Immigration Minister Welcomes Auditor General Review

first_imgMinister of Immigration Len Goucher is welcoming a review of the provincial nominee program by the auditor general. The legislature’s public accounts committee voted to request the audit at its meeting today, Oct.31. “A lot of things have been said about the nominee program over the last few weeks and there continues to be some confusion,” said Mr. Goucher. “The auditor general’s examination will provide independent confirmation of the many things we’re doing well and point out any areas in which we might improve. I welcome his review and commit to fully co-operate with his staff.” The minister also said that an independent investigation was launched earlier today by the Office of Immigration. “When I took on this portfolio, I committed to being open and transparent. Late yesterday afternoon, my senior management team brought to my attention a file that could involve potential conflict of interest and an independent review is now underway. We have contracted the services of an outside auditor who has already begun his work. “A great deal of good work is being done by a small staff of very dedicated people in the Office of Immigration,” said Mr. Goucher. “But we need more than good work. We also need public confidence in our efforts to attract immigrants, just as we need public confidence in any other government program.”last_img read more

"Immigration Minister Welcomes Auditor General Review"

Fish farm deaths escapes raise concerns about Atlantic aquaculture industry

first_imgST. JOHN’S, N.L. — A recent mass die-off of salmon at a Newfoundland fish farm has highlighted transparency and environmental challenges that the region’s growing aquaculture industry faces.Northern Harvest Sea Farms says the fish died after an extended period of high water temperatures, but the incident raised public concern because of slow public disclosure and confusion over the cause of death.The news followed the escape of approximately 1,000 salmon from a Cooke Aquaculture site in New Brunswick.Neville Crabbe of the Atlantic Salmon Federation says these incidents illustrate some of the industry’s risks and transparency issues.Crabbe says federal and provincial legislation sometimes leads to confusion over who wields regulatory power over the developing industry.A federal Liberal campaign promise to move away from open net salmon farming in British Columbia was met with concern from the Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance this week.This report by the Canadian Press was first published Oct. 1, 2019.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

"Fish farm deaths escapes raise concerns about Atlantic aquaculture industry"

Truck driver shortages hitting Canadas forest products sector

first_imgMONTREAL – A shortage of truck drivers is hampering the country’s forest sector as shipments have been delayed and at least one producer was forced to slow production because of a lack of wood chips.Weyerhaeuser Co. chief executive Doyle Simons said Friday that availability of transportation services has been a challenge, especially in the past quarter.“We, like other companies, are, in fact, seeing that type of tightness,” he said during a conference call about the company’s results.Simons said the company faced truck and rail disruptions, mainly in December, and took a US$10 million to US$15 million hit in the fourth quarter.“So as we move into 2018, we think that will continue to be a headwind in terms of availability but more so increasing rates both on the truck and rail side,” he told analysts.Nordbord Inc. CEO Peter Wijnbergen said during its conference call that transportation availability was a challenge during Christmas and early 2018.Paul Quinn of RBC Capital Markets said transportation issues is something all forestry producers are talking about.“People have been talking about labour issues for awhile, it’s just getting more acute now,” he said from Vancouver.He said companies have been able to offset the pressure with higher selling prices.Shortages are a national challenge in many sectors, said Stephen Laskowski, president of the Canadian Trucking Alliance.“What you’re starting to see is a capacity problem in our industry due to a truck driver shortage,” he said in an interview.Laskowski said the trucking industry is struggling to convince young people to take up the profession in sufficient numbers to replace the 10,000 truckers who retire every year.About 26 per cent of all truck drivers are over 55 years old, a larger percentage than other sectors, he said. The average age is expected to be around 50 years old by 2024.The shortage is expected to reach 34,000 or as much as 48,000 by 2024, Laskowski said. That includes about 14,000 in Ontario and about the same number in Quebec. There are currently more than 200,000 truckers working in Canada.Resolute Forest Products Inc., the world’s largest newsprint producer, said the shortage of truck drivers has impeded its ability to ship lumber from its sawmills to its paper plants.Recently-retired CEO Richard Garneau said the Montreal-based company slowed production in December after a shortage of truck drivers and harsh winter conditions resulted in a lack of wood chips at its Quebec pulp and paper mills.“Certainly there was a shortage, but we’re not the only one that is facing this reality,” he said during a Thursday conference call.The company, which also makes pulp, specialty papers and lumber, said it is trying to adjust by using larger trailers to haul the chips to paper mills and shipping more volume by rail.Bob Matters, wood council chairman for the United Steelworkers union in British Columbia, said the shortage of drivers across the country comes down to demographics.Young people aren’t attracted to working long hours, often in harsh conditions for inadequate compensation, he said. Also zero tolerance and pre-employment drug testing is eliminating many potential recruits.“That said I am not aware the shortage has actually impacted bottom lines (of forest companies),” he wrote in an email.Trucking margins are so slim that many companies are unable to reward their labour force sufficiently to entice younger workers, Laskowski said.The shortage is simply a question of supply and demand that can be addressed by better working conditions and compensation, he added.“Those that maintain the approach of the past will no doubt encounter issues.”Follow @RossMarowits on Twitter.Companies in this story: (TSX:RFP, TSX:WYL, TSX:NBD)last_img read more

"Truck driver shortages hitting Canadas forest products sector"

Attacks on schools in Afghanistan could erode fragile progress – UNICEF

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) warned today that schools in Afghanistan are the targets of increasingly dramatic attacks and called on all parties not to target any students, teachers or educational institutions.Reported incidents have spread from the south and southeastern region to all of the provinces and include 11 explosions, 50 school burnings and 37 threats against schools and communities. In four southern provinces it is estimated that more than 100,000 children are shut out of school because of school closures. Children and teachers are under increasing threat and being denied their right to a safe teaching and learning environment. As of July 2006, the UNICEF School Incident Database – a UNICEF-run monitoring system – totaled 99 cases, or more than six times the number of incidents from the same period in 2005. Six children have died as the result of the violence. While UNICEF and the Afghan Government are taking steps to protect children and schools, the latest school-security related incidents are becoming increasingly worrisome. The education structure is still shaky following years of political turmoil, including denial of education for girls, under Taliban rule and subsequent ongoing conflict. “With all that the children of Afghanistan have gone through, to expose them to this kind of terrible violence is appalling,” said Bernt Aasen, the UNICEF Representative in Afghanistan. “The children of Afghanistan have a right to education. Threats, intimidations and violent attacks on students in schools undermine the very fabric of the future of Afghan society.” “We must not allow the progress that was made in establishing access to quality education to 5.2 million children be destroyed because we did not try hard enough to protect children’s right to be taught in a safe learning environment.” said Aasen. UNICEF praised the work of the government and its partners in making Afghan schools a place of learning and not of fear. “If we want our children to grow up non-violent, we must do everything we can to ensure that their schools are as safe as they possibly can be,” said Aasen. UNICEF called on all parties to cease targeting children, education workers and schools. In response, UNICEF, Ministry of Education and other partners have set up a special task force to devise solutions that is strengthening protection of students, teachers, school officials and schools themselves and providing a rapid response when incidents arise.When incidents do occur, UNICEF, if security allows, is on-site within 72 hours providing classroom tents, teaching-learning stationary materials, blackboard, chalks and floor mats so as to restore normal functioning of schools as soon as possible. read more

"Attacks on schools in Afghanistan could erode fragile progress – UNICEF"

Legal proceedings against GECOM filed by PPP for removal of names

File photo: Some of the persons who turned up at Whim Village, Berbice to have their names removed from the listLegal proceedings against the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) and another individual has been filed by one of the constituency candidates for the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) in Berbice seeking to have the names of some 50 persons, that the Party said was fraudulently affixed to the backer’s lists for Local Government Elections (LGE) to be removed.The court document names Shafraz Beekham as the applicant, along with the Chief Elections Officer Keith Lowenfield and Orlando Christopher Persaud as the respondents.The document outlines that the challenge is seeking to have the names of 49 other electors appearing on list of backers in support of the Alliance For Change (AFC) constituency candidates removed.It noted that the submission was made to Persaud on September 21, 2018, in Whim Bloomfield, Berbice Local Authority Area (LAA), for the LGE 2018. The PPP is challenging on the grounds that the said decision is unlawful, illegal, and unreasonable and is in violation of the Local Authorities (Elections) Act.The document also cites Persaud’s alleged refusal to withdraw the applicant’s name and the names of 49 other electors. It said unless the names are withdrawn, the election in the LAA would be tainted with “illegality and fraud.” It also noted that Persaud’s refusal happened before the expired deadline on September 26, 2018.In a sworn affidavit, Beekham, who is a registered elector on the Official List of Electors for Constituency Number 3 in the Whim/Bloomfield Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) said he and others were deliberately deceived into signing a document by an Alliance For Change representative who he claimed fraudulently represented that she was employed by GECOM and that he needed to sign a document to confirm that his name was on the voter’s list.“I am informed and do verily believe by the other electors in the community that they were told that they would benefit from better roads, jobs, better pension and rehabilitated playgrounds and were also deceived into signing,” he stated in court documents.He said too that it was only after Nomination Day on September 21, 2018, that he learnt that the signature which was taken from him was unauthorisedly used as a nominator backing the AFC candidate in constituency Number 3.According to him, at no time whatsoever was he or the other residents informed, or did they know that they were in fact signing a list of backers in support of the AFC candidate(s).Persaud said on becoming aware of the fraud perpetuated against him and other electors, he immediately demanded that their names be withdrawn or deleted from the AFC lists.He recalled that he and the other electors had affidavits to withdraw their names and support for the AFC candidate on the lists submitted. On Tuesday, September 25, 2018, Beekham and other electors visited Persaud’s office in Whim to submit the affidavits to have their names withdrawn.According to his court document, “The first named respondent was not in office and there was no other representative present who would accept our withdrawals. I returned to the first named respondent’s office at 2:00pm (14:00h) on September 26, 2018, with the other electors to submit our withdrawals. It was made clear to Persaud that we did not knowingly or intentionally submit or affix our signatures to any lists in support of AFC candidates.“The first named respondent initially refused to accept our withdrawals erroneously, stating that the time has expired for us to do so.” The PPP candidate said he did not leave and persisted to demand that his name be removed from the list. He recalled making contact with PPP GECOM Commissioner and Attorney Bibi Shadick and sought her intervention and advice.He was informed that at a meeting between GECOM Commissioners on September 25, 2018, it was confirmed that the deadline for the submission of the statutory affidavits was on 23:55h on September 26, 2018.“The statutory affidavits to withdraw the names of electors from the lists could be submitted by the representative (head of the list) or deputy representative or in person by the elector. If the elector appeared in person, a letter addressed to the first named respondent would have sufficed to effect a withdrawal. The statutory affidavits were legal documents which the first named respondent would be duty bound to accept,” he added.However, after 14:30h on September 26, the CEO was out of touch and was not in his office and could not be reached personally or by telephone to give any directions to Persaud. In the absence of the CEO, the Deputy CEO, Roxanne Myers, was contacted in her office and indicated that she could not give any instructions to Persaud without first conferring with the CEO of GECOM who she was also unable to contact.Subsequently, Persaud informed Beekham that he will accept the statutory affidavits from him and the other electors only if the electors desirous of withdrawing (including himself) were present in person. Beekham and 49 other electors presented themselves to Persaud the same day.But he later advised that “a confrontation had to be done between us and the AFC candidates” and further that the AFC candidates would be given time to rebut the allegations being made and fixed 10:00pm (22:00h) as the deadline after which a decision would be made.When the time had reached, Beekham said that he and the 49 other electors were all present. The AFC candidates were not present. Persaud then proceeded to accept all of the affidavits and in his presence signed and issued an acknowledgement of receipt to the representative of the PPP Himatee Latchman.Beekham learnt on Friday, September 28, that Persaud had refused to withdraw his name and that of the 49 other electors from the lists submitted by the AFC.The proceedings were served on Wednesday. The matter is fixed for hearing before Justice Navindra Singh on October 11. The attorneys representing Beekham are Adrian Anamayah, Ian Anamayah and Anil Nandlall. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedGECOM was not hands-on enough with Opposition’s LGE complaints- Dr JeffreyOctober 15, 2018In “latest news”LGE 2018: AFC to contest 38 Local Authority AreasOctober 10, 2018In “latest news”PPP’s LGE challenge to remove names from AFC backers’ lists dismissedOctober 23, 2018In “Court” read more

"Legal proceedings against GECOM filed by PPP for removal of names"

Ulster Bank is shutting down another ten branches

first_imgIndeed we are aware from comments by chief executive, Jim Brown, earlier this year, that further branch closures may be in the pipeline over the next three years.The bank is also closing five branches in Northern Ireland.Broderick concluded: “IBOA remains willing to continue to negotiate the terms of a comprehensive agreement on future change within Ulster Bank. But we need a degree of transparency from management to ensure that the outcome of these negoatiations offers the best possible solution for all of the Bank’s stake-holders.”MergersIt has been strongly rumoured that Ulster Bank may get into bed with another small bank to form a ‘third banking force’ capable of rivalling Bank of Ireland and AIB, with PTSB and KBC mentioned as the most likely candidates.However, in a note this morning, Davy seemed to pour cold water on that idea, pointing out that KBC recently said it is committed to the Irish market as a standalone entity until 2016 at the earlier.Davy said that a tie-up in the near-term with PTSB is unlikely for similar reasons, also citing the impact on price and both banks’ capital positions.Read: Customers refunded after Ulster Bank ATM glitch>Read: Ulster Bank parent company ‘forced small firms to default’> ULSTER BANK HAS pulled the plug on a further ten branches across its Irish network.The bank confirmed this afternoon that it will close branches at South Mall in Cork, Granard in Longford, Pearse Road in Sligo, Clane in Kildare and at Kimmage, George’s Quay and Inchicore in Dublin.In addition to these closures, a further three sub offices at Clara, Enfield and Lifford will be shut by November 2014.There will be no redundancies as a result of the closures.In a statement, the bank said that it had taken the decision to axe the branches due to changing customer behaviours in the wake of the emergence of mobile and online banking.Union responseFinance workers union IBOA strongly criticised the move, stating its concern that Ulster Bank is pre-empting negotiations between senior management and the union over the restructuring of the institution.IBOA general secretary Larry Broderick said that said: “Just as in the Danske Bank branch closures announced just over a week ago, Ulster Bank management cannot confirm that this announcement marks the end of the restructuring of its branch network.”last_img read more

"Ulster Bank is shutting down another ten branches"

Austerity is driving up some consumer prices

first_imgLATEST FIGURES FROM the Central Statistics Office show austerity policies are driving up goods prices, according to one analyst.Commenting on price statistics released this morning, Cantor Fitzgerald analyst Fiona Hayes said that the biggest price increases in the last year “relate to austerity-driven price hikes for public services and hikes excise duties”.She pointed to the fact that the biggest price jumps over the last 12 months have been for education (4.5%), and alcohol and tobacco (3.7%).Overall, the price paid for goods by consumers continues to grow slowly, with inflation showing no signs of accelerating beyond its current sluggish level of 0.3% in the year.Prices in fact dropped by 0.2% last month, although Hayes attributed this to seasonal declines associated with summer sales. Clothing and footwear show no signs of reversing recent price drops, with a fall of 3.6% over the last year and 7% during July alone.Private rents are continuing their upward march, with latest figures from the Central Statistics Office indicating an 8.2% jump over the last 12 months.However, the cost of servicing mortgage interest payments continues to tumble, falling by 9.3% in the year and by 0.9% during July.Utility bills are also on the way up, with electricity costs climbing by 3.7% compared to last year, with gas also up by 2.7%.Industrial production nosediveThe CSO also released new figures on industrial production, showing a decrease of 18.2% in June when compared to the previous month.The volatility of the index was largely driven by a 27.4% reduction in output from the high-tech ‘modern’ sector, including the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, which fell by 35.7%.Hayes said that the expiry of key pharmaceutical patents has been “an important driver of weakness and volatility in the sector’s output over the last number of years”, although the majority of the off-patent impact is now thought to have “washed through” the system.Davy analyst David McNamara said that he expects industry will make a strong positive contribution to the economy this quarter despite the so-called ‘patent cliff’.He added that the prospect of broader inflationary movement in the economy “remains weak”, but said some upward pressure on prices could be brought to bear by a general improvement in the economic outlook.Read: Young people might have to delay flying the nest due to rising rents>Read: Inflation up slightly in June>last_img read more

"Austerity is driving up some consumer prices"

Call for submissions Greek Australian periodical Antipodes

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram The 65th volume of Greek Australian literary periodical Antipodes is set to be launched later this year in October, and submissions are now open.Members of the Greek Australian Cultural League (GACL), as well as non-members are welcome to contribute, and can range from poetry, short stories, studies, essays, book reviews to οther literary works in either English or Greek, as well as visual arts.This year marks 46 years of Antipodes’ continuous circulation. To celebrate, the 65th issue will pay tribute to artists within the Greek Australian community. The periodical will also have a special section acknowledging and honouring the 50 years since the GACL’s establishment in 1969/70.Works being submitted for publication must be original, and have not been published or promoted in another publication.READ MORE: Christos Fifis’ book documents the history of the Greek community in AustraliaLiterary works should be no longer than the limits prescribed as follows:Poems: 100 verses (lines)Short stories and essays: 2,000 wordsMeditations: 800 wordsStudies: 2,000 wordsBook/exhibition/music/play/film reviews: 1,000 wordsWorks that exceed the specified size limits will be rejected without involving the Editorial Committee.The deadline for submissions is Friday 12 July, 2019.Submit works electronically in Word document format, as an attachment, to gacl.editor@gmail.comREAD MORE: A Greek Australian Archive, documenting the community’s early years has been launchedlast_img read more

"Call for submissions Greek Australian periodical Antipodes"

Climat les pays riverains de la Méditerranée signent une déclaration commune

first_imgClimat : les pays riverains de la Méditerranée signent une déclaration communeVouliagmeni, Grèce – Réunis en Grèce à l’initiative du pays, une quinzaine d’États bordant la Méditerranée sont parvenus à un accord vendredi 22 octobre. Ils ont signé une déclaration commune visant à lutter contre le réchauffement climatique, qui menace tout particulièrement leur région.Les signataires, parmi lesquels on trouve Israël, l’Autorité palestinienne, la Grèce ou la Turquie, se sont engagés en signant cette déclaration à contribuer à “l’émergence d’économies à faibles émissions de carbone et respectueuses des ressources naturelles et du climat en Méditerranée”. Ils promettent également de “développer des positions méditerranéennes communes” sur le changement climatique.À lire aussiQui est Greta Thunberg, proposée pour un prix Nobel à seulement 16 ans ?Alors que les climatologues prônent une nécessaire limitation à 2°C du réchauffement global de la planète, ces pays riverains de la Méditerranée pourraient devoir faire face, dans quelques années, à une hausse de leurs températures moyennes de 4°C. Un réchauffement qui pourrait être accompagné d’une diminution des précipitations de 70%.”La crise du climat menace notre propre mode de vie en tant que peuples de la Méditerranée” avait souligné quelques heures avant la signature de l’accord le chef du gouvernement grec, Georges Papandreou. “Si nous ne décidons pas d’organiser la planète ensemble (…), il y aura des conflits face aux problèmes” engendrés par le réchauffement climatique, tels que l’accès à l’eau et à l’énergie, la désertification ou le traitement des déchets, avait-il averti.A un mois du sommet de Cancun, M. Papandreou a toutefois souligné l’incertitude et le scepticisme qui entourent les négociations visant à la signature d’un accord qui succèdera en 2012 au protocole de Kyoto. Un an après l’échec de Copenhague, “nous avons le sentiment que nous repartons en arrière”, a-t-il déploré.Le 25 octobre 2010 à 17:27 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

"Climat les pays riverains de la Méditerranée signent une déclaration commune"

WhichCraft in downtown Vancouver has brews creativity on tap

first_imgDowntown Vancouver’s growing bar scene quietly welcomed another newcomer a few weeks ago: WhichCraft, a business that aims to create a novel bar concept that highlights arts and craft projects as much as craft beer.Owner Morgan Press describes the bar at 605 Main St. as a social space for individuals and groups of friends — age 21 and up — to tap into their artistic side and build meaningful creations.Craft barThe bar features open floor space in the center with six-seat tables lining the wall opposite a small bar counter. At first glance it looks a lot like any other bar, albeit with slightly more industrial floors and larger tables.But as visitors make their way farther back, they’ll find a shelf stacked floor-to-ceiling with arts and craft supplies and tools. That’s where most guests will start out: picking a craft for the evening and gathering the necessary supplies at their table.The bar offers a selection of 10 craft projects for customers including candles, concrete coasters, small planter pots, nail-and-string art and terrariums – with materials and tools supplied, and staff guidance available.last_img read more

"WhichCraft in downtown Vancouver has brews creativity on tap"

Seaman backs Hart as England number one

first_imgFormer England international David Seaman believes that Joe Hart should be the national team’s first choice goalkeeper for this summer’s World CupThe West Ham loan player has endured an inconsistent season at the London Stadium and was widely criticised for his mistake in the build up to Peter Crouch’s opening goal in their 1-1 draw against Stoke City on Monday.Hart is facing competition from the likes of Jack Butland, Jordan Pickford and Nick Pope for the No 1 jersey in Russia with head coach Gareth Southgate set to name the provisional England squad  by 14 May.“For me, it has always been Joe. Obviously, the two other guys [Butland and Pickford] they are getting really close.” Seaman told Sky Sports.“Joe’s fortunately started playing for West Ham which is going to help, it is going to give Gareth a hard decision to make, whether he goes with Jordan or Jack we do not know.Jadon Sancho, Borussia DortmundCrouch: Liverpool could beat Man United to Jadon Sancho Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Peter Crouch wouldn’t be surprised to see Jadon Sancho end up at Liverpool one day instead of his long-term pursuers Manchester United.“Only Gareth will know, but he is going to have to be a little bit careful because it is a World Cup and it’s big pressure.“Joe’s handled all that before, Jordan and Jack have never really been anywhere near that. When I think of that situation I always think to Scott Carson when he got put in at Wembley against Croatia.“He made a mistake in the first five minutes and his game just went because he had no experience to fall back on.“The standard is good and Jordan and Jack are getting really close.”Seaman made 75 appearances for England in his playing career and shares the record of 15 consecutive years playing for the national team with Rio Ferdinand.last_img read more

"Seaman backs Hart as England number one"

Dale Beacock memorial service set for Friday

first_imgA memorial service for Dale Beacock will begin at 2 p.m. Friday at Clark College’s Gaiser Hall, 1933 Fort Vancouver Way. Beacock died Aug. 4 in a cycling accident near Garibaldi, Ore., at the age of 81. Beacock taught music for more than 40 years in Clark County, directed The New Horizons jazz and concert bands, and founded the Beacock Music store in east Vancouver. All are welcome to attend. Beacock Music and Education Center will be closed in honor of the event.last_img

"Dale Beacock memorial service set for Friday"

Anonymous Craigslist ad seeks Vancouver council candidates

first_imgMinimum qualifications:Statement of values.Respect for others and their opinions.Joy in serving others.Education (formal or self-taught).Wisdom.Integrity.Recent postings in the “general community” section of Craigslist include pleas for a pig farmer, foreign exchange student hosts and any tips related to the death of Possum, a 10-year-old cat that was run over on St. Johns Road.Then, nestled among the usual mishmash of ads, there’s this gem: “Mayor and City Council Positions (Vancouver).”The ad reads, “In our hometown, we have a serious shortage of truly competent and ethical leaders. Such leaders are typically busy people and are highly reluctant to endure the heavy strain of the campaign process. That includes being misrepresented by the opposition and a biased media.” The ad was posted by “a nonpartisan group of local citizens dedicated to solving this problem.” It promises “volunteer and financial resources.”No names are listed on the ad. The ad has some unintended hilarity, be it of sinister (the last three digits of the phone number are 666) or overly paranoid nature. (The contact email ends in, and Hushmail touts privacy and unlimited email aliases).Not surprisingly, a call from The Columbian to the number — 360–921–8666 — went unanswered this morning, and the outgoing message simply says “candidates for Vancouver” is unavailable. A search shows that phone number was registered to a company that sells prepaid cellphones. The ad lists all four positions up for re-election this year. The seats are occupied by Mayor Tim Leavitt and Councilors Jack Burkman, Jeanne Stewart and Jeanne Harris.last_img read more

"Anonymous Craigslist ad seeks Vancouver council candidates"

Marriotts data breach deserves 124M fine UK privacy watchdog says

first_img 30 Photos GDPR Privacy GDPR: Here’s what you need to know 1:30 Now playing: Watch this: Security Marriott falls foul of GDPR. Igor Golovniov/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images In November 2018, the Marriott hotel group revealed it had been the victim of a four-year campaign by hackers to steal customer data from its reservations system. Now it’s going to have to pay the price for failing to keep that data safe.The Information Commissioner’s Office, the UK’s privacy watchdog, announced Tuesday that it intends to fine Marriott £99.2 million ($124M) over the security breach. It’s issuing the fine in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, the far-reaching EU-wide privacy law introduced in May 2018.Hackers breached the security systems of Starwood Hotels in 2014. Marriott bought Starwood in 2016, but didn’t discover and then patch the breach until 2018. Personal data from 339 million guest records (30 million European citizens and 7 million UK citizens) was exposed in the incident.Marriott CEO Arne Sorenson said in a statement that he was “deeply disappointed” with the decision by the Information Commissioner’s Office and that he would contest it. “Marriott has been cooperating with the ICO throughout its investigation into the incident, which involved a criminal attack against the Starwood guest reservation database,” he said. Share your voice 1 Tags Comment Last year the EU overhauled its pre-internet data protection laws to make them fit for the internet age. Under the GDPR, member states are able to fine companies 20 million euros ($22.4 million) or 4% of their total annual worldwide revenue in the preceding financial year if they fail to comply with the new rules. The Marriott fine is the second GDPR-related fine the ICO has announced this week. On Monday, the watchdog announced its intention to fine British Airways £183.4 million ($230M) over a 2018 data breach.”The GDPR makes it clear that organisations must be accountable for the personal data they hold,” said Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham in a statement. “Personal data has a real value so organisations have a legal duty to ensure its security, just like they would do with any other asset. If that doesn’t happen, we will not hesitate to take strong action when necessary to protect the rights of the public.”Marriott acknowledged that challenges and the disruptions they pose.”We deeply regret this incident happened,” said Sorenson. “We take the privacy and security of guest information very seriously and continue to work hard to meet the standard of excellence that our guests expect from Marriott.” What Disney’s Star Wars land and hotel will look likelast_img read more

"Marriotts data breach deserves 124M fine UK privacy watchdog says"

Alaska News Nightly Friday Jan 18 2019

first_imgStories are posted on the APRN news page. You can subscribe to APRN’s newsfeeds via email, podcast and RSS. Follow us on Facebook at and on Twitter @AKPublicNewsSome GOP defied Trump on Russia sanctions, but Alaskans did notLiz Ruskin, Alaska Public Media – Washington D.C.Congress almost passed a measure to keep sanctions on companies affiliated with Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska. Alaska’s Congressional delegation voted to let the Trump administration lift them.Advocates wonder how policy changes will affect those looking to reenter society after prisonAnne Hillman, Alaska Public Media – AnchorageThe Dunleavy administration is making changes to the Department of Corrections. They removed a position focused specifically on re-entry and are changing policies that some advocates say helped people succeed when they were released from prison. Many are reserving judgement about the new direction, but the changes are concerning others.Dillingham well tests positive for PFAS contaminationCasey Grove, Alaska Public Media – AnchorageThe Department of Transportation says it was recently alerted to potentially harmful chemicals contaminating a drinking water source near the Dillingham airport.Native corporations maintaining Alaska forests find a carbon credit buyer: oil company BPElizabeth Harball, Alaska Public Media – AnchorageOne of Alaska’s biggest oil companies is getting into the business of trees to help address climate change.Despite the shutdown, it’s been a dizzying week for a Southeast Alaska timber saleElizabeth Jenkins, Alaska’s Energy Desk – JuneauOn Tuesday, the U.S. Forest Service notified objectors of a proposed timber sale about a public meeting in Klawock. By Thursday, the meeting was canceled. But some groups are wondering why this work is happening now at all.Volunteer veterinarians at the Kuskokwim 300Zachariah Hughes, Alaska Public Media – AnchorageMany of the veterinarians who check sled dogs before the annual Kuskokwim 300 volunteer for the race each year. Some come from distant places in the Lower 48; for others, it’s a family affair.AK: Hundreds of Douglas kids band together in music classEd Schoenfeld, CoastAlaska – JuneauWhen you think about an elementary school music class, a choir might come to mind. The students sing choral standards with their teacher standing in front, or backing them up on piano. But these days, some of those classes are different. In Juneau, one music teacher has hundreds of kids playing guitars, mandolins, ukuleles and banjos – together, as a band.49 Voices: Lawrence Bahovec of WrangellAaron Bolton, KSTK – WrangellThis week we’re hearing from Lawrence Bahovec in Wrangell. Bahovec has lived all over Southeast Alaska since he was a baby and recently celebrated his 100th birthday on January 4.last_img read more

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Madhyamik Notable changes in merit list post review

first_imgKolkata: The merit list of the Madhyamik examination 2019 has undergone an unprecedented change with the results of the review and scrutiny coming to the fore on Wednesday. The new merit list of the Madhyamik examination now has 64 candidates with ranks up to 11 instead of 10. The merit list of the examination that was announced by the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education (WBBSE) on May 21 had featured 51 candidates among ranks up to 10.The most significant change in the list came with Camelia Roy of Raiganj Coronation School securing one mark extra after review. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: MamataCamelia had shared the third place along with Bratin Mondal of Santipur Municipal School with both securing 689 marks. However, with Camelia’s marks increasing by one, she stays at the third place with 690 while Bratin slips to the fourth spot. So, all those who had ranked after the duo, suffer a slide in their ranks. The first ranker had scored 694 while two students who ranked second had scored 691. The review and scrutiny results have further seen five new candidates entering into the merit list with an increase in their marks. Also Read – Lightning kills 8, injures 16 in stateThese students had failed to make it to the merit list by a narrow margin and had applied for review and scrutiny. Around eight candidates have suffered a nominal dip in their marks, thereby altering their positions in the new list that was unveiled on Wednesday. President of WBBSE Kalyanmoy Ganguly said around 36,874 candidates had applied for review which is 3.51 percent of the total 10,50,397 candidates who sat for the examination this year. 2,703 students had applied for review out of which marks of 683 have changed. Marks of 912 students have changed out of 34,171 who had applied for scrutiny. “For the last few years, there have been some changes in the merit list after review and scrutiny. But this is perhaps for the first time in the history of the Secondary Board when so many alterations have happened,” a senior official of the Board said.last_img read more

"Madhyamik Notable changes in merit list post review"

Showdown Zimbabwe threatens to drive out sidewalk vendors

first_img How do cataracts affect your vision? Tupo Dzetse, who said he settled for vending after fleeing anti-immigrant attacks in South Africa, said that for him this is a matter of life and death.“I was in the frying pan and now I am being thrown into the fire,” he said while hawking children’s toys in downtown Harare. “At least in South Africa I had a job. But this is my country of birth so they will have to kill me first.”Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Sponsored Stories Arizona families, Arizona farms: providing the local community with responsibly produced dairy Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement HARARE, Zimbabwe (AP) — Zimbabwe has said it will use security forces to drive out thousands of vendors selling their wares on the sidewalks and pavements of major towns, with an army general warning that soldiers will intervene if hawkers ignore a Sunday deadline to leave.But with next to zero chances of scoring formal employment in a rapidly de-industrializing economy, many of the vendors are vowing to stay put. Comments   Share   Once regarded as one of Africa’s cleanest cities, Harare is now a sea of vendors who clog pavements with wares of all sorts — clothing, fruits and vegetables, food, cosmetics — even car parts and medicines. The African Development Bank says at least two thirds of Zimbabweans are engaged in informal trade due to a debilitating economic meltdown.“We will deal with you,” Brig. Gen. Anselem Sanyatwe told representatives of vendors this week.Tendai Mahachi, Harare City Council town clerk, said the council has space for 6,000 vendors but that 20,000 are operating within the central business district, adding that police would be used if they don’t voluntarily leave.“They have to leave by Sunday otherwise we will act,” he said as a showdown on Monday loomed.The National Vendors Union of Zimbabwe, which claims to have 100,000 members, described the ultimatum as a declaration of war.“Where will our members go? Survival has to come before anything else and right now we can only survive through street vending,” said the organization’s director, Samuel Wadzai.The vendors are receiving support from opposition parties and non-governmental organizations. Some human rights lawyers have written to local government minister Ignatius Chombo threatening legal action if the ultimatum is not withdrawn. 4 must play golf courses in Arizona Top Stories New Valley school lets students pick career-path academieslast_img read more

"Showdown Zimbabwe threatens to drive out sidewalk vendors"

Scoot Airlines to celebrate Dream start

first_imgSource = ETB Travel News: Basil Naimet Singapore Airlines offshoot Scoot airlines are celebrating their first year anniversary serving  Hong Kong and will be discounting airfares as a way of saying thanks to their customers.The low cost airline’s CEO Campbell Wilson said they had carried a vast number of passengers from a broad section of the community and for many and varied reasons.“In our first year of operating between Hong Kong and Singapore we’ve carried a quarter of a million guests – for leisure, for business, for eating, for shopping, for visiting friends and for much else besides[sic]. We love having played our part in connecting the people of these two vibrant cities, and are grateful for the wonderful support we’ve received,” Mr Wilson said.The airline is sharing the anniversary with other sectors by offering discounted fares when booking from 1200pm from 14 November until 1159pm on 17 November for travel to Singapore, Perth, Sydney or the Gold Coast between 15 November 2014, and 31 March 2015.Scoot will introduce its first Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner in January next year, which will service the Hong Kong to Singapore route. In addition to Hong Kong, Perth will also be the beneficiary of the new aircraft’s destination.last_img read more

"Scoot Airlines to celebrate Dream start"

Railway eticketing website now available in Hindi other regional languages

first_imgE-ticketing website is available in Hindi with effect from July 8, 2015. To ensure glitch-free availability of e-ticketing services, upgraded e-ticketing system has been launched with capacity to book 7200 tickets per minute as against 2000 tickets per minute earlier and it has been decided to develop multi-lingual e-ticketing website.Mobile application for paperless unreserved ticketing has been launched at Chennai in April 2015 and on Churchgate-Dahanu Road suburban section of Western Railway in Mumbai with effect from July 8, 2015.last_img read more

"Railway eticketing website now available in Hindi other regional languages"