMUT By Jim RedwineI WANNABE A GIRL SINGER IN A ROCK BANDI am so excited! Our new granddaughter-in-law is already what I have always wanted to be: a girl singer in a touring rock band. Well, maybe not the girl thing, but ever since I spent my Sunday School offering of a dollar to buy my first record, a 45 rpm single of Sonny James’ “Young Love”, I have secretly dreamed of headlining a rock and roll show. I could have done it too if I hadn’t been unfairly held back by the inability to know a musical key from a wash tub.But before we get to the wedding of our grandson, Alec, and his bride, Arielle, I have a few questions you, Gentle Reader, who may also be a closet rock star, can answer. First, whatever happened to the Roll in Rock and Roll? Remember Bill Haley and the Comets or Jerry Lee Lewis or Little Richard, etc.? We used to have rock and roll stars. Now, all we have are rock stars. Have we lost the art of rolling? What is rolling anyway? For that matter, what is rocking? I think I used to know the answers to these fundamental youthful behaviors. Now about all I can dimly recall is loud music, conversations about hair and the vague impression of a concert venue filled with strange smelling smoke.Well, if you have any thoughts on these issues, as the Tappet Brothers used to say, put them on the back of a $20.00 bill and send them to me. For now, let’s get back to our grandchildren’s wedding which was living proof of how men have allowed their once dominant position in such matters to be cast into the dustbin of ancient history.For example, I am fairly confident our grandson, who is also a fine heavy metal musician, would have been completely okay with a ceremony that involved a large club and a couple of animal skins. The whole thing would have taken ten minutes and cost only some sweat and maybe a broken bone or two. Au contraire mon Ami. When Alec asked for Arielle’s lovely hand in marriage it came with a female retinue of mothers, grandmothers, sisters, aunts and a multitude of feminine wedding enthusiasts. JPeg Ranch, the wedding venue, was transformed from a bucolic backwater to a bastion of bustling estrogen-driven frenzy.The quiet emptiness of The Ranch was filled with potted plants, satin drapery and netting, twinkling lights of several varieties, enough chairs and tables to accommodate the Light Brigade, fountains, food, cakes, libations bit tender, coolers, a bonfire, a DJ, two large white tents that would have made Lawrence of Arabia proud and even a bishop’s stand for me to stand in as I performed the official duties. This campaign resembled the D-Day Landing. If General Eisenhower had had these women, he could have forgone Omar Bradley. And have I mentioned the pink and blue porta-potties?Well, it was a glorious and happy event and even as a grumpy old Grandpa, I loved it, especially when Arielle channeled her inner Janis Joplin and sang Me and Bobby McGee. Maybe there’s hope for me yet. After all, any reasonably competent journeyman can be a judge, but to have grandchildren who are rock (and roll) stars, now that is a real accomplishment!For more Gavel Gamut articles go to www.jamesmredwine.comOr “Like” us on Facebook at JPegRanchBooksandKnittingFacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more



first_imgIS TRUE TRUE that Vanderburgh County Sheriff Dave Wedding will announce that he shall run for re-election on Feb 8, 2018, at the Civic Center at 3:30 PM?  …we are hearing that the popular Sheriff may run un-opposed?IS IT TRUE the North Main renovation project is now complete? …that the newly designed streets won’t allow for two buses to pass each other?  … it’s been reported that a city fire truck can’t use the newly installed street on North Main? …its obvious whoever designed the newly installed North Main street didn’t have the good sense to use a tape measure to find out how wide a road should be to allow buses or a fire truck  to use this street before pouring concrete?…it looks like the project design geniuses somehow decided to put 20 pounds of product in an 18 pound bag and now are standing in amazement that it wouldn’t fit? IS IT TRUE in June of 2017 Evansville City Councilman Jonathan Weaver raised the idea of privatizing the Mesker Zoo?…Public records indicate the city-funded over $4.8 million for the zoo this year, but the zoo only brought $1.1 million in revenue?…Weaver reportedly says that $3 million loss got him thinking that with tax dollars being in short supply that Evansville would be well served to turn this loser over to a private investor? …we can’t wait to see what the newly appointed City Council Finance Chairman Jonathon Weaver is going to do about the privatizing of the zoo issue? We hope that today’s “IS IT TRUE” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way?”IS IT TRUE we wonder what the current status of the $750,000 water and sewer bill that the owners of the McCurdy allegedly owe to the Evansville Water and Sewer Utilities Department?  …we have been told that the people who lease apartments at the McCurdy currently have running water? …if any of our readers have an excessive water bill that isn’t paid current their water would be cut off?IS IT TRUE when a business has excessive operating costs and serious long-term debt they don’t do another capital project for a while?  …last week the Mayor and At-large City Councilwomen Michelle Mercer announced a private and public partnership to raise funds to designed and develop the Roberts Park property?  …its obvious that government isn’t ruined like a business? IS IT TRUE we are told that any candidate running for re-election that has wasted our tax dollars on questionable capital projects or voted on tax increases may have a problem of getting re-elected? IS IT TRUE this is not the first time something that was literally stupid happened with infrastructure improvements?…once upon a time someone approved a paving project on Diamond Avenue that wouldn’t allow a semi truck to pass under a railroad bridge without getting stuck?…the first truck through got stuck and the tires had to be flattened to let it pass?…we guess that one was missed by 6 inches too?…that one required an expensive rework too?…then there was the scoreboard at the new expensive ball fields that weren’t useful for baseball?…the same ball fields missed the length of the base paths for the leagues that the park was built for?…we really need to bring back vocational education so then professional design folks in Evansville can learn to read a ruler?…the advice measure twice and cut once doesn’t even save someone from making a mess when the design is wrong?…you can’t even make this sort of idiocy up and it always falls on the taxpayers to bail out the 1st grade failures of the City of Evansville?IS IT TRUE that we wonder, if any current member of our City Council went to buy a new car Dealership and signed a legal contract to purchase a MERCEDES-BENZ and they were told that they had to accept a Volkswagen for the same price, would they agree to the transaction?  … their answer should be “HELL NO”?  …this is seemly what happens every time the city gets involved in a big-ticket capital project (new downtown Hotel, North Main Street project, new Smart Water meters, Amazonia project at the Zoo. etc.)? IS IT TRUE that one thing done right the second time around on North Main was replacing the dilapidated water pipes? …it’s obvious that common sense doesn’t run deep in the Civic Center? IS IT TRUE its time that the self-proclaimed conservatives on City Council demand a full and detailed disclosure of all the operating expenses of the Evansville Thunderbolt Hockey team that the City of Evansville is responsible for?IS IT TRUE we are being told that the Evansville city employees Healthcare costs are still out of control and will still are faced with another major shortfall issues in this year’s budget year?  …we wonder where the City Controller is getting the extra money to pay for the city employees Healthcare shortfall in 2018 budget since the Riverboat Fund is about drained for this year? FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailShare FOOTNOTE:  Any comments posted in this column doesn’t represent the views or opinions of our advertisers.  Todays “Readers Poll” question is: Are you glad that the State of Indiana will be allowing alcohol sales on Sunday?Please take time and read our articles entitled “STATEHOUSE Files, CHANNEL 44 NEWS, LAW ENFORCEMENT, READERS POLL, BIRTHDAYS, HOT JOBS” and “LOCAL SPORTS”.  You now are able to subscribe to get the CCO daily. If you would like to advertise on the CCO please contact us City-County [email protected]last_img read more


Cornish opening

first_imgCamilla Parker Bowles opened Marshfield Bakery in Wiltshire on Tuesday. Local press reports said the business had recently moved from a small cottage to a barn, due to increasing demand for its locally sourced products.The Duchess of Cornwall was given a tour of the bakery by owners Lynne and Paul White. She was shown the handmade techniques to produce fruit cake, biscuits, cake and shortbread.Marshfield Bakery is a member of the Taste of the West campaign – for which Prince Charles is a patron.last_img read more

"Cornish opening"

Dell Wyse ThinOS – PCoIP Connections to Major Cloud Providers

first_imgDownload and install the Teradici CAS host to set up your VM.Now, apply your license to turn on the agent and you are setup for connections.Checking out the connection to the remote desktop from ThinOS is quite simple. First, you define a remote connection by inputting the address of the target VM (or physical system) using the AWS connection type. It doesn’t matter if you are connecting to a physical workstation, Google Cloud, VMware Cloud, Azure or Amazon EC2 –the AWS broker type will work with any of those. In a future software release we will update the terminology so that it is clearer to users. Figure 1 below shows the panel where you make the connection. Note that if you are using the Cloud Access Manager (CAM) broker from Teradici versus a direct machine connection, the process will be the same.Figure 1 – AWS Broker ConnectionNext, the client will connect using https and you need to ensure the TLS version is set correctly as the client currently defaults to TLS 1.0 and the CAS host will reject the connection. The following INI configuration file entries should be placed on the ftp server for your client or if using Wyse Management Suite, set appropriately. I used the following for my Azure desktop connection.Now when you log in to your client you will get the following dialog as shown in Figure 2 and will be able to connect to your desktop:Figure 2 – Login DialogHere’s an important tip: If the virtual desktop is not joined to a domain, just put the machine name in the domain field and it will log in correctly.So that’s it – you should be up and running with one of the industry’s premier connection protocols accessing either physical desktops or virtual machines on any of the major cloud services all from the most secure and easily managed thin client platform available today.Enjoy!  And feel free to tweet at me regarding this post or any thoughts on future topics.Figure 3 – Dell Wyse 5070 with dual FHD monitors connected to an Azure desktop We recently received numerous requests and questions about using ThinOS to access cloud resources directly from the terminal environment using the Teradici Cloud Access Software (CAS) solution.For those not familiar with PC-over-IP (PCoIP), it delivers remote access to computers and virtual machines using a secure, high-definition and highly responsive connection protocol.  Given the level of interest we’ve received, I thought it would be a good idea to share what’s possible with this technology from a ThinOS based device along with some “how-to” tips and tricks to get things setup.Dell is proud of our long history of supporting Teradici-based clients. We have offered customers zero clients based on a hardware implementation of the PCoIP protocol, as well as software-based PCoIP clients with our ThinOS firmware solution. More recently, our ThinOS clients also support direct connection to Amazon Workspaces solution as of our 8.3 release launched back in 2016.Since then, Teradici has launched their All Access subscription plans that offer PCoIP connections to physical desktops, engineering workstations with Dell Tera2 PCoIP Remote Access Host Cards and powerful cloud hosted desktops from all of the major cloud providers. With the advent of NVIDIA GPU technology powering virtual workstations, there is almost no limit to the power available from these cloud providers!The PCoIP-enabled ThinOS client supports all of these connections today and the process to make a connection is quite simple. Since connecting to Amazon Workspaces is already covered in our documentation here, let’s focus on Teradici Cloud Access Software (CAS) connections.Provision a suitable desktop VM that you wish to connect with.You can purchase a license (or obtain a trial license) from Teradici.last_img read more

"Dell Wyse ThinOS – PCoIP Connections to Major Cloud Providers"

Get Camera-Ready with the PowerEdge R740xd2

first_imgThere are a few reasons why the PowerEdge R740xd2 is ideal for video surveillance. First, the R740xd2 offers large internal storage — up to 364TB within a 2U server. This gives you the ability to store up to 500,000 HD video hours in a single server![1] It’s also designed with front-serviceable, hot-swappable drives to help ensure uptime, which is important when you need constant access to data. The R740xd2 also offers two-socket performance and SSDs options for fast file retrieval. And to ensure the confidentiality of your video data, the R740xd2 has layers of security built into the software and hardware.With these validated video surveillance solutions featuring the R740xd2, you can quickly be ready for “lights, camera and action” within your organization. We are interested in hearing about all the innovative ways you are using CCTV, so join the conversation with us on Twitter @DellEMCservers.To learn more about the full PowerEdge server portfolio, visit[1] Based on Dell EMC internal analysis, October 2018. Hour calculations simulated using the R740xd2 with 24 active drives and 2 spares drives per chassis and RAID 6 configuration with HD 720P resolution, 10 FPS, 16K per frame and 700 cameras. Actual results will vary. We live in a recorded world with increasing security risks. While it’s no surprise that video surveillance has expanded past banks, retail shops and airports, more organizations are now using CCTV for reasons beyond safety or legal requirements. That means if you have a bad hair day, it is definitely recorded somewhere.Setting up a reliable camera and storage system has its challenges. Video files are large, and they are only useful if you can quickly access them. And the video data itself needs to be kept secure and easy to manage. Plus, setup and testing of a new video surveillance solution can take time away from other demanding projects. Thankfully, Dell EMC offers a few options that make it a lot easier for you to set up video surveillance within your organization.In the Dell EMC Surveillance Validation Lab, dedicated engineers utilized the PowerEdge R740xd2 server with three leading video surveillance management systems. The tests included normal operations and simulated disk failures to create “real world” scenarios. Read more about how these validated solutions can help you reduce risk, streamline solution set-up and help ensure successful operations:Genetec™ Security CenterVerint® EdgeVMSMilestone xProtect®last_img read more

"Get Camera-Ready with the PowerEdge R740xd2"

Students gather for sit-in against parietals, hate speech in Stanford Hall early Sunday morning

first_imgAround 30 protestors gathered in Stanford Hall from 2 a.m. to approximately 5 a.m. Sunday morning for a silent protest against parietals and for an end to hate speech on campus.In an email, University spokesman Dennis Brown said the Notre Dame Police Department (NDPD) received reports of “biased slurs” being directed at individuals in Stanford Hall on Friday night and in Keenan Hall on Saturday afternoon. Both matters are under investigation by the NDPD, Brown said.“The rectors of Stanford and Keenan informed both halls about the incidents in an email on Saturday, reiterating that discriminatory harassment has no place in their communities or at Notre Dame,” he said in the email.Brown confirmed the student who reported Friday’s incident was present at the Sunday morning protest.The men and women who gathered for the protest had five demands, per literature distributed at the event: “End parietals,” “call it out when you see it,” “decolonize academia,” “decolonize this land” and “implement diversity training in each dorm.” Mary Steurer | The Observer A sign that reads “Make sexism embarrassing again” is taped up next to Stanford rector Justin McDevitt’s apartment for the student protest Sunday morning. Approximately 30 organizers sat protesting an adjacent hallway.The protest began at 2 a.m. in an inner residential hallway of the first floor near rector Justin McDevitt’s apartment. Seated organizers occupied the hallway holding signs calling for a more tolerant campus climate.At approximately 1:50 a.m., members of hall staff arrived to remind organizers parietals would soon be in effect. About 20 minutes later, McDevitt invited the group to move to a 24-hour space. After the group elected to stay, McDevitt called the NDPD.At around 2:30 a.m., two NDPD officers arrived on the scene. An officer gave a similar address as McDevitt, asking them to relocate to a 24-hour space and reminding organizers of their parietals violations. Protestors who did not leave would be asked to present their Notre Dame IDs, the officer said.About 20 protestors left before the officer made rounds for identification. The remaining 10 or so organizers resolved to stay until threat of physical removal.At 3:30 a.m., another police officer arrived and again attempted to persuade the protestors to move to a 24-hour space or disperse. The officer warned organizers that suspension and expulsion could be a disciplinary option if they failed to comply. Protestors elected to continue the sit-in.At 4:15 a.m., McDevitt came forward again, warning the University administration was prepared to invoke emergency actions and protestors would be summarily expelled if they did not leave, citing security risks.It is up to the University’s discretion to decide when an incident qualifies for emergency actions, he added.McDevitt advised the organizers to leave, arguing they had made their point and had nothing to gain from staying.“If the purpose is to get people listening, they’re listening,” McDevitt said.After a brief group meeting, the protestors announced they would comply on three conditions: a list of all disciplinary action leveled against the protestors; a clearer definition of “emergency procedures” and when the University can invoke them; and a list of all student rights pertaining to encounters with police.It is unclear whether the University will comply with the organizers’ requests.At the end of the protest, organizers said they plan to continue the sit-ins within a few days. They declined to provide further comment at this time.This report was updated on 11/17/2019 at 11:30 p.m.Tags: NDPD, Notre Dame Police Department, office of community standards, Office of Student Affairs, Parietals, protest, Stanford Halllast_img read more

"Students gather for sit-in against parietals, hate speech in Stanford Hall early Sunday morning"

Broadway Balances America Introduces You to the An American in Paris Tour Cast

first_imgGaren Scribner & Sara Esty Can we have this dance? Broadway Balances America, the special six-part series airing on The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television, continued its third season on November 7 with a special look at the smash hit Broadway musical An American in Paris. Correspondent Amber Milt chats with the show’s Tony-winning choreographer and director Christopher Wheeldon and stars Garen Scribner and Sara Esty, who are leading the must-see musical across the country. Click play! View Commentscenter_img Broadway Balances Americalast_img read more

"Broadway Balances America Introduces You to the An American in Paris Tour Cast"

Delancey bets on Midtown rent rises

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"Delancey bets on Midtown rent rises"