The most sexy female anchor stolen fear of losing 360 million

angel’s face, the devil’s figure is doomed to be the focus of the fluorescent lamp, beautiful people have a fear of being stolen. Recently, the United States the most sexy female anchor, stolen fear of losing 360 million. In the face of such a staggering figure, Xiao Bian just like to ask the media, after dare just steal afraid of beauty?

American “sexiest female anchor” called Elin. Andrews had been tracking were photographed in the hotel, brutally exposed naked video. Afterwards, she angrily will track and hotel together with the court. After two weeks of trial, the jury ruled on the 7 day, Andrews can get $55 million (about RMB 358 million yuan) of the loss compensation, compensation were borne by the hotel and the tracker. Pictured 2010, Andrews presided over the American College students.





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Small business also need to master three points

since the choice of the “small” nature, because money is received considerable restrictions, but now small business has become more and more popular, a variety of exquisite shops to attract consumers a superb collection of beautiful things, vision, make fat those who do small business owner’s pocket. So, entrepreneurs as long as the choice of a good small entrepreneurial projects, small businesses can also succeed. However, you want to succeed in this small business also need to grasp the three important factors.


with the gradual development of economy, more and more investors turned their attention with people’s lives, small businesses, the reasons for their selection is a small investment, big profits, the most important thing is a lot of entrepreneurs think they risk. However, there is a misunderstanding is that the concept of small venture although the risk is small, but not simple. Although the sparrow is small and dirty, and then small entrepreneurial projects also need to be taken seriously, at least to master the following three points in order to ensure the smooth progress of entrepreneurship.


1, do feasibility study


feasibility study of the word is a lot of people heard in the big project, that the small venture this small entrepreneurial project is not necessary to do this, and do this project is the. This idea is very wrong, if you lack of information in the guidance and funding, but also do not do market research, then your project will eventually have no money, unable to adapt to the market and consumers failed. Therefore, small things should be done step by step, do a good job in the feasibility study.


2, start



A lot of business

knowledge and skills are groping out in practice, so the entrepreneur wants to do a big business, small projects to start, down-to-earth, seriously study the operation of the road, through a small business experience, have some experience to do big business.


3, do not catch the popular


catch hot, which is a common problem for many entrepreneurs, careful analysis of those who are successful entrepreneurs, they will never catch up with the popular”. Although the popular industry is the demand of the masses, however, do more, the demand will be met, and slowly there will be no much profit. Entrepreneurs have to learn to discover potential markets and difficult markets, is the market will become what people need and can not solve the inconvenience of people’s lives through a certain service or product market. These markets are where there are big profits.


small venture although the funds can not be compared with large projects, but if we can do well, can also bring considerable profit returns. In short, only a small business, you can get more profits and knowledge, in order to lay a solid foundation for your future. >

Five misunderstandings in the optimization to the user experience in

] ? "optimization", has become a hot word after the search engine in the era. Love Shanghai as the search engine giant, in the head on the network more and more optimization. Of course, in order to avoid the optimization of commercial transition, bring adverse effect to the network users, the start of the Shanghai love network rectification. Therefore, the "user experience" has become a "father love Shanghai algorithm".   The following figure proficient in…

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A5 marketing the two level domain optimization caused by improper right down on education industry w

currently belongs to the type of site real estate industry violence, talent and education, these types of sites are the most violent and the most popular industry website at present, many owners are also targeting this. Today is to talk about the education and training industry website, do not know if you have not noticed, who began to engage in training through the line and then combined with the line on the website to recruit…

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How do the website was hacked.

  is now more and more sites, although the country has done some restrictions and requirements, but there are more and more sites set up. With the increasing number of websites, the website security has become a big problem, for example, before there is a small website was hacked, the program was deleted, but made a backup, or before hard in vain. Now Xiaobian and simple to say how to do after the site was…

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Eleven teach you select the domain name

2. domain name must be written, that no one has doubts. Once a senior Sina said with more than ten years to let users remember the word sina". But like 163贵族宝贝QQ, baidu贵族宝贝, taobao贵族宝贝, xiaonei贵族宝贝, renren贵族宝贝 are easy to remember domain name. If your website content is very good, but the domain name cannot be remembered by people, this is a very embarrassing thing. 7. do not use a hyphen, we all know that the domain…

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How do you understand your competitors

three, its short board where second, excluding the inside pages, because the inside pages of the rankings are not very stable, and not our home page weight compared to locked competitors, next is the analysis: first analysis of the website why ranking, see the following elements by when the core keywords, then all include the word "will be your opponent, but most of the pages are not competitive, like just born tigers do not believe…

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Five is the analysis of how to make your customers really love you

  I think the "affinity" webmaster can affect the working relationship with the success of the project to a great extent. Many webmaster will argue, optimization depends on the execution, focusing on the results is not important, and the relationship between the client, so let me tell you, if you have this attitude, then you can only work in situ rolling without any improvement. 2, pre transfer and cooperation 1, your customers really love you?…

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From the train collision tragedy of Shanghai Dragon

together is because of two things have the same problem, Shanghai dragon industry is now very fire, so many people join in this industry, and there are a lot of people as experts, but the real understanding of Shanghai dragon is not much, just a little is known even when some experts, published in opinions are stealing the experience of others, and does not understand, so the situation will lead to a serious consequences, it…

"From the train collision tragedy of Shanghai Dragon"

How about from Shanghai dragon in this industry talent shows itself

if you have not done the website, you should look at this article, because the choice of a domain name that is very simple, say complex that is very complex, because some good domain name now have been registered, so at this time to find a good the domain name really is not an easy thing. So, first go online to check your choice whether the domain name has been registered, then to check whether…

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An example analysis of influence of pressure on Web site grab included

ha IT Xiaobian the experience of a normal website whether it is business or industry portal station station is can reach the second, the amount collected should also be steadily, if you > grab the pressure is too low, that your site spider is not active enough, the search engine to access the site your time interval is longer, even if your site has more high quality articles will not be included under this kind…

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How much is an e-commerce platform SEM, Shanghai dragon and stand outside promotion ratio

a lot of people around the world and Shanghai dragon network marketing industry personnel do not know an e-commerce marketing platform which in the end is the key, or is that this platform station promotion, SEM (bidding or search engine marketing) and Shanghai Longfeng (search engine optimization) the proportion of about or how much is. Some industry insiders say the Shanghai dragon station is the key, while others are said to be SEM. In fact,…

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