With the tourism development plan, the City of Buzet will encourage the local population to entrepreneurial activities in the tourism sector

first_imgAlso, the strategy includes encouraging the self-sustainability of initiated and planned projects in the City of Buzet. Specifically, these are the projects of the Moretti Palace – the center of old crafts, Caroline’s house of medicinal herbs, workshops of old crafts (bakery, comb, blacksmith, armory, shoemaker), court building, Truffle House, Glagolitic Museum, Biska House, Museum of Trieste, Outdoor and vitality center, Minjeri – bauxite mine, Sovinjak Eco Museum and Center for the development of mushroom growing and truffle growing Vrh. The Strategic Tourism Plan will primarily be used by the City of Buzet as an official document of strategic planning in the field of tourism development of the City of Buzet and it is the property of all citizens in accordance with the principles of common heritage and participatory decision making. Apart from the City of Buzet, the strategic plan will also benefit future investors in tourism in the area of ​​the City of Buzet. The entire public will participate in the preparation of the document, including the residents of the City of Buzet, tourism workers and entrepreneurs, civil society and others. In addition to them, a specially established working group will participate, which will be composed of representatives from various public institutions, private companies in tourism, civil society and the like. The Strategic Plan for Tourism Development is funded by the European Union from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development. “Strategic plan for tourism development in the City of Buzet for the period 2020 – 2026” is a document that brings together all segments of tourism in the area of ​​Gad Buzet, planned investments in tourism, tourism projects and the like. It will be developed according to the principle of the Integrated Approach, and especially in terms of participatory participation, which enables the participation of citizens in decision-making and subsequent implementation of the strategic document. center_img The strategic plan of tourism includes animating the local population in starting entrepreneurial activities in tourism and using empty spaces in private ownership for these activities (measures, incentives, etc.). Furthermore, the strategy plans the launch of cultural and tourist activities as well as the integration of existing and planned cultural tourism projects and their acceptance in the local community. A presentation of the draft strategic plan will be held on Thursday in the premises of the City Hall of the City of Buzet, starting at 18 p.m. The presentation of the strategic plan will be held by experts from the Faculty of Management in Tourism and Hospitality from Opatija, who are also the authors of the strategic plan for tourism development. At the beginning of the year, the Agency for Payments in Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development issued a Decision on the allocation of funds for the development of the “Strategic Plan for Tourism Development in the City of Buzet for the period 2020-2026.” The strategic tourism plan will be prepared by the Faculty of Management in Tourism and Hospitality from Opatija, with which the City of Buzet, after the public procurement procedure, concluded a Contract on the procurement of services for the preparation of a strategic document. Source / photo: City of Buzetlast_img

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