Atleti saves his head

first_imgThe Atlético de Madrid regains power in the air game. Felipe’s goal against Levante was the sixth scored with his head in The league and the ninth adding the matches of Champions. This represents 27.27% of the goals scored in the domestic competition and 30% adding the goals in European matches. Álvaro Morata has scored four of the nine head goals scored by the mattresses. The ‘9’ headed the ball to the net against Getafe, Sevilla and Osasuna in LaLiga and against Bayer Leverkusen in the Champions League. The other five goals with the testa have been Diego Costa (Majorca), belt (Spanish), Philip (I raised), Savic and Héctor Herrera (both before Juventus). The arrival of Trippier Y I gave it has contributed greater verticality and precision in the centers. The English adds three assists (Getafe, Osasuna and Juventus) for the two of the Brazilian (Levante and Leverkusen). To these goal passes must be added the assistance of Arias (Seville), Koke (Majorca), Morata (Espanyol) and belt (Betis). Atlético de Madrid recovers in attack one of the best weapons that worked in the past.As in the 13-14 League.The top goals of those of Simeone they remember those of the 2013/14 season when they got the League title. The Atleti he adds six goals in this way in the League after the first round, while in the season he won the championship he had nine in 19 games finishing that season with 17, six of them Raul Garciafour of Godin, the last one at Camp Nou to win the League, two from Diego Costa and one of Tiago, town, Koke, Alderweireld Y Miranda.last_img read more

"Atleti saves his head"

The great rival for Dani Giménez is the pubalgia that drags

first_imgDani won the job last season competing with Ortolá, now in the Tenerife. This season maintained ownership after the arrival of Koke. The Malaga goal returned to I raised at the closing of the winter market and Jovanovic He is now his sports rival. However, the main competition of Dani Giménez from the end of the season is called pubalgia. The Galician goalkeeper draws pubic problems from the final stretch of the past year that have increased in recent weeks. Before him Las Palmas Peru Nolaskoain He had to perform the kicks in the last phase of the match and yesterday he did his first training on the grass after doing a specific job all week. And is that the medical services are very aware of his condition, although they are optimistic and are sure that he can complete the League playing and without going through the operating room. If there is something that has not changed in the Sports In these last two seasons, that’s the goal. Dani Giménez fwas the first signing after the descent to Second and since then the veteran Galician goal has been indisputable to play uninterruptedly the last 67 games of League from the Coruña group. A record in which he has also had the confidence of five different coaches: Natxo González, Martí, Anquela, Luis César and Fernando Vázquez.last_img read more

"The great rival for Dani Giménez is the pubalgia that drags"

Competition does not forgive Stuani: it will be low against Ponferradina

first_imgHopes to have him on Saturday were slim, but the club has tried because he is aware that Stuani is vital. So far this year he has scored 22 goals and without him, this season, Girona does not know the victory. He has been low in four games and the balance is two draws (Sporting Y Ponferradina) and two defeats (Albacete Y Almeria). Competition ignores the allegations, with videographic evidence, presented by Girona and maintains what the referee wrote in the minutes of the match: he was admonished by “take down an opponent in the ball dispute recklessly”. In this way, the Committee has chosen to suspend Stuani for a match for yellow accumulation following article 112 of the Disciplinary Code and impose an accessory fine to the club of 200 euros and 600 to the tip in application of article 52. 7 From the club they accept this decision and, according to the red and white entity, They do not plan to bring an appeal to the Appeals Committee. Martí already knows that he will not be able to count on Stuani before Ponferradina and is looking for a substitute. The best located would be, waiting to know if Jonathan Soriano he recovers or not from his injury, Samu Saiz. The attacker has played 18 League matches this course and has scored a bit (he gave the win over the Huesca, 1-0) and distributed two assists. Of course, he has not started since day 21, before the Mirandés (0-3). There has been no forgiveness for Cristhian Stuani. It seemed complicated that the Competition Committee responded to the allegations presented by the Girona to leave without effect the yellow that the striker saw in the match of last day against Deportivo and this Wednesday the sanction has been confirmed. In this way, the Uruguayan will cycle in this Saturday’s duel against Ponferradina and Pep Lluís Martí will not be able to count on his reference in attack. LaBiga SmartBank* Data updated as of February 19, 2020last_img read more

"Competition does not forgive Stuani: it will be low against Ponferradina"

The top scorer who doesn’t put her in his house

first_imgOutside the home, the UDA has seen the door in February, scoring two goals to Huesca (Villalba and Darwin), although these barely served to tie the particular goal difference to the Oscense team, and one in Soria (Juan Muñoz) to fish a point. Almeria has got stuck in the Stadium of the Mediterranean Games, where they have only defeated Oviedo in the last five games, falling in three of them.Overall, the rojiblancos have left thirteen of the last fifteen points in play in the competition, with Gutierrez being in the pillory. In the scoring aspect highlights the surprise of the category, Darwin Núñez, with a dozen goals, by the eight of Lazo and the seven of Juan Muñoz. Almeria has scored 21 goals in the Mediterranean and 25 as a visitor. Almeria is the top scorer without a goal. Taking a look at the figures of the classification, stand out the 46 goals of the set of José María Gutiérrez, who leads the table of top scorers with wide difference, adding four goals more than Zaragoza, seven more than Mirandés and eight more than Girona and Cádiz. However, the rojiblancos are drought in the Stadium of the Mediterranean Games, which He has not celebrated a goal from his team since January 16 when Darwin Núñez materialized his double against Oviedo.Since then the Almeria team does not get wet in his fief, which has caused him to leave the leadership (the defeat against Elche caused the Cádiz to be placed in second position) and that the direct ascent to the five units moves away. Those of José María Gutiérrez claudicated against Elche (0-2) and Racing (0-1), matching last Saturday in the soporific match against Fuenlabrada.last_img read more

"The top scorer who doesn’t put her in his house"

Oshoala-Jenni, a pique for the pichichi in Barça

first_imgHis four boots have distributed 40 goals, adding more goals than most First teams. More concretely, Only Barça (81) and Deportivo (42) have more goals than Barça attackers. The Galician team also pursues him on the scoreboard table. Peke, front of the Coruña team, is the third top scorer and the closest is to threaten the Barca domain, although it is six goals below Jenni and Oshoala. The blue and white team will also be a rival tomorrow in the Cup, where it wants to impose its revelation condition by assaulting the impregnable Johan Cruyff. At stake will be the pass to the semifinals of the k.o. The Catalan team is alive in all competitions, with half a league title in the pocket, nine points behind Atlético, and in the Champions League and Copa de la Reina quarters. Barça dominates all the records of this First Iberdrola. Among its strongest point is the goal, with a strong presence in the ranking of top scorers in the League. In the ‘top ten’ of this ranking three Barca names appear: Oshoala (20), Jenni Hermoso (20) and Alexia (10).In total, 50 targets among the three players, with more predominance of the first two. Nigerian and Spanish, who already won the pichichi in the previous season, have innate the gift of the goal. If it is not one, it is another, but the goal in the Catalan team is secured with them. Their goals generate admiration and also a healthy nibble in the locker room. It remains to be seen who of the two is more tuned until the final whistle of the season.last_img read more

"Oshoala-Jenni, a pique for the pichichi in Barça"

Piqué: “The Madrid of the first part is one of the worst I have found in the Bernabéu”

first_imgGerard Piqué He attended the press in the mixed zone after the game.How do they leave the Bernabéu?Disgusted, we thought we could get a good result because they transmitted very bad feelings, the one in the first part is one of the worst Madrid I have encountered in the Bernabéu. But we have lost control and then they put you back and at any moment you can fit a goal and in a play we fit.Is the feeling of frustration?Of missed opportunity, especially in the first part, in which we could have sentenced.Talk about the worst Madrid having lost is curious … I do not say it as criticism of Madrid, we also have problems and we are not well, we have lost an opportunity. We had control of the game and if we took advantage of a couple of occasions it would have been a mountain for them. We got one and then the secondHow do you see Madrid?They leave very reinforced and we, touched but not sunk, it is enough for us to win LaLiga if we do things right until the end.Why do they suffer so much without a ball?We position ourselves open to give pass lines and if we are solid with the pass lines and we lose it we suffer, losing it in your field is dangerous, the version of the second part we have to improve it.Vinicius threw a goal?I don’t know if he knocks on the door. I am in inferiority I let him make the decision and try to block chut. For the position of the foot I think he wanted to kick.last_img read more

"Piqué: “The Madrid of the first part is one of the worst I have found in the Bernabéu”"

Sevilla wants a Sánchez Pizjuán for 60,000 people

first_imgWith almost 40,000 members with the right to a seat and a capacity for only 44,000, with numerus clausus and a waiting list when it comes to subscribing, a Seville with capital aspirations is obviously too small for the current Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán. That is why the club is already thinking about a complete remodeling of the stadium, now conditioned for the final of the Europa League 2021. And that reconstruction would include a third ring that would allow it to reach 60,000 spectators. José Castro, Seville president, confirms the idea: “There are no season tickets, tickets are missing, therefore there is a lack of space. The third ring can be done, and we are studying how and when. “José María Cruz, CEO, maintains that line with his usual caution: “The project for the future expansion of the stadium It is underway and the intention is that we can have a first study of ideas in the coming months. The Council is determined to start it as soon as possible and obviously it will be expensive and complicated, not so much for the technique but for combining it with continuing to play matches in the meantime. “ After the completion of the goals high stands in the 70s, Sánchez Pizjuán reached 70,000 spectators, reduced to 66,000 by the 82nd World Cup. In the 90s, with the UEFA decree that all spectators be seated, dropped to 43,000. With the remodeling of the Fondo stand that the Nervión club premiered last season, the capacity was expanded to 44,000. The idea is that this third ring will host at least 15 to 16,000 more spectators.The entity’s director of facilities, Santiago Balbontín, reveals some of the technical details of the great work that may be coming. “It takes three to five years if you don’t stop playing in the stadium. It’s a 60-year-old building. It is planned to cover it in Preference, but not in Goals and Fund, so it would need a reinforcement in the foundations. “ LaLiga Santander* Data updated as of March 18, 2020last_img read more

"Sevilla wants a Sánchez Pizjuán for 60,000 people"

Tenerife seeks its ‘golden goal’ of the season

first_imgFor this Monday the goal has been proposed from outside the area of Robert Mazán to Albacete in Carlos Belmonte and in Nikola Sipcic at Ponferradina heeled. By Tuesday, they will be that of Luis Milla to Rayo Vallecano Y that of Dani Gómez at Sporting in Gijón. On Wednesday you will choose between that of Borja Lasso to Racing Santander Y Joselu’s against Sporting in the Heliodoro.On Thursday, he will compete Álex Bermejo’s to Racing Y the one from Lasso to Almería, whereas on Friday the options are that of Suso Santana against Albacete in early January and that of Dani Gómez to Extremadura, in Almendralejo. There will be six selected goals that will fight to continue advancing between Monday the 13th and Wednesday the 15th of April. On Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 the order of the best three will be chosen.The entire contest will be operational on the official channel of Twitter @CDTOficial, where the different polls will be published so that the Blue and Whites fans vote for their favorite goals. While waiting to restore the situation, Tenerife tries to keep their fans entertained through its website. Several parties from past campaigns have already hung on their YouTube channel or have encouraged the little ones to draw. Now, the proposal is to choose ‘the blue and white gold goal’ this season. For it, the entity has selected twelve of the best goals achieved and it will be the team’s fan who will vote and leaving on the road the one who has the least acceptance. There will be a first phase in which two will be put on per day. The winner will qualify for the second round and from there will reach the final the best three of which will be the oro golden goal ’, the‘ silver ’and the‘ bronze ’.last_img read more

"Tenerife seeks its ‘golden goal’ of the season"

The title that was ‘stolen’ from Real Madrid against Boca de Menotti

first_imgMadrid was in a troubled phase, with Del Bosque on his bench after Ramón Mendoza dismissed Benito Floro two months earlier due to the well-known defeat in Lleida and his famous anger at the players in the dressing room, captured by Canal Plus cameras. The first leg at the Bernabéu was unraveled by the team’s losing streak (just 10,000 fans in the stands), but the hierarchical rank of the trophy when it was official made it happen in prime time, at 9:00 p.m., and on Spanish Television. In Argentina it also happened live, with Bilardo as a commentator. Del Bosque made an interesting mix of starters and youth squads, which allowed him to win the first round of a Boca Juniors trained by César Luis Menotti. Madrid put out an eleven consisting of Buyo; Velasco, Hierro, Alkorta, Lasa; Míchel, Milla, Prosinecki, Martín Vázquez; Dani and Zamorano. Then the youth squads would come out Sandro, Fernando and Morales, the latter being decisive for the 3-1 final. In Boca, goalkeeper Navarro Montoya (who was sent off after two minutes of play for avoiding a goal by stopping the ball with his hand outside the area), Mac Allister, Tapia, Da Silva and Carranza were known.Menotti’s famous drainage of spaces made Madrid incur 21 times offside, but Morales’ entry destroyed the plan of the coach who won the World Cup with Argentina in 1978. The 1-0 was the work of Iron, of lack in the front of the area, in the first half. In the second came two goals from José Luis Morales, one with a great header at the service of Velasco and another after perfect assistance from Míchel. Carlos McAllister, with a great left-footed shot in the 85th minute, he gave life to Boca for the return leg in Buenos Aires. Agonizing turn at La BomboneraMendoza had to speak after the game, given that four days later the European Cup final was played in Athens between Barça de Cruyff and Milan de Capello. “If it comes to catch the Milan of the Dutch to this Barça, instead of 5-0 as we would put 10-0.” Well it wasn’t so misguided. Cruyff ruled out Laudrup (only three foreigners could play and chose Koeman, Stoichkov and Romario) and the Italians devastated the Catalans in the final of the Greek capital 4-0. That final ate up all the news of the week and that is why the return of the Iberia Cup, which was held three days later in Buenos Aires, was even more in the background.It was played again at 21:00 Spanish time, with live TVE. Madrid jumped into the field with Buyo; Chendo, Nando, Antía, Marcos; Míchel, Milla, Prosinecki, Velasco; Martín Vázquez and Dani. The thing got to be ugly despite the 3-1 of the first leg. 35,000 fans at La Bombonera vibrated when in the 73rd minute they had the title in their hands thanks to goals from Da Silva and Carranza (The extra value of the goals away from home made the Argentines champions).But 41 seconds later, Luis Milla scored a great goal after a corner kick (chest control and forehand to the squad) that allowed Del Bosque to add a title that in Spain was hardly valued but that in Argentina yes, as reflected in the faces of Menotti’s men, shot down after insufficient 2- 1 end. In fact, Menotti, with bad style and worse to lose, threw with a bullet after the match: “A lot of work awaits my friend Jorge Valdano when he takes Madrid now. I am not surprised by the bad season that they have made seeing how they play. “Madrid must not have been so bad. With Valdano leading the following year, he won the League 1994-95 including a shocking 5-0 to the Cruyff Dream Team at the Bernabéu …The fact is that despite being recognized as official this Ibero-American Cup by RFEF and CONMEBOL, UEFA refused to do so. Something absurd because neither does it organize the Intercontinental Cup (it is FIFA) nor did it organize the Latin Cups and Fair Cups in the 50s and 60s and yet they are recognized as official titles. Come on, there is no justification for not allowing Madrid to include that official title who knew how to win on the field against Menotti’s Boca Juniors, which is not anything. Thus, Madrid has 94 titles and is only one from Barça. If the competitions were finally resumed and Zidane’s team won this League, it would restore an exciting draw facing the future challenges of both clubs. The Classic that does not stop even in the Trophy Rooms …PALMARÉS BARCELONA (Source: Mister Chip)95 titlesLeague 26Spanish Cup 30European Cup / Champions 5Recopa 4Fair Cup 3Latin Cup 2European Super Cup 5Intercontinental / Club World Cup 3Spanish Super Cup and Eva Duarte Cup (name it received in the 1940s) A total of 15League Cup 2PALMARÉS REAL MADRID (Source: Mister Chip)93 titlesLeague 33Spanish Cup 19European Cup / Champions 13UEFA Cup 2Latin Cup 2European Super Cup 4Intercontinental / Club World Cup 7Spanish Super Cup / Eva Duarte Cup 12League Cup 1 This Iberia Cup, that’s how it came to be called by sponsorship, It was an official international tournament organized by the South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL) and the Spanish Federation (RFEF). He faced the Spanish King’s Cup champion (Madrid won it months earlier by defeating Zaragoza 2-0 in the Valencia final) and the South American Gold Cup champion, who faced the Copa Libertadores champions, South American Super Cup, Conmebol Cup and Master Cup. The champion of its first edition in 1993 was Boca Juniors, so it was the rival that faced Madrid. The Iberia Cup was played in a double game. On May 19, 1994 at the Bernabéu and on the 25th the tour at the Bombonera in Buenos Aires.center_img In the current record of official titles won that keeps Real Madrid and Barça in an exciting elbow to elbow (with 95 to 93 in favor of the Catalans, once the Spanish Super Cup conquered in January in Saudi Arabia was counted for the whites) and rummaging through the newspaper archive taking advantage of the consultation time given by the forced stoppage due to the coronavirus, I found a title achieved by Real Madrid in 1994 that has not inexplicably risen to its record. For me unjustifiably, so I claim that the Bernabéu have 94 and therefore they are only one to reach the Barcelona fans. I am referring to the Iberoamerican Cup, won by Madrid at Boca Juniors in May 1994.last_img read more

"The title that was ‘stolen’ from Real Madrid against Boca de Menotti"

The Mutua Virtual starts this Monday: Nadal vs Shapovalov

first_imgThe Mutua Madrid Open Virtual Professional starts this Monday (15:00) on the Web. The on-line event, which mitigates the absence of the Spanish Masters 1,000 suspended by the coronavirus pandemic, is disputed with the Tennis World Tour online game in its model for PlayStation.Image of the Mutua Madrid Open Virtual Professional. Among the greatest gamers on the earth take part, who will attempt to exhibit their class additionally with a distant management, in entrance of the tv and from residence. On the head, Rafa Nadal, who debuts at 15:30 towards Shapovalov. The Balearic group shares (there are 4) with the Canadian, Murray and Monfils. The first part might be accomplished tomorrow; Wednesday, fourths and Thursday, semifinals and the ultimate. There are additionally Thiem, Zverev, Tsitsipas, Fognini and Ferrer, who nearly abandons his retirement, identical to Caroline Wozniacki. Schedules of the primary day of the Mutua Madrid Open Virtual Professional.center_img Within the girls’s desk, Carla Suárez, the one Spanish, debuts at 15:15 towards the Swiss Bencic. Pliskova, Kerber, Svitolina, Bouchard additionally play … The matches will be adopted on the PlayStation Spain web page on Fb and by Teledeporte. The initiative has a solidarity vocation: 50,000 euros will go to the Madrid Meals Financial institution and the winners will be capable of donate half or all of their prize (150,000 euros in every portray) to the companions of the circuit with monetary issues. In truth, parallel to the official competitors, There might be a charity event with some tennis gamers and VIPS. Nadal will play this Monday towards DJMario.last_img read more

"The Mutua Virtual starts this Monday: Nadal vs Shapovalov"