Healthier peanuts

first_imgBy Sharon OmahenUniversity of GeorgiaUniversity of Georgia food scientists have found a way toincrease a key cancer and heart disease preventative in peanutsto levels far higher than those in red wine.Experts often tout the benefits of red wine as a source ofresveratrol, an antioxidant proven to protect against cancer andcardiovascular disease.”American diets are high-fat, and the incidence of heart diseaseis high in this country,” said Anna Resurreccion, the UGA foodscientist who led the project at the Food Innovation andCommercialization Center in Griffin, Ga. The French Paradox”The French eat high-fat diets, too, yet heart disease levels arelow there,” she said. “This is what’s referred to as the FrenchParadox. They attribute their health to the red wine they drink.”The peanuts Resurreccion modifies in her lab have up to 12.3times more resveratrol than red wine. “A study of 29 differentwines showed an average of .6 micrograms per gram and, inexceptional cases, 5 micrograms per gram,” she said. “Ourresveratrol-enhanced peanuts have almost 8 micrograms per gram.”Having increased levels of resveratrol available in peanuts, shesaid, opens up avenues to many new products that can carry its”cancer chemopreventive and anticardiovascular-disease compounds”in meals and snacks. Perfect for peanut lovers”Young children can’t very well drink wine,” she said. “But mostof them love peanut butter and peanut snack foods.”Peanuts with increased resveratrol will help Georgia peanutfarmers and food manufacturers, too.”This technology will help increase the number of product linesmade using resveratrol-enhanced peanuts and will give themanufacturers a competitive advantage,” Resurreccion said. “Weused a runner variety of peanuts, so Georgia farmers will benefitas well.”Resurreccion is now partnering with Belle Plantations, Inc., ofGeorgia to use resveratrol-enhanced peanuts to commerciallymanufacture peanut flour.Both the enhanced peanuts and their flour by-product will be usedto make products like pasta, candy bars, snacks, cakes, breads,power shakes and other health drinks, she said. Peanut butterwith increased resveratrol is another possible product.Resurreccion and her UGA colleagues first thought of increasingpeanut resveratrol levels after reading reports that boiledpeanuts contained higher levels of the compound.So how do they do it?center_img Stress is the key to the process”The method involves slicing the peanut kernels into tinypieces,” Resurreccion said. “This causes the first stress. Thenwe apply an additional stress through ultrasound technology.”Because the nuts have to be sliced, the scientists haven’t beenable to increase the resveratrol levels in whole nuts.So far, the only drawback to the project is a slight off-flavordetected in a peanut butter prototype by a consumer panel andverified by the university’s trained taste panel.”Overall, the consumer panel was receptive to the peanut butterproduct, but they did detect a slight difference in flavor,”Resurreccion said. “Our UGA trained panel noted that it was notas roasted-peanutty tasting.”UGA has applied for a patent for the new process. Food scientiststhere are ready to fine-tune the process to get the highestresveratrol levels and best flavor possible.For the past four years, Resurreccion and graduate student,Jamie Rudolf, have been developing the technology as part of amultiyear, $1 million U.S. PeanutCollaborative Research Support Program grant. The grant alsoresulted in the development of a chocolate peanut spread and areduced-calorie, cracker-coated, peanut snack.The project also led to Resurreccion’s Vitamin-A fortified peanutbutter, which is being commercially produced in the Philippinesto alleviate deficiency symptoms, including blindness, in 35percent of the children there.last_img read more

"Healthier peanuts"

Statement by legislative leaders regarding the governor’s intention to veto same-sex marriage bill

first_imgToday, Governor Douglas announced his intention to veto S115, which has not completed the legislative process. The governor s announcement today undermines the legislative process is disrespectful to Vermonters who come to the people s house to weigh in on the important matters of our time, said Speaker Shap Smith.  History will judge Jim Douglas on the wrong side of this issue. Today is a sad day for Vermont, said Senate President Pro Tem Peter Shumlin.  The governor may choose to veto a bill, but he cannot veto love and commitment.last_img read more

"Statement by legislative leaders regarding the governor’s intention to veto same-sex marriage bill"

Trail Mix – Heron

first_imgWhile listening to the band’s 2017 record, You Are Here Now, along with an advance of Sun Release, the band’s new release set to drop in July, I found myself forgetting about where I was, transported from the four walls around me to wide open spaces, forested trails, or high mountain tops. The instrumental nature of the Heron’s music offers a nearly transcendent experience. Not encumbered by lyrics, I got lost, nearly hypnotized, but the music. BRO – Something you always have in your fridge? BRO – If money was no object, what instrument would you buy? BL – This would be an even toss up between Sound City and The Wrecking Crew. Both are phenomenal documentaries. Highly recommended if you haven’t seen them. BL – The OA. Season two came out of nowhere! I’ll be sure to not throw out any spoilers for those that have not indulged. My wife, Kristin, and I got about halfway through the first episode of season two and gave each othter the “I dunno . . . should we???” look. Happy to say that we persevered! BRO – Last TV show you binged? BL – Between the four of us and our families, we’re all over in this place. I’d dare say we are collectively in the woods more often than almost any other band. Not always as a band, but every now and then for sure. It’s a challenging place in terms of being an instrumental/post-rock group in a rural region, but it is a massive inspiration for what it is that we do at the same time. One of my overall favorite places to go is the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon, which is located in Leonard Harrison State Park. Day to day, though? I am on my cyclocross bike whenever I possibly can be. Roads? Trails? Yes, please. Heron’s touring schedule is relatively quiet right now. Until they hit the road again, and until you can grab Sun Release this summer, I highly suggest giving You Are Here Now a spin, tossing it on repeat, and letting it become the soundtrack for your day. It was intoxicating. BL – Straub beer. They have all the flavors, of course, but my favorite is the lager pounders in the returnable bottles. It’s the kind of beer you’d drink while you power wash your siding or stock the fridge with for a few days-long session at the Goo Goo Doll’s recording studio, GCR Audio, in Buffalo. I have done both of those things and it’s delightful. Straub is one of America’s oldest family owned breweries, and we are very spoiled to have them less than an hour away in St. Mary’s, Pennsylvania. Also, salsa and Red Hot. Unrelated to the beer, but always in there. Heron proudly calls itself a band from the Pennsylvania wilds. It’s an apt description, as – sonically speaking – their music is akin to a solo sojourn, deep into the woods. BL – I went there on instruments already. Spent a long time on the decision and grabbed a Fano JM6 Alt de Facto guitar a couple years ago. Haven’t even looked at guitars since. But I would dive so much farther into all of the effects pedals if money was not an object. No big surprises here. Strymon. Meris. Chase Bliss Audio. There are a lot out there in the world that I don’t already have, existing in their compact foot-switchable forms, and I want them all. The top two on my list of must-haves at the moment are the Volante by Strymon and the Enzo by Meris. Look those up if you get the chance. They’re incredible. BRO – Favorite place to disappear in the Pennsylvania wilds? To grab that copy, or to stay tuned for Heron’s touring schedule, be sure to get over to their website. BRO – Favorite movie about music? Heron is a band that just recently crossed my radar, so I reached out to learn a little more about this Pennsylvania quartet. Guitarist Boyd Lewis was kind enough to get random with me and share some insights on both himself and his band mates. And be sure to check out “Splashdown,” along with tunes from Adam Carroll, Jimbo Mathus, Will Kimbrough, and Head For The Hills on this month’s Trail Mix.last_img read more

"Trail Mix – Heron"

How much downtime can your credit union tolerate?

first_img 6SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr Downtime comes in all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s from a catastrophic storm or fire, a data center outage, malware or even a careless mistake. No one is totally safe, and it isn’t a question of if, but instead when it will strike.With that being said, how much downtime can your credit union tolerate?Datto, our partner in Disaster Recovery, recently compiled an article regarding downtime, and sited a survey of 391 IT professionals regarding their data protection technology. The companies surveyed included mid-market organizations (100 to 999 employees) and enterprise organizations (1,000 employees or more) in North America. Not credit unions directly, but the information from the survey can most definitely be applied to multiple organizations, including the financial sector.According to their research, the amount of tolerable downtime slightly varies but has a similar trend. A combined 65 percent of survey responses indicated they can tolerate less than one hour of downtime. When broken down to specific responses, 22 percent could tolerate less than 15 minutes, another 22 percent said 15 minutes to one hour, and 21 percent said one hour to less than two hours. While there is some variation, everyone agrees that the less downtime the better. While downtime may affect different sizes and companies in various ways, it’s always negative. And no doubt, when it comes to credit unions and regulated industries, the amount of downtime tolerated must be as little as possible. continue reading »last_img read more

"How much downtime can your credit union tolerate?"

Town of Maine man arrested on felony weapon charge

first_imgThe sheriff’s office says the recovered weapon was a “ghost gun,” meaning it did not contain a serial number or identification markings and was made by an individual. The Broome County Sheriff’s Office says 30-year-old Kevin Benjamin was charged with criminal possession of a firearm, a class E felony. Authorities say Benjamin did not register the weapon or possess a pistol permit. Benjamin was issued an appearance ticket and directed to appear at the Town of Maine Court at a later date. The office says the arrest was made while officers were investigating an “unrelated” matter. A location of the arrest was not disclosed. (WBNG) — Authorities arrested a town of Maine man for illegal weapon possession Thursday.last_img read more

"Town of Maine man arrested on felony weapon charge"

Study shows how quickly coronavirus spreads at home

first_imgTopics : This suggests that the virus is easily transmissible within its incubation period and may be passed on by individuals who don’t know they are infected. The team said that isolation within households cut the total number of COVID-19 cases among the study cohort by 20-50 percent compared with no quarantine. “Although the effect of case isolation seems moderate, the high infectivity of the virus during the incubation period suggests quarantine of asymptomatic contacts could have prevented more onward transmissions,” said Qin-Long Jing from the Guangzhou Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Many European nations, before implementing weeks-long lockdowns, issued public health advice only to stay at home if an individual was sick — that is, showing symptoms typical to the virus. The research suggests that may have already been too late to prevent COVID-19 circulating widely.Writing in a linked comment, Virginia Pitzer from the Yale School of Public Health said that a “key difference” between COVID-19 and other coronaviruses was its “substantially higher” probability of transmission in its incubation period. She said the research, published in The Lancet, “confirms the relative importance of pre-symptomatic transmission and the relationship between older age and susceptibility, key insights which should inform design of intervention strategies.” They found that while the average patient had just a 2.4 percent chance of infecting someone they did not live with, that figure jumped to 17.1 percent — around one in six — among cohabitants. According to their models, which rely on data collated in January and February but have been updated to reflect the latest developments, the likelihood of household infection was highest among over-60s, and lowest among under-20s. The overall chances of infecting a family member or live-in partner with COVID-19 are twice as high as with SARS, and three times higher than MERS, another coronavirus, they found. Significantly, the researchers found that the probability of a COVID-19 carrier infecting a family member or flatmate was significantly higher — 39 percent — before they started showing symptoms than afterwards. center_img The novel coronavirus is twice as infectious within households than similar diseases such as SARS, with a substantial number of additional infections spreading before a COVID-19 sufferer shows any symptoms, according to modeling released Thursday.Researchers based in China and the United States said their findings could have profound impacts on reducing the number of new infections as the pandemic progresses. Using data on 350 COVID-19 patients and nearly 2,000 of their close contacts in the city of Guangzhou, China, the researchers estimated the virus’ “secondary attack rate” — that is, the probability that an infected person transmits the disease to someone else. last_img read more

"Study shows how quickly coronavirus spreads at home"

South Korea demands Pyongyang further probe killing of official

first_img“We have decided to demand the North carry out a further probe and request a joint investigation if necessary,” the Blue House, South Korea’s presidential office, said in a statement.It added that South Korea’s own investigation will continue because of “discrepancies” in the accounts of the shooting.South Korean military officials say the man was interrogated while in the water for several hours and expressed a desire to defect, but was killed after an “order from superior authority”.They also said North Koreans poured oil over his body and burnt it, calling it an “outrageous act”. Seoul said Saturday it will demand further investigation by Pyongyang into the killing of a South Korean official after a rare public apology from North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.The fisheries official was shot dead by North Korean soldiers on Tuesday, the first such killing of a South Korean civilian in a decade.In a surprise move, Kim said he was “very sorry” for the “unexpected and disgraceful event”, but South Korea announced it would ask for further investigation. In contrast, Pyongyang said in a letter sent Friday — which contained Kim’s apology — that the official had “illegally entered our waters” and refused to properly identify himself.It acknowledged that around 10 rounds were fired at the man, and that he was not visible after the shooting.Troops then set the official’s flotation device — which was covered in blood — on fire in accordance with North Korea’s emergency coronavirus regulations, the letter added.Apologies from North Korea — let alone attributed to Kim personally — are extremely unusual, and the message came with inter-Korean ties in a deep freeze, and nuclear negotiations between Pyongyang and Washington deadlocked.There have been no North Korean media reports on the contents of the letter.Topics :last_img read more

"South Korea demands Pyongyang further probe killing of official"

Governor Wolf Outlines a Better Way Forward, Details Importance of Entrepreneurship and 2017-2018 Budget Job Creation Initiatives While Visiting State College

first_imgLike Governor Tom Wolf on Facebook: Budget News,  Jobs That Pay,  Press Release State College, PA – Today, Governor Tom Wolf was joined by Penn State President Eric Barron and state and local leaders at Happy Valley LaunchBox in State College to discuss the importance of entrepreneurship and outline initiatives in his 2017-2018 budget proposal that encourage job creation and improve university partnerships and workforce training.“Over the last two years I have worked to increase the number of residents with college degrees and high-value industry-recognized credentials while expanding economic opportunities for residents and businesses,” said Governor Wolf. “This budget is a new way forward for Pennsylvania and today, I am happy to highlight how government is working smarter to support our research institutions and entrepreneurs.”The governor’s budget includes an initiative that partners the commonwealth’s research universities and Industrial Resource Centers to accelerate manufacturing technology advancement and adoption, foster manufacturing innovation and commercialization, and build a 21st century workforce.“Governor Wolf and I share a strong commitment to promoting economic development and student career success, and I’m very pleased he could be with us to see first-hand some of the exciting developments at Penn State,” said Penn State President Eric Barron. “Invent Penn State is driving innovation and entrepreneurship across the commonwealth, and I look forward to partnering with the governor and our legislators to further its impact.”The 2017-18 budget continues to invest in 21st century manufacturing, workforce development and training programs while also implementing new safeguards to ensure taxpayer dollars for economic development projects are spent appropriately and intended outcomes are met.Along with connecting the commonwealth’s research institutions to the business community, Governor Wolf plans on investing in job creation by:Creating a new apprenticeship grant program to ensure workers can receive training aligned to business workforce needs, funded with revenue recovered from companies that fail to live up to previous commitments made when they received state assistance.Investing $5 million in a manufacturing training-to-career grant program to partner with technical programs and community colleges to develop new training programs that align with their workforce needs.Cutting through red tape by establishing a one-stop shop at the Department of Community and Economic Development for the business community to interact with for centralized licensing processes and information on services the commonwealth provides to help them grow.Expanding proactive business outreach efforts through the Partnerships for Regional Economic Performance (PREP) program by investing $2.5 million to support businesses that already have roots in Pennsylvania. Governor Wolf Outlines a Better Way Forward, Details Importance of Entrepreneurship and 2017-2018 Budget Job Creation Initiatives While Visiting State College February 13, 2017 SHARE Email Facebook Twitterlast_img read more

"Governor Wolf Outlines a Better Way Forward, Details Importance of Entrepreneurship and 2017-2018 Budget Job Creation Initiatives While Visiting State College"

Camden defers infrastructure investment until launch of collective vehicle

first_imgThe proposed CIV, which so far has the support of 28 of the capital’s 33 boroughs, hopes to be making its first investment this time next year.The report added: “Given that infrastructure is relatively expensive, and the London CIV may look at this next, the fund should focus on private equity ahead of any decisions on infrastructure that are likely to be the subject of better value vehicles.”Although the report said the fund should consider private equity, as it was largely cash neutral at present and would be able to cope with the illiquid nature of the investment, Mascarenhas sounded a note of caution.“The committee should also be mindful of the government’s aim to reduce investment costs and investment into expensive asset classes,” he said.“Ultimately, the fund is interested in investment returns after fees.”The Department for Communities and Local Government has recently concluded a consultation examining a complete shift to passive mandates for all listed investments, as well as launching a number of national CIVs.Mascarenhas also noted the existence of the Pensions Infrastructure Platform (PIP), backed by the National Association of Pension Funds, as a way of investing in infrastructure.However, he said it “[looked] likely that this product does not offer the right return profile for us”.Pension funds worth more than £65bn that initially backed the launch of the PIP – funding launch costs as well as earmarking £100m in initial capital – distanced themselves from the vehicle earlier this year.The London Pension Fund Authority at the time expressed dissatisfaction with the PIP risk/return profile, while the BT Pension Scheme said it preferred to focus on its direct investment strategy. One of London’s local authority funds is holding off on building up its infrastructure exposure, as it expects a proposed collective investment vehicle (CIV) will be able to achieve better value.Camden Council said infrastructure had recently been a “very popular” asset class, but noted that said popularity was one of the reasons it was now hesitating.A report prepared for the borough’s pensions committee by director of finance Nigel Mascarenhas said: “Its popularity may have meant it is now in demand and so at the very least is fairly priced to over-priced.”The report went on to note that, due to the UK government’s interest in promoting infrastructure investment, it was “possible” that one of the next asset classes to be offered by the proposed London-wide CIV would be infrastructure.last_img read more

"Camden defers infrastructure investment until launch of collective vehicle"

Emptying Piles with Bell Pump at Terneuzen

first_imgImage source: BellBell Dredging Pumps B.V. has just released these beautiful photos from a project at Sassevaart near Terneuzen, the Netherlands, where they are emptying tubular piles for the construction of the Nieuwe Sluis. The Bell 100 equipped with a double cutter head has a diameter of 1.1 meter and is lowered into the piles to pump the sand, clay and debris out.“Because the pump is equipped with a water jet ring around the center the pile wall gets cleaned simultaneously,” said Bell in its announcement.The work will finish soon with already 120 piles having been emptied and cleaned at this moment.Image source: Belllast_img read more

"Emptying Piles with Bell Pump at Terneuzen"